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About us

Fluttering beyond boundaries

We’re the builders, designers and deployers of scalable apps and software for enterprises of all types. Offering comprehensive solutions for your app and web projects, we are the experts of building a product that’s accessible to diverse users, across diverse devices, giving a seamless experience. With Flutter and Flutter Agency, it’s all about focussing on user experience and nothing about getting lost in the technical complexities.

Mr Mahesh Lalwani

Mahesh lalwani

CEO, Flutter Agency

Vision statement

Vision statement

Our goal is to become the world leader in Flutter development. Our path to becoming the best Flutter development firm is through helping entrepreneurs and businesses like yours meet their software goals with Flutter technology.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are here to support business leaders achieve their goals by leveraging Flutter technology and at the same time we are contributing to the Flutter development community to embrace the best practices.

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We’re the core FlutterCrafters

Mr. Mahesh Lalwani CEO

Mahesh Lalwani


Mr Tejas Raval IT Consultant

Tejas Raval


Mr. Varun Kamani Tech Lead

Varun Kamani


Mrs Dhara Acharya Digital Marketing Expert

Dhara Acharya


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Client Satisfaction



Reliable, Robust, Reasonable

And a few more reasons to choose us

  • On-time delivery

    With a bi-weekly sprint planning model, we proactively identify if any delays will befall our projects before they occur. And ensure timely delivery.

  • Pocket-Friendly

    Master Flutterers are called masters for a reason – they deliver amazing apps at a fraction of the cost.

  • Transparent communication

    We not only emphasize on communication between our developers here at our office, but we also emphasize on communication between us and the client.

Words that matter

Testimonials from clients

Flutter Agency amazing team to work with, and they provided us with great results. We’re thrilled with the on-time launch of our app’s beta version by the team, which significantly addressed our initial backlog and exceeded expectations. Their proactive project management and impressive quality of deliverables left us and our stakeholders thoroughly impressed.

Nicolas Lavis - Lumin

Nicholas Lavis

Co-Founder, Lumin


This is the 1st time worked with Flutter agency which wasn’t a personal recommendation. They delivered above the expected level. Flutter Agency’s one-person team expertly developed an MVP with innovative features, significantly boosting customer engagement. Their autonomous, swift approach and consistent delivery beyond expectations made the project a resounding success.

Sameer Lakhani

Samir Lakhani

CEO, Letsplay


The Flutter Agency Team has been enthusiastic and classy throughout the workflow. I am satisfied with the way of work. Flutter Agency has remarkably enhanced our proficiency in Flutter software, thanks to their dedicated and transparent approach in education. Their skilled and knowledgeable team has been a standout in our collaborative workflow.

Brock Bradshaw

Brock Bradshaw

Tech Lead, UME


Flutter Agency has great mobile and web app development skills using Flutter and Google Cloud technologies. The team is awesome. Flutter Agency’s expertise in Google Cloud and Flutter is remarkable, showcasing their depth of knowledge and versatility. Their team’s communicative and adaptable approach, coupled with outstanding mobile app development skills, has made our collaboration seamless and effective.

Bojana Miloradovic Parman

Bojana Miloradovic Parman

Product Development Lead, Airphoto


Flutter Agency team is a very good developer team. They are skilled and always open to discussing ideas converted to real. Flutter Agency’s commitment to understanding our concept resulted in an app that perfectly matched our vision. Their supportive and seamless communication throughout the project made the process a great experience.

Said Zejjari

Said Zejjari

CEO, HipMeal & HipSmile


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