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Introduction to FlutterFlow: Benefits, Features & Drawbacks

Nowadays, every business has invested in creating a digital footprint for the service or brand. But firms like the health, gaming, and finance sectors want to make robust online applications an essential part of their business model. Creating state-of-the-art apps comes at labor and financial cost. Therefore, the company intends to enter the market rapidly to stay competitive.

However, using Flutter, Google’s User Interface (UI) toolkit, has simplified the app creation process. It was released by Google in 2017, as Flutter is free to use, an open-source UI software development kit that is being utilized to make cross-platform apps for the desktop, web, and mobile with a single codebase. But, later, in May 2021, the other innovation simplified the ability to make an application for Android, desktop, web, and iOS. FlutterFlow, developed by the two ex-Google programmers, is the drag-and-drop interface.

In this article, we will see what FlutterFlow is, its benefits and features and why this tool is considered revolutionary for developing dynamic tech-enabled businesses.

Define FlutterFlow

FlutterFlow is an online browser-dependent app builder which enables users to make native cross-platform apps. The third-party visual app creator for the Flutter framework enables app programmers to accelerate a process significantly. However, the essential feature is that it can be built without writing any of the code. Hence, this app builder has a highly intuitive interface that supports businesses to fasten the time that is needed to take an app to market. Therefore, this product was created by two former Google developers, Abel Mengistu and Alex Greaves. Hence, in October 2022, launched FlutterFlow’s 2.0 version in the market with the latest and advanced features.

Use Of FlutterFlow

Creating a Superior quality app is an expensive and effortless journey. The programmers must make tons of code to pull off the market-ready application. The use of FlutterFlow will simplify the app development process. Hence, it permits developers, entrepreneurs, and organizations to make the apps ten times faster as per the builders of FlutterFlow, which is incredibly fast in your browser. Hence, it reduces the cost and time needed to make functional apps with push notifications, API support, and animation Firebase integrations in Flutter. However, using FlutterFlow will give the whole design and development of an app via only one tool. Therefore, you can kickstart a new project in your browser using a drag-and-drop mechanism to create your application.

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Features Of FlutterFlow

  • It supports you to develop an app without writing the code. It is one of the most attractive and innovative features of FlutterFlow that gives an app creation to a wide range of users like entrepreneurs, designers, and developers.
  • You can simultaneously make Android, iOS, desktop, and web apps that cover many users and gadgets. Hence, these apps can have a greater reach. You can also save the required time for creating the apps for both systems.
  • It is also possible to access the readymade UI components and templates. It has around 50 screen templates and individual or group chat templates. It brings an excellent opportunity to the app with the Flutter widgets animation, Rive, and Lottie animations.
  • With a single click, it is possible to send push notifications to all the app users and trigger engagement.
  • Today, an increasing number of users are emphasizing the dark mode. So, FlutterFlow permits app users to transfer to a dark mode depending on their preferences and convenience.
  • You can take advantage of third-party integration like Stripe and Braintree; for example, it enables payment and e-commerce solutions. It saves the time spent on manual implementation and enables monetization avenues for apps.
  • It has multiple third-party integrations like OpenAI, CodeMagic, Algolia, and Revenuecat.
  • However, setting up the data infrastructure is essential for the success of any application. FlutterFlow helps you connect an app to live data using the Firebase functionality.
  • Also, user authentication is an essential need for the security of any app. FlutterFlow powers the seamless user registration, login, and authentication by implementing Google, Facebook, and Firebase logins
  • FlutterFlow’s GitHub configuration gives the easy, straightforward, and simple linkage of app projects to an ever-growing GitHub repository. Therefore, this implementation enables the app developers to help all the GitHub advantages.
  • You can also have the ability to access the troubleshooting that entitles you to fasten the address by any of the roadblocks or issues via real-time feedback.
  • If the team is working on developing an app, then the FlutterFlow framework gives easy collaboration between the team members.

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FlutterFlow Benefits and Drawbacks

Let’s take a look at FlutterFlow’s Advantages and Disadvantages below.


  • It is a valuable tool for those with minimal technical knowledge who wish to build an app. For example, it is being utilized by non-technical designers and entrepreneurs who want to add value to existing services.
  • The feature-rich tool will simplify many procedures otherwise involved in creating apps.
  • It is a user-friendly tool with a visual approach to creating an app via the drag-and-drop interface.
  • The app provides troubleshooting support, which is particularly helpful and valuable for new users and app builders.
  • This tool has sharing features and enables team collaboration between team members or projects, such as developing an app.


  • The tool needs to create access to boilerplate functions and utilities, making it complicated to scale an application.
  • This tool is preferred by something other than professional Flutter developers who want to make apps on various quality and scale spectrums.
  • FlutterFlow does not come with a workflow creator. Hence, it takes work to add complex logic and processes ideally.
  • Rather than its ease of use, FlutterFlow users must invest in training to get savvy with usage. Therefore, this may take up to around 3 to 4 weeks minimum. Hence, if you want your app development speedier and it should be deployed in a few days, Hiring a dedicated flutter developer from Flutter Agency can be an easy option to make your development faster and you can expect on-time deployment of your project.

Comparison Between Bubble and FlutterFlow

  • A bubble is a no-code development platform that enables businesses of all types and sizes to make web apps. Hence, this platform has the tools for launching, prototyping, iterating, and scaling interactive and multi-user apps. The deployment is the cloud base, and the support options are the forums or FAQs.
  • FlutterFlow is a cloud-based app-building platform that helps businesses in education, banking, healthcare, and various other sectors manage, customize, develop, test and deploy mobile apps. It gives a distinct functionality that includes sample apps, download android package kits (APKs), drag-and-drop visual builder, and so on.
  • The Bubble has features like Change Management software, collaboration tools, design management, deployment management, design templates, and a drag-and-drop interface. It also has a feature library, no-code development, integrated management, performance metrics, creation of prototypes, visual modeling, web and mobile app development, and workflow management software.
  • FlutterFlow has more features than Bubble, such as API integration or development, alert or notification method, authenticated software, collaboration tools, custom development, customized brand, fields, forms, and customizable templates. It also supports databases, deploys management, drag and drop interface, form designing and creation, graphical user interface, integrated development environment, no-code development, pre-built templates, gives real-time data, third-party integration, and web and mobile app development.
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Now you have understood about FlutterFlow, you can make an informed decision on building the mobile app development. It is careful to understand the long-term goal of the application and how it is combined into the business goals. For a long-lasting and sustainable business, the app is the extension of the brand. A user-friendly, secure, and feature-rich app gives long-term value to clients and consumers. Therefore, evaluate the app’s requirements from the customer’s perspective before deciding on the development approach.

If you want to create an app with Flutter and FlutterFlow, then connect with the most reliable Flutter app development company. Schedule a meeting with our expert team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between Flutter and FlutterFlow?

Unlike the Flutter SDK, Flutterflow works with existing code. It means that developers can utilize a FlutterFlow tool on the priority of Firebase and Flutter apps to increase an app’s UI/UX performance. It is easy to use because of the drag-and-drop interface to make Android and iOS apps engaging.

2. Why is the Flutter framework the most popular?

Flutter can make cross-platform apps using a single codebase. It means there is no requirement to create separate mobile, web, and desktop apps. Hence, Flutter looks like a tool that aids in making apps quickly.

3. How can I delete the custom widget in FlutterFlow?

  • Click on the custom function from the navigation menu on your screen’s left side.
  • Then, choose the custom widgets tab.
  • After that, identify a custom widget from the list and press the edit icon.
  • Lastly, click on delete.


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