Pharmacy App Development: Feature, Process & Core Panels 1000*600

Pharmacy App Development: Features, Process & Core Panels

Online Pharmacies are now booming in the health industry. eCommerce websites and platforms are becoming famous among consumers. However, the demand for online pharmacies makes it easier to run your own business. You need to indulge yourself in this industry and learn all the aspects of creating an online pharmacy application which permits you to deliver affordable medicines.

It is the best time to create an e-pharmacy app. With the recent surge in popularity, people are now curious about more methods to access healthy options. However, medicines are necessary for every house when faced with the limitations imposed by the challenges of COVID-19. We were facing difficulties in buying medicines. The Healthcare sector is growing continuously daily, and people are becoming more serious about their health. This article will give the complete Guide to Online Pharmacy App Development.

What is an Online Pharmacy App?

An online pharmacy app is the kind of computer application which grants customers to search for and order essential medications and have them delivered.

Consumers are increasingly using online marketplaces to interconnect with brands. To get benefit in the business model, it provides customers with more choices and allows them to compare prices.

Mobile applications development guide is a great way for companies to give quick and easy means for consumers to contact them as they take less time and cost and create an online presence from scratch. If you are starting a new business, it might be too expensive or complicated to consider. 

Online pharmacy apps are usually created by pharmacies to connect with customers and will give a convenient solution for them. Hence, it could reduce the number of visits to stores physically.

Reasons Why Your Pharmacy Needs An Application

Reasons: Why You Need Pharmacy Application

Health providers must deliver on their patients’ demands to keep their business smooth and flexible and keep their consumers coming back. Here are some of the reasons why your Pharmacy requires application development.

1. Convenient for Patients

With the help of digital care options such as pharmacy mobile apps, patients can manage their health more efficiently from the comfort of their homes. It makes it easy for them to order prescription refills any time of the day without calling or going into physical stores.

Mobile apps with family-sharing capabilities help the patient to manage various individual profiles and prescriptions efficiently. It will keep track of prescription orders, names, dosage and various important information from a single platform.

2. Saves Time

Mobile apps streamline pharmacy service and communication and save the patient time and effort during the working day. It uses mobile-friendly services, messages the provider, and securely shares health information from their phones.

Diverting business to digital channels and simplifying self-service options reduces the staff interpretations and automates the manual tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters: building patient relationships.

3. Fewer Phone Calls

Pharmacy mobile apps and websites are the first defence against phone calls. You can streamline the incoming business and minimize call pickups with digital refills and communication.

For every prescription, your patient refills via pharmacy apps. And one less phone call you have to attend. Less time on the phone means more time is spent engaging with patients face-to-face in-store or via secure messaging.

4. Keep Your Patient Adherent

Mobile access to pharmacy services and staff at their fingertips leads to better prescription management and improves the patient’s proportion of the days that cover the scores. Features like an automated refill reminder help the patients know when it is time to reorder, while HIPAA-compliant secure messaging helps them to connect with healthcare providers immediately.

It will automatically deduct any hassle and increase the likelihood of patients refilling their medications when they need to do a process which takes seconds.

5. Better Customer Experience

Community Pharmacies are popular because of their personnel and first-name-basis approach. This app aids a patient who wants to handle the medication digitally and offers a responsive solution which increases touchpoints.

It also frees up some time to consult with patients who usually prefer to come physically to the store. Pharmacy mobile apps reduce the friction in the Pharmacy workflow so that you can give quality care to every patient.

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Features Which Can Not Be Avoided While Developing An Online Pharmacy Application

1. Complete Drug Information:

Your online Pharmacy app must access any important information on the prescribed drugs, side effects, and all the other details. It would benefit your consumers to consume the medicines securely.

2. 24/7 Chat:

There should be someone always available who helps out users whenever they are stuck with something in your application. Online Chat should be similar to one-to-one interaction to make your platform more interactive and intuitive.

3. Rating and Review:

Reviews and Rating feature will help to make the trust of customers and also helps them to improve platform design and various other features.

4. Upload Prescription:

It is a necessary hallmark in online pharmacy platforms as it is used to verify the legitimacy of medicine. Hence, some drugs are critical for sale; a user can buy them only when they upload the prescription.

5. Consult Doctor:

It gives extra privilege to your consumer by giving them access to consulting the on-demand doctor mobile app whenever required.

Features to Develop for Pharmacy Mobile Application

6. Request For Drug:

It facilitates your consumer to request the specific dose which has yet to be recently available in your e-pharmacy. It will retain him back to your store again rather than browsing other pharmacies.

7. Suggested Substitutes:

When a user cannot get any required medicine from your app, it gives them the benefit of a substitute in a state of emergency; they do not have to wait for a prolonged period to get a specific drug available.

8. Medicine Subscription:

It eases the user’s task of refilling a prescription or reordering the same medicines weekly or monthly by providing them with a subscription option. Subscription is trending these days, and pharmacists can benefit from them.

9. Push notifications:

It will send reminders to users and keep them updated about new discounts and offers. You can also send notifications when the particular drug is in stock or for monthly medicine refill alerts or vaccination alerts.

10. Search Nearby Hospitals:

Your Pharmacy app should give all the needed information to drag any consumers to your app. It enables your customers to browse local healthcare centers and hospitals nearby directly from your app.

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Steps to Create Online Pharmacy Applications

Steps to Create a Successful Online Pharmacy Application

Developing the Online Pharmacy application is complicated and time-consuming. But here are some states to make the process easier. To begin, you should select the medical speciality relevant to your business. Here are some steps to create a successful medical delivery app:

Step 1: Discover Phase

It is necessary to research competitors and know what they are missing so you can see it just ahead. Besides that, target consumer expectations are listed for a more successful marketing strategy. 

Step 2: Collect Requirements

You have to decide what type of apps you wish to create. It will mainly entail a conversation with other members of the team and also from experts. The main purpose is to provide pharmacy applications with a comprehensive definition of functional and non-functional specifications.

Step 3: List out Features

Ensure the product backlog is full of features complementing your application and serving the user’s requirements.

Step 4: Prototyping

It is the procedure of translating a concept into an application with simple functions. By prototype, it is possible to market the project to prospective customers who can easily see the results rather than viewing or reading the product summary. The objective of providing the interactive interface prototype is to illustrate how product features are described at the end of the customer.

Step 5: Designing

The Pharmacy app’s design must be user-friendly and functional interface responsive to the latest UI/UX trends. Design is not about the look of an app but also about how a user will experience the app.

Step 6: Development

Mobile app developers are engaged to work on the project at this phase. You need the mobile app development company to create an application which runs on iOS and Android devices.

Step 7: Testing

Make a Pharmacy app error-free service. A trained QA team can conduct all the testing processes required for an app.

Step 8: Upload to Store

There needs to be more than just creating the pharmacy app for patients. You have to launch the pharmacy app properly and then help its successful existence in the market.

Core Panels of Pharmacy Apps

In Healthcare app development, it is necessary to know which features to include. You will be able to increase the revenue with the correct features.

1. Customer Panel

Upload Prescription: Prescriptions of any consumers must be easily uploaded so that pharmacists can easily see them from their gadgets.

Register/Login: Login or Register via social media account, phone number or Email id in the app.

Search Option: Try to add some of the advanced search filters.

Medicine Information: Give the prices, details, and descriptions of the available medicines that are easily seen.

Find substitutes: provide information about medication substitutes and their cheaper options.

Refill prescription: Customers can get prescriptions speedily with the order history feature integrated.

Medicine Reminders: Medicine intake alerts and notifications must-have elements of a set of features.

Payment and offers: It displays various payment modes and offers to consumers.

Manage Profile: Users can easily manage their profiles, payment mode and payment details.

2. Admin Patel

Inventory: Manage events which need to identify product expiry dates, see stock prices and control item pricing.

Order: Admin can manage and track the status of all issued orders as an order process progresses.

Manage customers: Admins should give a reliable customer records database for consumer data.

Payments and Offers: This section deals with discounts and offers and various discount options, as well as how payments are treated.

Manage content: Include FAQs, terms and conditions.

Marketing tool: It is used to control ads, campaigns, and communications.

3. Pharmacist Panel

Dedicated Interface: Pharmacists will use an online console to handle the orders and inventories easier.

Order Notification: it tells about a new order via email or online alert on time

Digitize Prescription: View the digital prescriptions and will access them with ease.

Support: Consumer support is accessible for customer requirements necessary for customer satisfaction and retention.

4. Driver Panel

Login: Drivers will log in with the preferred login credentials like password, phone number or social media account.

Driver Profile: It helps the couriers o store a history of delivery

Delivery status/Information: It helps a driver to do necessary updates to delivery status development

Tracking: Couriers must utilize maps to manage optimal routes and paths of distribution

Push Notifications: Able to receive notifications and alerts while placing an order.


Businesses are increasingly moving towards a digital transformation. Many traditional businesses have moved online, and healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are also moving towards digitization. However online Pharmacy has been around us for a long time, but now it is growing more. These online pharmacies help people to buy prescription drugs conveniently reach out to us with your idea and get in touch with a trusted healthcare app development company to build your own healthcare from these apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the use of Pharmacy apps?

The online pharmacy app is the software that gives fast research, selection and order of medicines and delivers the medicine timely and safely. It gives a better customer experience and saves time.

2. What is the future of Online Pharmacy?

Online Pharmacy is the next big evolution that will affect billions of lives and bring healthy behavioural change in the life of people. The growth of the internet has given rise to different technology-driven models to access and serve the customer in a fast-paced and deficient way.

3. What is the platform technology in Pharmacy?

Platform technology is used in molecular biology and biotechnology to identify novel diseases, in vivo screening, protection engineering and expression. However, developing the platform technology is used for drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics study.

4. How much does it cost o create the Pharmacy mobile application?

Pharmaceutical app development usually charges $21,125 to develop. The total cost can be low as $2,000 or high as $5,000. The app with the minimum features is affordable and called the Minimum viable product that includes all intended functionality.

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