When to use a FutureBuilder?

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When to use a FutureBuilder In Flutter
When to use a FutureBuilder In Flutter

While fetching data from the backend on the launch page and if a user is using ListBuilder to get data to have two state variables First is data from backend and the Second is isLoadingFlag. In this article, we will go through When to use a FutureBuilder?

What is FutureBuilder?

FutureBuilder calls the future function to wait for the result, and as soon as it produces the result it calls the builder function where we build the widget.

Tasks for FutureBuilder:
  • Give the async task in the future of Future Builder
  • Based on connectionState, show message (loading, active(streams), done)
  • Based on data(snapshot.hasError) show view
Pros of FutureBuilder
  • No two flags and no setState
  • Reactive programming FutureBuilder will take care of updating the view on data arrival.


        future: _fetchNetworkCall, // async work
        builder: (BuildContext context, AsyncSnapshot<String> snapshot) {
           switch (snapshot.connectionState) {
             case ConnectionState.waiting: return Text('Loading....');
               if (snapshot.hasError)
                  return Text('Error: ${snapshot.error}');
              return Text('Result: ${snapshot.data}');
Performance Impact:
  • FutureBuilder is just a StatefulWidget whose state variable is _snapshot
  • Intial state is _snapshot = AsyncSnapshot<T>.withData(ConnectionState.none, widget.initialData);
  • It is subscribing to the future which we send in constructor and updating the state based on that.
    widget.future.then<void>((T data) {
          if (_activeCallbackIdentity == callbackIdentity) {
        setState(() {
          _snapshot = AsyncSnapshot<T>.withData(ConnectionState.done, data);
      }, onError: (Object error) {
      if (_activeCallbackIdentity == callbackIdentity) {
        setState(() {
          _snapshot = AsyncSnapshot<T>.withError(ConnectionState.done, error);

    In future builders, it calls the future function to wait for the result, and as soon as it produces the result it calls the builder function where we build the widget.

    AsyncSnapshot has 3 state:

  • connectionState.none = In this state future is null
  • connectionState.waiting = [future] is not null, but has not yet completed
  • connectionState.done = [future] is not null, and has completed. If the future completed successfully, the [AsyncSnapshot.data] will be set to the value to which the future completed. If it completed with an error, [AsyncSnapshot.hasError] will be set to true.


In this article, we have been through about What is FutureBuilder and When to use FutureBuilder?

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