Developing a Doctor Appointment Booking App with Flutter Agency USA

Developing a Doctor Appointment Booking App Similar to ZocDoc and Practo in Flutter

Their residence most loves ZocDoc, a famous doctor appointment booking app in the USA. It became their top choice for scheduling online consultations with neighboring medical professionals.

Due to its dedicated business approach, Practo is gaining traction with ZocDoc in the doctor-on-demand app development sector in 20+ countries globally.

There are a lot of healthcare applications that individuals may use to simplify their lives. There must be a catch if more and more companies are joining this coalition of businesses.

According to market estimations, at a CAGR of 13.4%, the revenue of the online doctor appointment booking segment is expected to reach USD 927.09 million by 2028. The concept of an online doctor appointment app is one that one should invest in. Also, researching other companies before entering the competition is always beneficial.

Let’s explore expert analyses on developing a doctor appointment app by going deeper into this guide.

Introduction of Doctor Appointment Booking App Development

As the name implies, a doctor appointment booking system or app is a digital service that allows people to make appointments with doctors and permits clinicians to schedule consultations depending on their availability.

These kinds of apps aim to simplify finding and scheduling medical appointments, improving the accessibility and convenience of medical services for patients.

To help them obtain a digital presence and patients, it may be a hospital-specific app to manage the schedules of all doctors linked to or associated with a public repository like Zocdoc and Practo.

Features of Doctor Appointment App

The majority of people prefer booking appointments online. Of course, as time moves on, digital technology will transform the healthcare industry, and these figures will increase, leading the way for digital success.

Your doctor appointment app must include the following features to remain relevant in the age of the health-tech revolution:
Features of Doctor Appointment App

1. Creating and Setting Up Stakeholder Profiles

The initial and most crucial medical app development method is setting up the user profile. It’s a screen where the user logs into the app after entering information like their name, sex, age, phone number, and email address.

2. Online Booking of Doctor Appointment

It represents the best app development idea and the heart of this app. It enables patients to schedule healthcare appointments. What details are required from them then? The patient’s name, age/DOB, contact information, email address, symptoms, gender, address, and preferred appointment day and time will be covered. Patients must submit the form after providing all of the required information.

Such requests will be forwarded to the relevant doctor when the form has been submitted. You can give the doctor the authority to accept, decline, or reschedule the appointment to get it into the doctor’s regular schedule.

3. Geolocation Pinning

Geolocation pinning helps patients find nearby doctors quickly and easily. It uses the patient’s phone’s GPS location to show them a map of nearby doctors. Patients can then tap on a doctor’s pin to see more information about them and book an appointment.
This feature is helpful for patients looking for a doctor in person or traveling and needing to find a doctor in a new area.

4. Symptom Checker

Symptom checkers can help patients identify their symptoms and find the right doctor to see. They ask the patient questions about their symptoms and then suggest a list of possible causes. The patient can then use this information to book an appointment with the right doctor. Hence, it is helpful for patients who are trying to figure out what kind of doctor they need to see or who are looking for a doctor for a new symptom.

5. Toolkit for e-Prescription Management

Doctors may need to give their patients medicine prescriptions after the virtual consultation. When that happens, doctors can prescribe medication to their patients and even send it directly to the pharmacy connected to their hospital for delivery if you have an e-prescription management toolkit built into your app. You can automate the necessary healthcare operations in this way.

6. Integration with Payment Gateway

When accessing medical guidance online, you need to integrate a payment method into your app that enables patients and clinicians to manage payments.

7. Advanced Search Filters

Advanced search filters allow patients to refine their search results for doctors based on specific criteria, such as specialty, location, insurance, experience, rating, and consultation fee. This can help patients quickly and easily find the doctors most relevant to their needs.

8. Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings provide valuable feedback from other patients about their experiences with different doctors. This information can help patients to make informed decisions about which doctors to choose.

9. Appointment Reminders

You can utilize a program to link the app’s calendar with users’ mobile calendars to make such a connection. Thus, as soon as the doctor accepts the appointment, the event will be automatically added to the doctor’s and the user’s calendars. This will be a reminder for the patient’s or doctor’s appointment, ensuring it is scheduled accordingly.

10. Telemedicine via online video or phone consultation

There are situations when patients are unable to see their doctor in person. They can virtually consult a doctor and receive better care if your healthcare app development idea includes the feature of telemedicine or video conferencing.

How much does developing a doctor appointment booking app similar to Zocdoc and Practo cost?

First, estimating the exact cost of developing a doctor’s appointment app is impossible. The influencing impacts of numerous app development cost factors, such as:

Complexity: The more complex the app, the more time and resources it will take to develop, resulting in a higher cost.

Features and functionalities: The more features and functionalities the app has, the more time and resources it will take to develop, resulting in a higher cost.

UI/UX design: The complexity of the UI/UX design, including the number of screens and wow elements, will also affect the cost.

Development team: The type of development team (in-house, remote, freelancers, etc.), the number of developers, their years of experience, and their country of location will all affect the cost.

Technology stack: The technologies used to develop the app can also affect the cost.

The cost of creating an app for booking doctor appointments can vary depending on a number of factors. Getting quotes from multiple development teams before ensuring you get the best possible price and the right team for your project is essential.


The field of medical science has seen remarkable progress, and the healthcare industry continues to reach new heights. Mobile apps have significantly accelerated this progress by simplifying patients’ lives and providing top-notch services.

However, creating a doctor appointment booking app like ZocDoc and Practo requires the expertise of technology professionals. This is where Flutteragency, a leading healthcare app development company, can be your invaluable partner. We offer comprehensive assistance, from the initial idea to design and development, and even provide dedicated post-launch support.

If you’re looking to hire Flutter developer for your doctor appointment app, our team is well-equipped to fulfill your requirements. Contact us today to explore all the possibilities and turn your vision for an all-inclusive doctor appointment app into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the primary features of apps for booking doctor appointments, such as ZocDoc and Practo?

User registration, doctor search, appointment scheduling, reminders, reviews, payment integration, and other features are essential.

2. How can a doctor appointment booking app be made to earn money?

You can make money by charging for appointment bookings, using subscription services, in-app advertising, creating relationships with healthcare providers, or using a combination of these methods.

3. How much does it cost, and how long does it take?

The cost and development time will vary depending on the complexity of your app and the features you want to include. However, you can expect to pay between $30,000 and $60,000 for a basic app, which could take between 3 and 6 months to develop.

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