All About Mobile DevOps Summit 2024

Mobile DevOps Summit 2024: Full acceleration mode with the great mood

Developers and experts will meet at the inauguration of the one-day virtual conference to discuss the future, trends, and new technology for mobile app development.

How the apps are being developed, tested, and launched has changed. However, the new generation of mobile DevOps is now switching from native to be-native, integrating the resources and tools, automating the process, and streamlining the workflow from scratch until deployment.

With the digital transformation and the hybrid world, well-established modern apps have moved from differentiators to must-have tools for every industry; in October 2024, released approximately 97,000 mobile apps via the Google Play Store. However, in May 2019, released 134.5 thousand new Android apps through the Google Play Store.

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Around 2500 mobile developers and global business leaders with expertise from Meta, Salesforce, eBay, WeTransfer, and others will meet at the first Mobile DevOps summit held on 10th November.

The summit hosted by Bitrise– a mobile DevOps and consistent implementation and delivery platform- will highlight the latest trends and new technology that will power future mobile apps.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the set of practices, tools, and cultural philosophy which automates and integrates the procedure between the app development and the team of app developers. It will emphasize team empowerment, cross-team communication, collaboration, and technology automation.

How to shift in mobile DevOps?

During the opening keynote, the CEO and the co-founder of Bitrise Barnabas Birmachar, talked about the devOps tools and practices available for the mobile developers created to overcome complicated modern challenges. Bircher addresses new technologies and the future roadmap for 2024, which will support a complete mobile app development procedure for more than 5,000 members of Bitrise.

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To meet the global demands of the end-users who are excited and curious about the innovative apps and the many new organizations opening advanced digital challenges. Then the developers turn to the end-to-end platforms that will automate the core workflows, lessen the release cycle and deliver insights on code, pre-release, testing, and deployment.

Automation and development tools shorten the time and cost as it helps the mobile app team jump into the experimental modes. Security, accessibility, accuracy, and agility are the leading priorities for the enterprise.

It is the Grouped under Bitrise event, and the community will share the technical insight on the focused sessions while keeping an eye on the massive picture, best practices, app performance tracking, actionable insights, and its application’s impact on society. By deducting the time by automation, that will take center stage at the event.

However, the mobile DevOps community is constantly growing. The summit offers around 100 speakers, 80 workshops, customer case studies, and live Q&A sessions with the help of mobile leaders. It is a fact that a new generation of mobile DevOps is in full acceleration mode, collaborating, and it works together, inspiring and finding new ways to improve apps.

What are the challenges from ranking to agility and accessibility?

With a mobile CI/CD platform, app programmers can create several tools and steps, connect processes, debug, run automated tests and quality assurance, and tracks an entire workflow. However, maintenance, updates, and continental development are also streamlined in these processes, but this industry is open to challenges.

The wide range of ever-evolving tools which will work on multiple programming languages, such as HTML5, Java, and others, will maintain the implementation. It will stay up-to-date with the new challenges for experts. However, platforms like Bitrise allow coders to automate manual tasks and will implement systems where the code, configurations, scripts, and documents on the various platforms are easily taxable.

An expert has frequently updated the apps that rank high on the app stores. However, the mobile app deployment speed has more iterative releases, which are critical. A regular app release helps to speed up the mechanism while it automates the deployment pipeline. It reduces the time which will take out the new iterations and enables a team to react faster to user feedback. 

Marco Porch and Letticia Nicoli, a senior software engineer and the lead software engineer at Nubank, spoke about installing an experimentation culture in large-scale projects. Nubank’s developers will focus on in-house tailored solutions and market analysis driving experimentations that meet the expectations of the 65 million global users.

The company is also migrating from its native technologies to the non-native Flutter framework to achieve speed and agility. This process of application migration began in 2019. The Nubank’sNubank’s developers make sure that the experience has been improved. However, the other advantages of migrating to non-native technology include better testing capabilities, stability, and documented APIs.

The porch has a team of around 2,000 engineers working on the codebase; with the new version of the app, which is being released every week, it’sit’s essential to have the capacity to “turn off a single problematic feature” without disrupting a user’s experience.

Programmers are also facing pressure to roll out the apps more rapidly, although a way the manners team the team is sometimes proven to be counterproductive. Jan-Erik Lorfeo, the agile coach and the new work consultant at Meta-system, talk about best technical practices. Lorfeo advised against using the KPIs to track the progress of the team. Lorfeo added that training the developers will help to boost app performance.

In the other session, Amy Tom, tech strategist and creator at Bitrise, and Aleksandra Kulbaka, full stack developer at Theodo U.K., spoke about accessibility, diversity, and inclusion in custom mobile app development. With the global population with some form of disability, speakers discussed the urgency of incorporating good practices from the start of every new app project. Tom has highlighted a requirement that will consider diversity and inclusion as its accessibility components.

Incorporating accessibility and inclusiveness concepts from the start will make the whole procedure of app development easier for developers.

I want the people to know and understand accessibility which happens at all the stages of an enterprise app development process, particularly in the beginning when you are planning, said Tom.

Kulbaka presented the accessibility calculator that will guide and support the app developers. Kulbaka included that her calculator can score on projects, and the tool should be utilized as the guideline. As per the Kulbaka, whether an app is accessible is decided by the users. Kulbaka explains how an app testing process, which usually fails toad the users with disabilities, can be created to widen the spectrum and will get a real insight into the accessibility.

Moreover, a law like The European Accessibility Act needs daily products and services accessible for persons with disabilities. It has the products and services like computers and operating systems, smartphones, e-commerce, websites, and others that are directly interrelated to mobile development.

Kulbaka addressed an inclusive design, where the products enable people from various backgrounds, cultures, and ages to ensure that the “real world” is represented and viewed on the mobile screen.

What are the Mobile DevOps Practices and Values?

With the constant improvisation in technologies and automation, a mobile app development community is shortening the time, resources, and cost, which will increase the level of the sector by taking them towards creativity, refining the quality, and adding value. The practices of mobile DevOps and its values are even more vital than the technical tools they are using.

Mobile DevOps’ constant communication and planning goals include sustainability, accessibility, customer satisfaction, increased quality, shorter development lifecycles, security, and transparency. DevOps is working with management, developer, and quality teams to accelerate workflows and will meet these goals.

Documentation of the development process is also a crucial part of application development. It aids the team in learning and accelerating while keeping track of the stages and description of the entire procedure. However, visibility also supports the latest and advanced phases of updates, like patching and monitoring.

Besides developing an application, developers also focus on meeting the standards of various app stores and are trying to understand new release risks and quality.

Bitrise says that in conference “Apart from integrating the iterative procedure for the testing, monitoring, and real-time performance, tracking tools are necessary in mobile app development”. “This method permits expert teams to search the root cause of all the failures quicker and will help you to save on the hardware costs also.”

Adding a third-party SDK, performing cash reports, and constantly monitoring app performance and feedback in the app stores aid the developers in improving an app’s performance and quality.

Hence, Mobile DevOps practices and CI/CD are the new and latest in the development market. The core values of the new generation of programmers create apps of the future, which are value, speed, efficiency, and quality.


I hope you like the inside cover of the Mobile DevOps Summit, which was held in 2024 with the acceleration mode. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and visit our website where we publish daily stuffs related to mobile app development and updates in technology.

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