Why Flutter is Great Choice for MVP Development

Why Flutter is Great Choice for MVP Development?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is the basic, stripped-down version of the product. The primary purpose is to examine the value of the idea of the product. In the world of mobile apps, the concept of MVP is well-known that validates the product idea. This process is the simple version of the app and is put out in a selected pool of users.

A beta user is utilized to improve an app. MVP saves time and money. It also helps to create a better product for users. A Flutter platform is creating a minimum viable product is trending in mobile apps.

In this article, we will examine the concept of Flutter for MVP development.

Why create an MVP?

The development of the MVP is the standard practice in Custom mobile app development Let’s see three primary reasons for this.

1. There is a reduction in the development cost

Constructing the MVP is cheaper than developing the full-scale app. It happens because an MVP development will have set in a smaller time window and requires less effort. Cross-platform app development with Flutter makes an app for Android and iOS simultaneously.

2. Easy to develop

App development organizations prefer to construct the MVP as it is easier and quicker. Now they are considered an essential step in the development of apps.

3. Great for testing an app’s effectiveness

MVP is a method that confirms the app’s worth without spending too many resources. In other words, it is said that MVP is a terrific concept for testing an application’s effectiveness.

Many business decision-makers have the base for the idea. Rationally, however, there is no path to know whether the app will succeed or fail. The middle way is to develop an MVP for the app and test it. 

Note: Flutter 3.3 has come with new and exciting features that will explore the power of Flutter. Check out new Features in Flutter 3.3 here.

What is the importance of Flutter app development?

Flutter is an advanced app development platform. Google introduced Flutter in the market in 2018. It uses the Dart programming language and creates a web, desktop or mobile applications. There are many well-known companies, like Google ads, Alibaba, etc. many, that make use of the Flutter framework.

Due to its innovative features, many programmers prefer to create the MVP with a Flutter. Let’s see some of the features below:

1. Hot reload

Because of the Flutter Hot reload feature, the experts’ changes are immediately reflected in the emulator on your screen. It makes a procedure for developing the apps with a good UI/UX design. 

2. Reduce the coding

Because Flutter uses the highly efficient programming language Dart, it is easy to use the Flutter platform for the minimum viable product. Dart is an object-oriented language that needs minimum coding efforts.

3. Widgets

Flutter has come up with a rich set of useful libraries and widgets. It looks native to both iOS and Android. You can customize the widgets per your project needs and get the output according to it.

4. Cross-Platform

Flutter is cross-platform app development. In this, you have to code once and use that code in Android and iOS apps.

What are the reasons that make Flutter an ideal choice for MVP development?

1. Cost-effective

For new users in the market, the cost is a vital factor. Flutter helps you to develop user-friendly apps quicker and more cost-effectively. In this, with a single codebase, you can develop apps for both iOS and Android. Hence, developing one code base in the two platforms will lower the app development cost.

2. Flexibility

Flexible UI will enhance the customer experience. The most important reason for selecting Flutter as an MVP app development is its scalability and flexibility. Flutter expertise can code Feature-rich and Flexible user interfaces by using this platform.

The appealing MVPs are quickly developed using in-built widgets for a material design. A default animation and Cupertino will enable the creation of an MVP with Flutter. A rich customization Feature allows the developers to modify and customize the MVPs perfectly.

3. Quick development

Developers who select Flutter for MVP development reduce the turnaround time considerably. Flutter has raised the collaborations within the team. Developers, QA, and designers will rapidly collaborate, increasing the quality of the MVP. With the hot reload feature, developers will quickly fix bugs and add new functionality.

4. Native performance

Businesses that wish to spend a large budget will create native apps. In small enterprises, app budgets are significantly less. Small businesses require a solution wherein they can create hybrid apps without compromising performance and give app users a great experience. Flutter apps run with the natively compiled code with no mediator interference. Whenever you make the MVP with Flutter, it provides a native experience.

5. Attract the investors

Flutter has again attracted the attention of many investors towards it because of its cost-effectiveness. An interactive design and the enriched UI features which come with the Flutter are superb for investors and customers. Each element in the Flutter is treated as a widget. An SDK supports the material design widget and the Cupertino.

A wide range of widgets and customization options is the other feature of the Flutter technology. You can develop user-friendly and easy-to-use applications because of customized theme design options.

All these features mean that Flutter with MVP development always attracts its investors to make investments in its apps.

6. Minimum resources are needed

Flutter has come up with the implementation with the Firebase. It means that remote Flutter developers do not have to do server-side programming. While creating an MVP with Flutter, the time to market decreased. However, Firebase integration is an additional feature in your app, like cloud storage, cloud functions, real-time databases, hosting, etc. Developers do not have to do server-side programming. While creating an MVP with Flutter, the time to market decreased. However, Firebase integration is an additional feature in your app, like cloud storage, cloud functions, real-time databases, hosting, etc.

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The future of cross-platform development, with the single codebase app development platform, has excellent benefits. Flutter Agency uses Flutter to develop mobile applications with high-effective quality, perfect UI/UX design, and the latest features.

If you desire to create an app with Flutter, then schedule a call with our experienced team and let’s make the app of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the MVP for Flutter?

MVP stands for the Model View Presenter, which says that an interface will define the data displayed or acted upon in the user interface.

2. How does the skia work in Flutter?

Skia in Flutter web is the 2D rendering engine written in C++ and used in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Flutter requests the window from an underlying OS and manages its own information in the Skia using a Dart. All UI logic like scrolling, touch events, and animations must be re-implemented in Flutter. 

3. Is Flutter a good option for MVP development?

Flutter is a superb method to deliver the mobile app MVP in a short period for both platforms. Moreover, we can complete it with a smaller development team, and then we are required to engage in the creation of two native mobile apps.

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