Top 10 useful libraries for Flutter development productivity.

Top 10 libraries for Flutter development productivity.

Flutter is an open-source framework that uses the Dart language. So, in this article, we will see the top 10 libraries for Flutter development productivity.

Top 10 libraries for Flutter development productivity.

So let’s take a look at libraries that can be widely used in applications. Consider some recommended factors. Factors such as score relevance and community voting. Another factor is whether authors and the community update these libraries frequently. Below are 10 libraries you can use in your Flutter project.

1) cupertino_icons:

This is an asset repository that contains a standard set of icon assets used by Flutter’s Cupertino widgets. Developers typically use it on iOS platforms.

2) flutter_bloc

BLoC is an abbreviation for Business Logic Object Components. BLoC is nothing more than separating business rules from their interface. Many technologies today recommend the use of flatter_bloc. The concept of a library author is as follows: Flutter_blocs is a widget that facilitates the integration of blocks and qubits in Flutter.

3) animations

There are high quality off-the-shelf animations for flutter. This package contains off-the-shelf animations for frequently requested effects. You can use the content to customize the animation and insert it into your application to please your users.

4) flutter_slidable

Flutter implementation of scrollable list items using directional scrolling actions. Currently, flatter_slidable has four different movements: behind motion, drawer motion, scroll motion, and stretch motion.

5) flutter_native_splash

When you open the app, it will take some time for the native app Flutter to load. During this time, the native app will display a white splash screen by default. This package automatically generates iOS, Android, and native web code to customize the background color of your native home screen and splash images. It also supports dark mode, full screen mode, and platform-specific options.

6) google_maps_flutter

This is a Flutter plugin that provides widgets to help you implement Google Maps in your application. The documentation and first steps for generating the API key for your application can be found online.

7) connectivity_plus

This plugin allows Flutter applications to detect and configure network connections accordingly. You can distinguish between cellular and WiFi connections. The official Flutter community is currently managing this package. It also supports all mobile and web platforms.

8) webview_flutter

Webview is a Flutter plugin that provides WebView widgets. WebView is a tool that allows you to display web content within your application. In addition, this is a custom feature that optimally delivers the content of a page or service on Android without changing the browsing experience.

9) firebase_crashlytics

So it’s the Flutter plugin that uses the Firebase Crashlytics API. Firebase Crashlytics is a real-time bug reporting tool. It helps users to prioritize and fix the common crashes based on their effect on real users. This library can be integrated with Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS apps. You can also read more about Crashlytics on the Firebase website.

10) sign_in_with_apple

This library will provide you the features you need to log in with Apple. It currently supports iOS, Android and macOS. In addition, it supports logging in via an Apple ID as well as fetching credentials saved in user keys.


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So, in this article, we have seen the top 10 useful libraries for Flutter development productivity. Also, feel free to comment and provide any other suggestions regarding Flutter.

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