How to Extract Data from Future without Using FutureBuilder ??

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How to Extract Data from a Future without Using a FutureBuilder
How to Extract Data from a Future without Using a FutureBuilder

FutureBuilder calls the future function to wait for the result, and as soon as it produces the result it calls the builder function where we build the widget. So in today’s article, we will go through how to extract data from Future without using FutureBuilder.

How to extract data from Future without using FutureBuilder ??

FutureBuilder is just a convenient helper to get the widget tree rebuilt when a Future completes. You can try with the below code snippet

funcThatReturnsFuture().then((result) {
  setState(() {
    someVal = result;


Future funcThatMakesAsyncCall() async {
  var result = await funcThatReturnsFuture();
  setState(() {
    someVal = result;

The main limitation is that you can’t return the value directly to the caller without a Future, because there is no way to get back from async execution to sync execution

So a Future is a just semantic sugar for a callback. Now imagine you had:

void fetchName(void Function(String) callback);

void main() {
  fetchName((name) {
     print('Your name is: $name');

One of the advantages of using FutureBuilder is it really helps make sense of asynchronous abstractions like Future and StreamBuilder for Stream, and let you focus on writing synchronous builder code:

new FutureBuilder<String>(
  future: _calculation, // a Future<String> or null
  builder: (BuildContext context, AsyncSnapshot<String> snapshot) {
    switch (snapshot.connectionState) {
      case ConnectionState.none: return new Text('Press button to start');
      case ConnectionState.waiting: return new Text('Awaiting result...');
        if (snapshot.hasError)
          return new Text('Error: ${snapshot.error}');
          return new Text('Result: ${}');

The only way to be able to consume a Future without creating a Widget object is by using the Future API.

The Future API allows the parsing of a Future object as though it was an AsyncSnapshot object which is where one would parse .data in a FutureBuilder builder: function.

This can be performed on a returned Future object which can use async with await. For example:

Future regionName = dbClient.getRegionNameFromZipCode(int.parse(zipCode)); <-- this database method getRegionNameFromZipCode returns a Future object and uses async and await

regionName.then((data) {
   String hZonesString = data[0]['hzone'];
}, onError: (e) {


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So in this article, we have been through how to extract data from Future without using FutureBuilder.

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