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E-Prescription App Development: Market Size, Advantages, and Process to Develop Mobile App

For the past few years, leading healthcare providers have tried modernizing their healthcare activities to attract more clients, improve service quality, and ensure a digital presence. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed healthcare organizations to begin digital transformation as early as possible. 

The global pandemic and restrictions have brought the development of electronic medical records and telemedicine apps into huge demand by delivering the minimum contact between users and doctors. It also provides a fast and efficient method for healthcare services and will reduce manual work.

Along with doctor appointment apps, telehealth solutions, and mental health services, custom software for e-prescription has rapidly become the new norm in the healthcare domain. However, only within the two years of COVId-19, the market revenue of e-prescriptions has reached billions. Hence, this industry has opened infinite opportunities for any business by considering it with the brand new e-prescription software.

In this blog, you will learn how to develop an e-prescription software with the steps, features, and benefits.

What Is an E-Prescription App?

Medical information processing and software development has been everywhere and transformed every industry in recent years. Digitization has influenced practice management and also pharmacy workflows.

It has been seen that a lot of effort and time goes into managing medical records, validating prescriptions, and ensuring that they are error-free.

Medication errors can cause reputational damage and financial loss to medical practices, thereby increasing hospital visits and prolonged hospital stays. Hence, the process of generating the prescriptions electronically is known as e-prescription or online prescription. It will electronically generate the medication sent to the patient or pharmacist.

In addition, it lessens the risks that are linked with patient misreading and medical errors. The e-prescribing software maintains data confidentiality, fill the panels for patients and practitioners, and aids the organizations in adhering to HIPAA compliance mobile apps and various industry-specific compliances. Thus the demand for e-prescription application development is expanding with the adoption of healthcare IT in the medical field.

E-Prescription Market Size

The global e-prescribing market was around USD 2.89 billion in 2022, and it is expected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.8% during its forecast period. The increasing adoption of electronic prescriptions for controlled substances is coupled with government policies and rules, boosting the market growth. Furthermore, the rising awareness related to patient safety is also anticipated to fuel market growth. However, the healthcare facilities were compelled to modify their methods to provide the services that helped them curb the speed of infection among the local public and healthcare professionals. The demand for e-prescribing solutions has increased and has shown the potential to improve access to prescribed medicines and convenience for patients. Hence, the market players have witnessed tremendous growth during the pandemic.

Advantages of Electronic Prescription Apps

1. Reduce Human Error

Compared to handwritten prescriptions, e-prescription is much more understanding regarding their treatment, dosage, and medication requirements. Hence, they don’t need the help of the pharmacist to know about treatment. Therefore, it significantly reduces human errors and allows doctors to deliver the best service. It also deduces the severe mistakes when the patient gets the wrong medication or the inaccurate dosage.

2. Instant Clinical Alerts

The e-prescription software will rapidly reduce this issue since most of them are created to interface with the electronic health Records (EHRs) that know about a patient’s current and past medical history, such as allergies and exciting diseases. As a result, these items are the only helpful tool for doctors that can alert them when the prescription will interact with the other treated or also notify them when the medication in the pill consists of a dangerous allergen for a particular patient.

3. Prescription fulfilment Tracking

E-prescription software allows healthcare experts to track whether or not patients have picked up the medication or not as they will also know when they need to provide the refills. Thus, it helps the doctors stay informed about the patients who continue their treatment and those who have stopped the following prescribed treatment.

4. Reduce Readmissions

With the help of these systems integrated with health record systems and databases as they give doctors access to information about allergies and the drug history of a specific patient, it will significantly reduce the risks of readmission. 

5. Cost savings

It leads to a reduction in the healthcare costs that are saved by adopting e-prescription software. The other benefits like it have given better care, improved outcomes, boosted efficiency, and reduced patient visits as it helps clinics and pharmacies save costs. Hence, the amount of money can also increase with the development of advanced digital prescription applications.

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Benefits of E-Prescription mobile application development for Prescribers

  • It allows easy follow-up with the patients regarding their health status and will generate support.
  • You can review the patient’s history, medication, and healthcare information.
  • Give the complete medication list with its dosage and other information.
  • It makes understanding the patient’s history easier, even when another doctor has seen them.
  • It will remind them about the drugs and fill the prescription easily and quickly.
  • It allows easy access to patient’s health records and medication history.
  • It will streamline the workflow processes and facilitates more mobility, and it has e-prescription apps on its mobile phones so that the prescribers can write and view from anywhere.
  • It is time-saving for doctors, patients, and also healthcare staff members.

Benefits to Patients 

  • It has an in-built Pharmacy look-up to find the pharmacies that give certain drugs or medicines.
  • It gives the inbuilt dose calculator.
  • Renews the prescription and modify the old medications.
  • It marks the pharmacy from where the prescription will be filled.
  • It is convenient and flexible for the patients as you can get advice and medications rapidly.

E-Prescription App Development Benefits For Pharmacists

  • Receive the electronic Prescriptions.
  • Receive the electronic refill request.
  • Deliver accurate and correct prescriptions.
  • Reduces the chances of errors and mistakes
  • Eliminate the pharmacist-to-physician follow-up calls.
  • Track shipments
  • Receive online payments

Must-Have Features of E-prescribing Apps

Let’s look at some of the vital features that will create a robust e-prescription application for the healthcare industry.

1. User Dashboard

Various types of users have their own methods of accessing and reviewing e-prescriptions. Hence, you must give each user a chance to manage, create, send, and receive e-prescriptions via web portals, apps, and much more.

2. Therapy Management

The therapy market is also endless, providing many medical drug options that cover unique needs. It would help if you granted the physicians the option to select it from a list of medications alternatives and equivalents that should have generic names and branded drugs. Hence, it is the cost-efficiency for treatment and chronic cases for the user.

3. Submitting Drug Prescription

Creating and prescribing medicines is the central part of an e-prescription app development. Doctors will generate new prescriptions and give them to needed patients via mobiles, laptops, and other resources. Once the doctor has prescribed the drugs, they are usually sent to the pharmacists to get the medications.

4. Tracking the Fulfilment of medication

When the electronic prescription is built and sent to the pharmacy, it’s necessary to ensure that doctors can view whether the pharmacy has accepted or verified the drug.

On the patient side, allow them to review their prescriptions in the pharmacy and when they have to wait for upcoming refills or orders. At the same time, the physicians will view when the patient has to refill the data. Hence, it is achieved via notifications like email, messages, and so on.

5. Adverse Interaction Prevention

In the adverse reaction, the patient can inform within the application, and the software will send this to a doctor so that they can suggest better alternatives. It is necessary to integrate the EMR or EHR platform into the app. It helps you with a long-term track of each patient’s health problems and needs.

6. Medication History

The e-prescription app allows physicians to access each patient’s medication history from various sources. It helps doctors to describe accurate drugs and reduce the risk of readmission in the case of any changes or new treatments.

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Step-by-Step Process of E-prescription App Development

1. Market Research and Planning

It is essential to step in the mobile app development process as it will define whether your app will succeed. Market analysis will show you what your future users look for, what creates the competition, and what you can deliver to attract the users and overcome the competitors in the long term.

It helps you with a future development team that starts the development as soon as possible and ignores the extra costs of planning what you could do yourself. Hence, the things you need to consider at this stage are

  • Potential market problems that can slow down the development
  • Ways to overcome the issues
  • Important features needed for every user
  • A platform that an app is going to operate on
  • Resources required to develop the app
  • Do you need advanced technologies or not?

2. List out Key Features

Once you have built the development plan and performed the market research, you can make the list of essential functionalities with an MVP version you need. MVP app development is the best way to test your ideas in practice and will help you to identify the issues. 

3. Find a Reliable Healthcare App Development Company

Since healthcare apps need compliance with regulations and sometimes it needs specific skills, it is excellent to hire a healthcare application development company to achieve success, reduce cost, and will streamline the overall procedure.

Ensure a selected company provides specialized resources and pharmacy app development services. Hence, this company utilizes the latest technologies and will implement them in healthcare solutions.

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Flutter agency is a trusted web, mobile, and healthcare app development company that leverages the benefits of the healthcare system. Our healthcare app development is the core domain; each client will get specialized resources. It means your project is done by skilled and talented experts who have complete knowledge of industry requirements and processes.

If you are ready to develop the e-prescription app development and have some ideas, then discuss with our app developers, who will give you the budget and bring your vision to life. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the objective of e-prescribing?

It will use the latest emerging healthcare technologies that will improve prescription accuracy, increase patient safety, and reduce costs. Hence, it is the electronic connectivity between the pharmacies and clinicians.

2. How will the e-prescription software enhance patient safety?

E-prescription software will provide secure transmissions of data between patients and pharmacies. It will reduce common medication issues, enhance the quality of care, and lessens the time gap between the point of service and the point of care.

3. How will e-prescription software reduce medical errors?

The e-prescription software transmits prescription information directly from the patient’s electronic medical records to the Pharmacy management system, which will cure the misused, lost, and fraudulent activities with a prescription.

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