Flutter The Future of Automotive App Development

Flutter App Development in the Automotive Industry: A Guide

Flutter is a strong competitor for applications in the automobile industry because of its performance, cross-platform compatibility, and versatility. Due to the reason that Flutter is the engine behind the app development efforts of large companies like Toyota and BMW, this framework has become quite popular. Hire Flutter developers to unlock the full potential of this technology and transform the method by which automotive apps are developed for your flutter app development requirements.

Tycoons like Toyota and BMW Collaborate with Flutter

The partnership between Flutter and industry giants in the automotive industry, like Toyota and BMW, has proven to be very successful. These companies have seen notable improvements in their app development processes as a result of utilizing the potential of Flutter, resulting in user-friendly interfaces, enhanced safety measures, and stable performance across platforms. Let’s evaluate the advantages it has brought about.

Merger with Flutter facing BMW

Roadblocks in BMW

BMW’s mobile app development team has been primarily focused on the BMW and MINI-linked applications over iOS for an extended period. However, they accepted in 2018 that there were no significant differences between the iOS and Android versions of their products. They now require a workaround to ensure that the application works uniformly across all platforms and with both BMW and MINI.

Why did they select Flutter?

From a business perspective, they required a system that would enable them to reliably push out new versions of their software across all countries and platforms with the same set of features and capabilities. The development team had doubts about Flutter’s ability to develop to the point where BMW needed it to work. They developed flawless designs using various frameworks to achieve their objective.

As illogical as it may sound, other than Flutter, no framework was able to provide the desired outcomes consistently. This is an essential factor in their decision to go with Flutter.

How did they benefit from it?

In October of this past year, they gathered a team of engineers to discuss Flutter’s plans. After less than a year of development, they eventually published the My BMW app in July 2020. This software has established itself as the common entry point for mobile devices, vehicles, and the Internet across 47 countries and 5 continents. Regardless of the device they select, BMW customers may now utilize the app with confidence.

Toyota’s Merger with Flutter

Challenges Faced by Toyota

Toyota had a challenge in maintaining its infotainment systems’ close interaction with the driving experience while satisfying the high expectations of consumers for its capabilities. As they worked to enhance their in-vehicle technology, they needed a robust architecture that could support embedded devices.

Why did they select Flutter?

Toyota decided to look into Flutter app development services after learning that it would enable embedded devices. They were drawn to Flutter due to its support for high-performance rendering engines and features like AOT compilation, hot-reload, and embedder API. These characteristics supported Toyota’s goal of delivering its customers a superior infotainment experience.

What advantages did they receive?

Toyota’s development process experienced a variety of benefits as a result of utilizing Flutter’s SDK. They were able to increase overall development productivity by using internal Flutter app development tools. Toyota was also able to build design tools that generated code because of Flutter, enabling software execution and validation without the need for intricate intermediate tiers.

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How to Create a Flutter App for the Automotive Industry with Brands Like Toyota and BMW?

Here are the following actions you should take to create your own Flutter app for the automobile industry if the success of BMW and Toyota’s apps inspired you to develop a similar user experience.

1. Set objectives for your app

You must decide why you selected Flutter and why you are making this app before you start developing a Flutter app for the automotive industry. You have to determine what the app’s objectives are and how it will help users achieve those objectives.

2. Choose your app’s features

Prioritize delivering users things that are valuable to them when choosing app features. A long list of features reduces effectiveness, overwhelms consumers, and degrades user satisfaction.

3. Create the app

Using prototyping, create digital prototypes or designs and add interfaces. Still, it is the best way to evaluate and enhance design at the beginning stages, avoiding costly errors. Furthermore, you may gather user feedback and ensure a simple and seamless user experience.

4. Improve the app’s functionality

You can work with Flutter developers or a Flutter app development company to make the design come to life. Use Flutter’s cross-platform features to make sure your application runs without an issue on iOS and Android devices. This will increase the user base and improve accessibility.

5. Test out the app

The trial version of your app will go through numerous forms of app performance testing after it has been produced to find any problems or errors.

6. Deployment

Your application is ready for deployment once every feature has been added, and every flaw has been fixed. Errors have no place in this stage because it is the final. Planning is also necessary for your application’s performance after deployment.


Flutter is a safe and dependable framework that will assist your automobile industry in thriving and meeting customer expectations and wants, just as it did for Toyota and BMW. Flutter is perfect for developing outstanding applications for the automobile sector because it combines enticing, swift user experiences with an efficient development environment. We advise you to make use of Flutter for your upcoming automobile project and to connect with the leading Flutter app development company from the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why did BMW and Toyota decide to create automobile apps using Flutter?

The ability to accelerate the development process is one of the key benefits of using Flutter to create automotive apps. Developers may create apps for both the iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase because of Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities.

2. Does Flutter have a future?

Yes, Flutter is growing exponentially and has a good chance of being one of the top technologies in the coming years.

3. What Makes BMW & Toyota Use Flutter to Develop Apps?

Working with Flutter is simple, says any Flutter App Developer. The automotive sector, and particularly the vehicle app, demands exceptionally smooth user interfaces and excellent performance. BMW and Toyota, two of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world, are utilizing Flutter to develop mobile apps because of its robust rendering engine.

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