Flutter App Development IDEs in 2024

Everything to Know About Flutter App Development IDEs in 2024

Flutter is the cross-platform framework that developers use to make cross-platform apps. It gives efficient apps which can work seamlessly on iOS and Android platforms both. Besides that, many things are taken into consideration at the time of Flutter app development.

The utilization of widget catalogs, hot reload in Flutter, and many more features of the Flutter framework will add ease in developing effective and efficient applications. Hence, these features further help to make Flutter useful and an ethical framework for cross-platform app development. Flutter will have various selections of IDEs which you can select for developing the application. Hence, each of them will make the coding easy for the experts. 

So, in this article, we have given the list of the 10 Best Flutter development IDEs in 2024. These will aid you in creating a user-friendly, high-feature, and efficient application that meets your business requirements.

Moreover, if you wish to connect with a trustworthy Flutter app development company, this list will significantly help you.

Why use Flutter for App Development?

One of the essential benefits of Flutter is that it has a native-like performance and appearance. The Fluttertoolkit has the essential components, widgets, and libraries needed to recreate the iOS and Android feel and look. Some extra benefits of using Flutter for app development are:

  • Code development reduces time significantly.
  • Time-to-market speed is raised substantially.
  • Use the unified UI and business logic across all platforms.
  • Apps created with Flutter have native UI-like performance capabilities.

Cross-Platform Mobile Framework Market

Image Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/869224/worldwide-software-developer-working-hours/

Flutter is the leading cross-platform mobile framework that global app developers use. Based on the 2021 survey, it is conducted that 42% of software developers make use of Flutter. Hence, approximately one-third of mobile developers use cross-platform technologies or frameworks, and the rest of the mobile programmers use native tools.

Usually, cross-platform mobile frameworks are used to generate an app accessible via many end devices. The single code is sued across the multi-platform for its easy portability, and in the end, the cost of software development is kept minimum. With the help of a cross-platform mobile framework, there are chances to target the maximum audience. For instance, a single app can target Android and iOS platforms, maximizing an app’s reach.

Flutter App Development IDEs in 2024

1. Panache

Lets you customize shapes and colors to develop beautiful themes for your custom mobile app development. The apps made in Flutter Panache will aid you in making beautiful and innovative themes. The most effective way to make appealing themes and materials for your software is to customize widgets and download the theme as you wish. Millions of developers and testers are making use of this theme. You can review the codes once you have finished the entire coding structure. Hence, Panache is the trusted and best Flutter development tool.


  • It is an open-source tool
  • Faster to devise materials, eliminate complicated settings, and math
  • UI in-built elements are missing, and it becomes difficult to explore Panache.

2. Visual Studio

It is the most efficient IDE for Flutter development. Visual Studio has come with a massive plugin system and functionalities. The web app developer prefers this IDE for Flutter application development for several reasons and its unique features.

Git control and terminal, debugging, and plugins will ease the development process and more.

Things to know:

  • Its plugin permits the stretchable.
  • It has a scalable sidebar with the “command palette” for the rapid vestibule to settings and commands.
  • The source is restricted and impossible to edit and has no idea how this function works.

3. Codemagic

Codemagic is One of the most effective Flutter development tools. It helps boost the mobile app development process with simple steps using the Flutter framework. Cinemagic helps you with testing and releasing the apps with Codemagic.

Moreover, you can market an app without facing any complexities and issues.

You also do not need the configuration to release the app in the market when using the codemagic. However, you can use an automation feature to make your product and test the app. Hence, it helps in releasing process, which is simple and done effectively.

Things to know:

  • Robust IDE for Flutter development.
  • It is not tough to set up.
  • Does not support the configuration in web applications.

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4. Appetize

It helps you release the application on Android and Apple platforms rapidly. It will help you run the native application on the mobile device when the user is accessing a browser in HTML or JavaScript format.

It is common for users and developers to maintain the apps and their functions effectively. So, whenever you are developing the application in Flutter, you can use this option to make the release process easy and effective.

Things to know:

  • Give user support and training.
  • It will automate an approach and has effortless debugging.
  • App development with appetize is conducted in the private cloud.

5. Android Studio

It is the IDE for the Android platform. It has Android SDKs, Emulator, and Android Virtual Devices (AVDs). It gives the facility to download a tool for the creation and release of the app on Android platforms. Hence, it inspects a utilization and version and gives the compilation working to devise apps.

Points to consider:

  • It develops, debugs, and runs apps for any device.
  • Implemented with Firebase distant configures support.
  • Multitasking is challenging as it occupies more space than RAM.

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6. Supernova

This tool is the design system platform that will utilize Flutter to assemble the collective web apps for frontend and backend apps. It is performed for the design modifications and will view the program modifications in real-time. Supernova’s documentation editor allows the engineers to do documentation with the design system and encloses the automation engine, which will automatically revise the files and programs with design updation.

Things to know about Supernova:

  • The interface is easy to steer
  • Delivers simple-to-use formats.
  • The rearranging of code is in multiple widget columns.

7. Adobe Plugins

AdobePlugins allows the creation of mobile apps, web pages, and more. It has filled the gap between the designer’s and the developer’s understanding of developing the app. It will generate the design elements into file forms generated to the application’s codebase.

Things to Know about Adobe Plugins:

  • Plugins enable asset management, publishing, and many more
  • They Can work with many bandwidth requirements.
  • Only a few plugins are not portable from one device to another.

8. Firebase

Integrating the Firebase in Flutter allows a conversation between the various OS, like iOS, macOS, etc., for mobile apps and web pages. It is ideal for coders to use Flutter as it assists with iOS and Android app launches with easy mobile and web application development implementation. It helps to scale the app onboarding flows, enhances user engagement, and implements new functionalities and features. It has

  • in-built monitoring for developers
  • Firebase, which Can not implement the many features as an app, will depend on the firebase server.

9. RevenueCat

RevenueCat is the platform that permits the directing of an app’s mobility channels, like subscriptions and purchases within the app.

With the help of that, you can analyze purchases.

Further, it analyzes various factors like attrition rate, lifetime value, etc. It has the features like

  • Detail reporting.
  • Easy implementation.
  • Give trustable results for the input coding.

10. Vysor

This tool is one of the most vital in app development which experts keep looking for because it allows mirroring their android and iOS devices on their computers. Most of the mirror apps are not compressible and not easy to use. Vysor is a one-screen mirroring app that provides the perfect and accurate solution for this need. It gives features like

  • Beam your device screen to activate the computer with ease.
  • USB cable is connected to your gadget and desktop or laptop.
  • It is available as a chrome extension on the chrome web store.


You can use this Flutter app development IDEs that you can use in 2024 to develop a rich-feature and high-performing app. Flutter is one of the leading UI frameworks and SDKs developed and launched by Google. With the support of these tools, you can make more appealing applications quickly, attract the maximum audience, and receive a high ROI. Hence, many businesses are looking to hire dedicated Flutter developers who can build robust custom apps for the project. If you have any queries, then feel free to get in touch with us without any hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the future of Flutter app development?

Now, with the single codebase, you can create the app for all 6 platforms. A flutter alone makes it’s future predictable and will stay for a long time. Millions of apps have already been built with Flutter, but the new version updates and features will increase its users and demand for Flutter app developers.

2. Which automation testing tool is for Flutter?

Flutter driver is the automation tool for Flutter applications and can be used fr on distinct platforms. It uses the WebSocket communication to carry the WIDO script to begin a Flutter driver. In this case, will send the request to a specific application.

3. What are the DevTools in Flutter?

DevTools is the toling suite for Dart and Flutter programmers that consists of layout inspection tools, performance tools, debugging tools, and memory tools. These are required to be efficient and effective for Flutter developers, which are bundled into a single website for you.

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