Virtual Nurse App Development: Guide, Features & Trends

Advancement in technology has traditionally triggered change in the business. An interactive tool offered by state-of-the-art computer software means it has a positive impact in the healthcare domain, especially in the nursing profession.

Virtual nurses simplify the provisioning of outpatient services, increasing the accuracy of monitoring patient compliance after the patient leaves a hospital. The virtual nurse technology assigned the duties will assist in self-care, check-ins for the patients, collecting patient data, and providing clinical advance as it makes their lifestyle changes.

Let’s see how to create your virtual nurse app and want to know about the development process described in this article.

Which are the Virtual nurse app development trends?

The rapid development of the digital healthcare market is rising as per the expectation of the patients. Many companies seek the best options for developing mobile medical applications on well-known platforms. Hence, it would help if you analyzed recent trends in the IT healthcare market. You will understand what the issues are now and what products must be made to meet the customer’s needs. The creators have shown how artificial intelligence creates a virtual nurse who remotely takes care of patients. Let’s see trends in the virtual nurse app development.

1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine solution which aids a patient in getting advice and prescriptions from doctors without visiting a clinic physically. Patients can get required medical information with the convenient at their home. There is no requirement to contact other healthy and sick people. A doctor can diagnose and save time by working on severe medical cases.

Healthcare experts and patients can use the latest technologies like desktop, video calls and messaging, which come in one mobile app.

2. IoMT wearables gadgets Integration

The Internet of Medical Things is essential for physician patients’ care. Mobile applications are connected via the internet with various smart devices. It tracks a person’s physical activity, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and weight and transmits it to their health program.

The application can pass the information to a doctor or nurse as they can respond speedily and contact the patient on time for immediate consultation or hospitalization.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered solutions help to save time for healthcare professionals by giving the correct information to patients 24*7 via an app. Let’s see some of the well-known options that make use of AI:

  • Chatbot

You can implement chatbot integration in your application. The patient wishes to know about his illness and the location of its nearby pharmacy or clinic. All questions need to be answered by the chatbots so that the patient can get relevant information.

  • Voice assistant

It is used if the patient does not want to write his requirements. It can be either dialogue or a reminder which takes time to its medication.

  • Virtual avatar

It looks like a living person, which is a significant effect. There should be numerous avatars for multiple categories of people to make them trust.

It is vital to develop the virtual nurse app so that people can feel as if they are making a conversation with a doctor or nurse. It is the correct imitation of people’s thoughts and emotions.

4. Cloud-based solution

While designing the virtual nurse app, you are required to think about where patient information is stored. An integrated cloud-based system with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a good option for virtual app development. Besides the patient cards, medical bills and insurance scheme is arranged in structure.

Cloud-based solutions help healthcare professionals to manage their paperless work and quickly find necessary information about a patient. It is necessary to keep the confidentiality and security of patient’s medical data.

5. Blockchain

Blockchain is quickly spreading into the IT healthcare sector. It will manage and write the information into its connected blocks.

Blockchain is perfect for a cloud-based solution as all the information of the patient is protected, and it should not be leaked. Blockchain trends also help to ensure input and GDPR and HIPAA regulatory compliance in healthcare.

How will it work?

Developing the virtual nurse app is a much more complex process, as you must include many professionals in multiple areas.

For example, Sensely uses artificial intelligence that helps nursing patients with chronic diseases and reduces re-hospitalization risk. A doctor can communicate with the patient management in the hospital and prescribe the medication. The app helps them to take medicine on time.

Every morning the virtual nurse communicates with a patient and checks their health. A user can feel comfortable and caring because it acts like a living person. The data is stored in a secured database accessible to nurses and the doctors in the clinic. If a program notices a change in communication, it will notify medical staff.

A patient can find the information he requires via a chatbot, similar to communicating with an ordinary person in the application. A patient can find the nearest medical centre, read the prescriptions and see useful medical information.

The doctor can also view all daily records in the app, which is part of the medical card. Hence, round-the-clock patient care helps them to respond quickly if there is a slight variation in their health. Doctors can communicate with the patients in the application.

In your virtual nurse app, you can make a similar functionality to the application adding some extraordinary functionalities.

What are the primary features of the custom virtual nurse application?

While developing an application, you must know what features you wish to add there.

Features for patients

You must build a virtual nurse application that a patient can easily understand by himself.

1. Chatbot

It is an essential function for a round-the-clock reception of quality and valuable information in the form of dialogue. A usual question of the patient is solved in the chatbot.

2. Virtual nurse avatar

Patients can get information from the virtual nurse who checks their health daily. Visually, an avatar looks like a living person.

3. Check the symptoms

This app will analyze the data received from a patient daily and promptly passes it to healthcare professionals. It can contact the person quickly if an abnormality is found.

4. Content Module

It consists of medical information in videos and messages about various diseases.

5. Consultation

Patients can talk to their doctor in the clinic via a video call or chat.

6. Reminder

This app uses intelligent machine learning algorithms to calculate when the patient needs to take a prescribed medication. A reminder pops up at an incorrect time.

7. Login/Signup

A patient can enter an application by specifying information like a name, email, and password. You can also pull up the registration via social networks.

Features for doctors and nurses

1. Patient management

A nurse can see all the patients in the app with all and necessary information. Push notification of the patients is helpful for a nurse.

2. Symptoms analysis

Patients can send health data daily. Nurses review and analyze this information to determine a potential disease. Patient reports are received as per the mail.

3. Consultation

Healthcare experts can talk with a patient in the app on their own. It is private and confidential.

4. Sign up/Login

A doctor or nurse can register in the application via social media or email.

Which challenges are faced during a Virtual nurse app development?

You have an extraordinary idea of creating the virtual nurse app, but you require a careful approach to this issue. It would help if you analyzed everything in detail.

1. Development time is extended

If you are a startup owner, you should consider that you have to wait while developing the application. It is a large-scale method with an implementation of blockchain and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

2. Applications must work 24/7

It would help if you were required for your application to work correctly without any glitches every second. A tiny mistake can also disappoint your consumers. Hence, you need to test a product many times before launching it.

3. Market readiness for the Product

You have to enter the developed market, where many virtual nurse apps already exist and get a share of the customers there.

4. Constant updates after a launch

If one of the app development companies creates the medical application for you, then the healthcare app developers work with your app after the launch. Make sure that it is updated on time and correct any mistakes.

Developing the virtual nurse app will help you to take your business to the next level.


Creating an application with the virtual nurse is a complicated task requiring in-depth knowledge, experience and relevant knowledge. Opting for the best healthcare app solution that has created similar innovative solutions, like telemedicine, is necessary.

We have a dedicated team comprising a Project Manager, a Business Analyst, UI/UX designers, and Quality assurance engineers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What will virtual nurses do?

Virtual RNs support a team at the bedside to reduce the workload and give patients and nursing staff satisfaction. We are all aware of the healthcare industry’s current and future staffing challenges.

2. How do virtual nurses work?

Telehealth nursing uses technology to provide care from nurses at the remote location of patients. Virtual nursing is practical and has a long-distance care relationship.

3. Can automation replace nurses?

Technology is not an enemy, but it has made a job more manageable. It has a set of tools and solutions. The robots can perform menial and repetitive tasks such as monitoring patients, blood pressure and heart rate.

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