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With healthcare app development services, we help medical organizations scale their reach to patients and provide the best possible healthcare solution. We’ll utilize our 10+ years of experience in delivering scalable & reliable healthcare apps for you.

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    How do our experts work with you?

    We build HIPPA-approved healthcare applications for remote diagnosing and treating patients, software for integrated health systems, and platforms for enterprise-level doctors. In each circumstance, we provide stunning and intelligent mobile solutions that thrill patients and medical professionals.

    Our healthcare app development services

    The development of mobile health applications saves time and improves the quality of care, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Working with healthcare mobile app developers from Flutter Agency comes with outstanding benefits. They ensure an optimum level of efficiency in the complete development process.

    Custom app design & development

    Our healthcare mobile app design strategy involves future-oriented objectives, making the app perfectly fit on every device and working seamlessly in every operating system.

    EMR/EHR software development

    Our healthcare app development team has years of experience in EMR/EHS system development and integration with existing hospital & clinic software.

    Software front-end development

    We ensure our healthcare mobile and web applications support your brand to stand out in today’s competitive market.

    App back-end development

    Our backend development team is ready to deliver custom healthcare solution for web, mobile, and cloud-based applications.

    App security & privacy

    We ensure all patient data is correctly encrypted and accessible through only a legit method.

    Our healthcare application platforms expertise

    Flutter Agency is a trusted and most-reputed technology partner for fast and reliable app development. It can develop complicated mHealth app from scratch. We are offering clients the best healthcare app development solution on iOS and Android platforms.

    Healthcare Android & iOS app development

    We develop hybrid apps for iOS and Android devices with impressive UX & UI. We use Flutter single codebase technology, which allows us to build apps for both Android and iOS simultaneously.

    Healthcare cross-platform app development

    Medical app development with the cross-platform technology of Flutter apps offers benefits to support multiple operating systems,

    Healthcare applications we can build for you

    Throughout the years, our team of highly talented healthcare app developers have created various applications in the healthcare domain. Here is the list of healthcare apps we can build for you.

    Telemedicine apps

    This type of app provides remote audiovisual communication between patients & doctors. It aims at disease diagnosing, treatment planning, chronic disease management monitoring, etc. Some key features of our Telemedicine app development.

    • Appointment management
    • Patient profile management
    • Medical payments integration

    Hospital billing apps

    We provide hospital billing software services to facilitate complex payment and collection methods. Some standard features our client demands in medical payment apps are;

    • Claim management
    • One-time & recurring payment management
    • Automate accounting management

    Patient appointment scheduling apps

    App for hospital appointments is one of the core patient management functionality. These apps allow healthcare professionals to schedule appointments with patients by booking via various in-app options. Our services for appointment app development;

    • Doctor profile
    • Electronic prescription
    • Medical records

    Mental health apps

    These types of apps make therapy more accessible and efficient. These apps will help patients fight against various mental issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

    • Therapist connection information
    • Relaxing exercise
    • Medication reminder

    Health monitoring apps

    These types of apps are trendy. It will help patients manage chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, etc. These apps include features such as checking symptoms and giving advice for treatment. Some features we provide in health monitor apps.

    • Water intake tracker
    • Sleep tracker
    • Daily running tracker

    Medication tracker apps

    Medication monitoring and tracker apps are trending because they can easily record and notify patients to take pills on time. Such apps are helpful for patients who are in long and multiple medication courses. Some features of our medicine apps are;

    • Medicine reminders
    • Dosage records
    • Medicine refill reminder

    Fitness/dieting apps

    Our experienced healthcare development team delivers a fitness and dieting app that aids you in managing your healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet guide. So, any individual can easily track, record, and monitor their health vitals from any iOS or Android device. Our specialization in fitness and dieting apps is;

    • Food & health tracking app
    • Daily exercise tips app
    • Health goal planning app

    HIPAA compliant apps

    The health insurance portability & accountability act sets the standard to protect sensitive patient health information. We provide HIPAA compliance healthcare apps to prevent the disclosure of sensitive patient data.

    • Public health information protection
    • Consumer health information protection
    • Secure integration & workflows

    Our healthcare app development process


    Project planning

    We first prioritize the customers’ needs. After that, we define app requirements, features, project scope, and delivery plan.


    App wireframe

    Once the idea is ready, our team moves to the wireframe development process, called the blueprint of the overall application.


    App design

    Here, we take care of mobile UI/UX to make the user journey smooth and pleasant. We ensure that the mobile apps’ design works seamlessly on users’ iOS and Android devices.


    App front-end & back-end development

    We ensure our app development process always delivers a high-quality application to the end user.


    App testing

    Our app tester performs cross-platform testing, feature & functionality testing, front-end & back-end testing, and multiple network testing to ensure your application must pass all the quality standards regarding user experience and functionality.


    App deployment

    It is the most crucial part of the entire app development process. There are various techniques programmers can use for application deployment. We discuss the right strategy with the client considering continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).


    App support & maintenance

    After product deployment, we ensure your custom hospital or healthcare app should work seamlessly in the real world. Therefore, we also offer our clients post-application deployment support and maintenance services based on their requirements.

    Here’s why healthcare leaders love to work with Us!

    Flutter Agency is a USA-based healthcare app development company with years of experience building healthcare applications. While adhering to HIPPA regulations, we have worked on numerous healthcare application development projects. That guaranteed our client’s success and demonstrated quantifiable market growth.


    Profound expertise in healthcare software development

    Our highly experienced team is capable enough to develop your complex app with an agile software development process. We can easily manage your project with excellence due to our years of experience in healthcare app development.


    Prompt support

    We do not put a full stop after we have deployed the application but stay with the client to help them with any support & maintenance requirements.


    Transparent communication

    We ensure our client stays updated with every step we move forward with during the project and provide efficient IT consulting services to enhance profitability.


    In-time delivery

    We follow the mantra “Time is money, “to keep the project on schedule and deploy before or by the deadline.

    Our Work


    • Application was developed for the Nonprofit organization 
    • Project objective was to develop an app which help building a connection between donor and receiver 
    • App allows donors and receiver to post an advertisement (Donations or requests) 
    • It’s a location based app where donors and receivers can see the advertisements in the range of 70 kms from their fetched location. User also have an ability to search the location and can see the advertisement within 70 kms of that searched area 
    • Primarily there are 3 categories implemented which are health, education and material goods. Developed infrastructure is having an ability to add more categories in the future
    Flutter Non profit organization Firebase Google Map API Customization

    Medication Management By UME

    • It’s a HIPAA Compliant solution with completed end-to-end encryption.
    • The medication management app developed by Flutter Agency is an application built for healthcare professionals such as nurses & caretakers as well as patients and their family members. It provides different functionalities in a single application.
    • The app is ideal to make quick and well-informed life saving decisions on the go. The simple design allows users to meet our Vision and Mission. This app will help all people to prevent various medication errors by providing them with a more convenient option!
    • The project scope was to develop a mobile app for healthcare with features like Chat, InApp Subscription, Pill Identifier, YSite Compatibility, and so on.
    • Provided end to end solution which includes Mobile App, Backend Development, and AWS Services as well. Designed this project based on Microservices based architecture created separate services for chat and another for Medical Data.
    Flutter Java Spring Boot MySQL AWS


    • Application developed for a Swiss client who wanted to create a community that loves to share meals, recipes and be part of the fight against food waste.
    • It’s a marketplace for the donors and receiver where they can meet and transact without money
    • The Platform provides the ability for a user to share as well as donate food for the needy
    • App providing an ability to find local foodies and make new friends within your community
    • App uses geolocation to find the announcements near the user location. We have customized Google map API to limit the search boundary.
    Food sharing app Flutter Firebase Google Map API Customization

    Why choose our company?

    • Qualified and certified developers
    • Consistent delivery
    • Progressive roadmap
    • 5+ years of Flutter development experience
    • 35+ experienced development team
    • 150+ projects delivered worldwide
    • Cost-effective solutions
    • Respect time-to-market demands
    • Flexible engagement model

    Frequently asked questions

    These are a few questions that our clients frequently ask.

    1. How to build a successful healthcare app within the budget & timeframe?

    We strongly believe in following the industry standard agile development process that saves the customer time and allows us to develop the app within the budget. The healthcare app development starts from the

    • Strategy planning
    • Prototyping
    • UI/UX designing
    • App development
    • App testing
    • App deployment

    We also post-deployment support to ensure the app works properly in real devices and conditions. Consult our Flutter expert for PLA support.

    2. What are the types of apps that come under HIPAA compliant?

    Not all healthcare apps come under HIPAA complaints. The health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA) is a government regulation that contains regulations related to collecting and managing patients’ personal healthcare information. If your app is collecting any patient personal information, such as

    1. Patient name
    2. Telephone number
    3. FAX number
    4. Email address
    5. Social security
    6. Medical record number

    Then you need to follow the HIPAA complaints regulations. Talk to our HIPAA complaints expert today.

    3. What is the current trend in healthcare applications in 2022 - 23?

    One of the latest trends that healthcare industries focus on is changing how patients manage and track their healthcare information. Some of the latest trends we see in healthcare are:

    1. Remote patient monitoring & management
    2. Healthcare artificial intelligence
    3. Wearable devices
    4. Virtual healthcare management
    5. Mental healthcare app

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