Points to Follow While Hire Flutter Developer in 2024

Points to Follow While Hire Flutter Developer in 2024

The current mobile app landscape is no less than a battleground. With more than 4.8 million apps out in the market today (both iOS and Android), playing the field requires some of the best tools in your arsenal, the biggest one- a skilled Flutter developer.

In 2024, Flutter stands apart as a revolutionary open-source UI software development kit (SDK). It is revolutionizing the world of developers who work on building cross-platform applications, while ensuring that engaging and efficient user experience is at the core. All this, with a single codebase across mobile, desktop and web platforms.

With great power comes great responsibility- the task of hiring a capable Flutter developer. But not to worry, if you’re up to the task of choosing a great Flutter developer, this blog can help you out immensely. Read ahead to know what you should be looking for to hire your next Flutter developer.

But First: Why Flutter?

Why to Choose Flutter?

Since statistics speak more than anything else, according to the report by Grand View Research Inc., the global mobile app custom development market is projected to reach a staggering $935.2 billion by the coming year. The numbers show the potential that app developers have in the growing market, especially those who can work with cutting-edge frameworks, like Flutter.

Here’s what makes Flutter so desirable among the myriad of frameworks available for app development:

  • Consistent UI Logic Across Platforms:

Flutter has eliminated the need for platform-based specific UI components- ensuring a heightened user experience with cross-platform performance.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs):

PWAs offer online app-like functionality even while being offline, along with push notifications, elevating the entire user experience with regard to web apps.

  • Fast Development and Performant Apps:

One of the biggest advantages of using Flutter for app development is that it promises a faster developer process, eliminating the need for separate UI design and structure for iOS and Android. Along with this, the cross-platform framework allows developers to focus more on functionalities, resulting in faster performant apps.

Understanding the Flutter Developer Role

Understanding the Role of a Flutter Developer

Flutter, built with Google’s Dart Programming Language programming language, is a framework that shows immense potential in the case of app development. To harness the entire potential of this, it is crucial to hire developers that can make the best of the Flutter framework to bring app ideas to life.

Identifying the right talent that can make the best of time and technology to take projects forward is another essential that hiring managers usually look for. A 2022 survey reveals that about 46% of software developers use Flutter to build their apps- a number that is close to comprising half of the developer population.

To meet project demands, a software developer must have a balanced blend of foundational software principles, as well as other technical skills, some of which are:

  • Dart Proficiency:

Dart is the backbone of the Flutter framework, hence, efficiency and experience in writing clean codes is the biggest requirement in a Flutter developer- an absolute non-negotiable.

  • Understanding Of the Flutter Framework:

The ideal Flutter developer will need to have a deep understanding of the entire Flutter framework, its widgets and libraries. Initially by Google, the Flutter framework is responsible for some of the currently well-known global apps, of which one is Google Adsense.

  • API Integration:

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) integration is extremely essential for a Flutter developer. The ability to integrate various APIs for building full-fledged apps with functionalities like data access, authentication, payment access, and more.

  • Version Control Systems:

Version Control systems are indispensable in collaborative environments. Any Flutter developers’ previous experiences must include collaborative projects or contributions to public repositories.

  • UI/UX Principles:

Another non-negotiable, any good Flutter developer should have the eye for translating UI designs into functional applications.

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  • Problem Resolving Skills:

This is a no-brainer, Flutter developers must have the innate ability of problem-solving, both in code, as well as in team management.

The Ultimate Hiring Guide For The Perfect Flutter Developer For Your Projects

Ultimate Points in Hiring the Perfect Flutter Developer

Hiring processes for any job can be elaborate and time-consuming, especially when you are on the lookout for the perfect fit. But with the right developer hiring strategy, you can effectively narrow down and pick your unicorn Flutter developer from the thousands of applications in front of you.

Now, how do you go about hiring a perfect Flutter developer on job boards? Here’s what we think works best:

  • Craft the Perfect Flutter Developer Job Description

The job description is technically the first form of communication that a hiring manager can have with potential developer candidates. So, crafting an effective job description highlighting the role and responsibilities, Flutter skill set required; as well as highlighting the work culture is crucial to get candidates interested in the roles at first.

Ensure that there is always transparency regarding responsibilities, expectations, remuneration and work environment.

  • Cast the Net Wider:

Now is when as a hiring manager, you start to cast the net wider, and present the job requirement in different platforms- including all recruiter platforms (Stack Overflow, LinkedIn), job boards, as well as developer communities, so it reaches the right people.

The general idea with this is to acquire the perfect candidate pool, which you will later sift through for the perfect candidate.

  • Funnel Down:

The first step of screening often comes across as a huge task. But this is where you go about eliminating 75% of the candidate pool that came forth.

If you’re acquiring a large talent pool, you might require technical assistance for reviewing resumes and looking for their experience with Flutter. Once that is done, a simple call can help delve deeper into their experiences, interest and availability for the role.

  • Deep Dive: Interviews and Assessments

Here comes the elephant: within the few selected developers that you have acquired after eliminating the masses, it is time to conduct interviews.

Technical questions often reveal a candidate’s suitability for a role, as well as their experiences, and challenges they’ve faced and overcome with Flutter. Questions like state management, Dart programming, and widget lifecycle can be very insightful.

Practical tasks like small problems or projects can help understand a developer’s approach to problem-solving, as well as understand their time management skills.

Elaborate assessments like standardized coding tests, and custom challenges (for your business requirements), project simulations and paired programming sessions will help to nail the final decision regarding hiring the perfect candidate.


Skilled Flutter developers can take your company to the better heights of the developers’ world. But then again, recruiting top-level developers can be a daunting task. But if you know the perfect strategy and what you are looking for, then hiring the perfect Flutter developer in 2024 might just become a lot smoother and Flutter Agency can help you better in this.

With Google’s ongoing investment, Flutter’s future is extremely promising. The current market is one of the best times to invest in hiring Flutter developers, considering the already released Flutter-based apps in the market, it may not be far-fetched to say that Flutter is the future.

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