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How to Build an App Like Snapchat: A Comprehensive Guide

There is no doubt that social media has taken over the world. In only a few years, social media apps, just as Snapchat, have become the most important part of our lives. It is usually used to connect with friends and family, share experiences, and stay up-to-date with current information. In this guide, you will learn how to develop an app like Snapchat from scratch.

An app like Snapchat is considered the most popular and powerful business tool. Many companies are utilizing social media accounts to connect with their customers, advertise their products and services, and use all features of the photo messaging app to get revenue. A digital social network is the most effective way to do marketing, and 80% of organizations have increased traffic after the investment in a messenger app like Snapchat. 

As new social media platforms are launched, video editing becomes more popular and accessible. Businesses will constantly find new and innovative ways to use social media as an advantage.

What is the Snapchat App?

Snapchat is an instant messaging application that lets users share messages, texts, videos, photos, and stories. Users can take photos and videos before including text, filters, effects, and more t make it more interesting. It builds Snapchat, which is secure for a user because photos or videos are erased or destroyed within a few seconds after being viewed.

This platform is more prevalent among the younger generation, and new demographics are being drawn to the platform every day. However, it also provides several unique features, like Snapchat app filters, including face filters, augmented reality filters, and branded geo-filters. It helps users to add special effects to its photos and videos. Hence, Snapchat has been through many changes in its history, but it remains one of the leading mobile apps on the market.

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Snapchat Users in the United States From 2020 to 2030

In 2020, the photo messaging app and social media-sharing platform Snapchat had more than 85 million users in the United States. Hence, it will rise to 88.5 million users in 2022 and 90 million in 2023. Between 2018 and 2023, Snapchat users in the United States are expected to grow by 18 per cent.

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Which Features Must You Add to an App Like Snapchat?

When planning to develop an app like Snapchat, first, you need to understand what must-have features you want to integrate into your app and why people like to use a similar app, which is similar to Snapchat. Below are the features you must add to the instant messaging app.

1. Registration

Before using the Snapchat app, as a user, you must register on the platform and make an account. But make sure you add this feature to the instant messaging app so that app users can build their profiles, capture photos, chat with friends, and many more.

2. Snaps

Taking and sharing snaps is the major feature that makes an app unique and attractive. Users can send photos or videos with messages or stickers and keep the filters on them. It also shares a self-destructing ‘Snaps’ with its friends. The real fun is the edits and filters, which make your pictures unique! Make sure you add innovative features to an app to deliver Snapchat alternatives.

3. Messaging/Chat

Sending snaps is the major attraction of an app like Snapchat, but you can not avoid a more way of communication. There will always be a good chunk of a user group that will love to converse with and chat while using the snaps sometimes.

4. Stickers

It will add humour, color, and expression to any conversation. If you are curious about developing an app like Snapchat, it ensures that your users will interact with their friends and express themselves better with an appropriate sticker.

5. Lenses

Snapchat provides the choice of utilizing one of the 7 lenses necessary to have great animations and can be applied to your snaps as an overlay to make funny effects. However, lenses keep changing, but an entire number stays similar. Hence, the lenses become effective if activated before a snap and not after the photos.

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6. Geo-Filters

The set of filters is location specific. Isn’t it interesting? Hence, Geofilters are patterns in your snaps if you are in a particular location. This feature helps you to earn money. For instance, a place of the business will have its geo-filters, which users can enjoy exploring as they spend their free time in a hotel or restaurant. Hence, as an app owner, it allows you to earn profit for your business.

7. Search for Friends

It is an instant messaging app, meaning users should be able to message their friends or relatives. It means an app like Snapchat has to allow users to search for friends. But there are two interesting methods to add new friends.

Add Nearby: Add the people in your region at that moment.

Snapcodes: Give the Snapcode to other friends so they can add you as a friend on Snapchat.

8. Video or Audio Calls

It’s a new feature in Snapchat and the most beautiful way to communicate with friends and relatives. You can keep sending snaps and messages to your close ones and do a conversion. Video and audio calling is a great way to add value to the application.

9. Stories

A new feature is now available on several other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, but Snapchat is the first to launch this feature. However, users can post photos or videos in their story, available to their friends to view as many times as they want, but it will disappear after 24 hours.

10. Discover

It is the functionality that brands use to post sponsored stories. Also, users can discover stories from various editorial teams of huge brands.

Which Are the Things Taken Into Consideration While Developing an App Like Snapchat?

However, if you wish your app to stand out from the crowd, here are a few things you should consider while developing an app like Snapchat.

Simple User Interface: Concentrate on delivering a unique and engaging UI to app users. 

Scalable Database: Ensure your application follows a structured data structure by efficiently handling many users worldwide.

Secure app development process: Make sure a mobile application is secure and safe. Follow the tips of a social media app development, and then you are on the right track to creating an app like Snapchat.

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How to develop an app like Snapchat in 7 steps?

The process of building an app similar to Snapchat is done in the following steps.

Step 1: Conduct Market research and Gather Requirements

Before beginning a mobile app development procedure, it is necessary to understand a targeted audience, their preferences and needs, and the latest market trends. This data can be collected through app market research and competitive analysis.

Step 2: Contact an app development company

It is done by contacting an app development company via their websites, social media platforms, or professional networks. It s vital t find a reliable and experienced mobile app development company that aids you in turning your vision into reality.

Step 3: Develop Roadmap

Dependent on market research and requirements, the app development industry helps to make the roadmap that outlines key features and functionality of the app. Hence, it will be considered the blueprint for an app development process.

Step 4: Design UI/UX

In this step, you must design an app’s user interface and user experience. UI/UX design team conducts prototyping, wireframing, and visual design for your instant messaging app. An objective is to develop a user-friendly and engaging app that meets the requirements of a targeted audience.

Step 5: Develop an App

After the completion of designing, the app development process begins. App developers will make the front and backend of the chat app, implement the significant features and functionality, and test an app that ensures that it will work appropriately.

Step 6: Launch App

After a messaging app is thoroughly tested and all bugs have been fixed, it’s time to launch it on app stores. It involves submitting a chat application for review, promoting it via several channels, and gathering user feedback.

Step 7: Maintenance and Updates

Once an app is launched, it is important to update and maintain the mobile app to ensure it meets a targeted audience’s needs and will remain in this competitive market. It includes fixing bugs, adding new features, and making necessary app improvements.

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How will Snapchat Generate Revenue?

If you are interested in developing an app similar to Snapchat, you will also need a source of income.

1. Advertising Campaign

Snapchat gives several monetization options for the advertisers, including a discover section, Snap Ads and Story. With these, a business will reach a broader audience, and the app will generate more money from campaigns.

In addition, Snapchat’s revenue is expected to rise significantly in the few years, making it attractive for those who want to advertise its products and services.

2. Sponsored Snapchat Filters and Lenses

Snapchat gives app users a variety of fun and engaging app features, including face filters, branded geo-filters, and lenses. Businesses can take benefit of Snapchat’s popularity by developing customized Snapchat filers and branded geo-filters.

It is an excellent method for enterprises to reach a potential audience and will develop the buzz around a brand. With the help of in-app purchase features, Snapchat users can buy any of Snapchat filters.

3. Snap Store

Snapchat is one of the best social media apps known for its photo-sharing app with video and audio call features; Snapchat launched its online Store, Snap Store.

In this, Snapchat users will produce exclusive Snap-branded merchandise. A store provides products, including clothes and accessories for users with Bitmoji avatar characters, Snap Streak hats, and T-shirts. Hence, the launch of Snap Store is a wise way for the industry to increase its revenue generation and engage its user base in the latest way.

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It also needs an in-depth understanding of the enterprise processes and user needs. An experienced business analyst team will help you document your requirements and create brief wireframes. We also have a strong project management team who will view an app development process from beginning to finish. Also, we provide 24/7 services and are ready to help you with any problems or challenges you might be facing.

If you want to build a new app from scratch or implement cutting-edge features into your existing product, we will help you achieve your goals. Feel free to contact us to build an app like Snapchat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does it cost to create an application similar to Snapchat?

The average cost f developing an app similar to Snapchat varies between $40,000 to $300,000. A factor that affects an app development cost is the app’s complexity, the location of the development company, features and functionalities, and many more.

2. How will Snapchat creators make money?

Snap offers a reward program for Spotlight creators that offers millions of dollars and is open to users of the app who create the best Spotlight Snaps.

3. Which technology is behind Snapchat’s face effect?

Snapchat utilizes technology from the Computer Vision region known as image processing. It generates images with the help of algorithms, layers, and filters.

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