How To Estimate Healthcare App Development Costs in 2024

Estimate Healthcare App Development Costs in 2024

Though the idea of mobile healthcare application was adopted several years back, it was only lately that the industry accepted the concept with wide open arms. From hospital booking applications to health trackers, several types of applications are available nowadays. A study has proven that in 2025, the mobile healthcare market will have an overall valuation of $190 million.

It is not easy to work on application development by yourself, especially when you are an amateur and don’t know the aspects of the development process. This is why businesses look forward to hiring healthcare app development companies to venture into the digital world. However, you need to pay a specific cost to complete the work.

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To help you in the same, we have discussed ways to estimate the cost of healthcare app development.

Types of healthcare applications
Types of healthcare applications

Types of healthcare applications

The type is the first thing one needs to consider for estimating the cost of healthcare application development. Four categories of healthcare applications are currently prevalent in the market. Since you need to choose a app development company, your choice will depend on the application type you want to incorporate.

Activity tracker:

This application can be paired with intelligent wearables or the phone to check the user’s daily activities. It can include cycling, running, walking, working out, calories taken, etc.

Physical activity and workout application: It will track all the physical movements you will perform, from sit-ups to bench presses. Apart from this, the software will also follow your activities that require physical effort.

Diet and nutrition tracker:

Another healthcare application type you must consider is the tracker for nutrition and diet. Here, you can make customize health and diet plans for the clients. Apart from this, it will also track the daily food consumed and the calories eaten.

Yoga Tracker App
Yoga Tracker App

Yoga tracker:

This type of healthcare application will follow all the yoga poses you perform, the time users spend on meditation, and so on.

Features to include in the healthcare app

Now that you know the healthcare app types, the next thing to consider for estimating the budget is the list of features the application needs to have. In this section below, we have explained some of the software’s main features without fail.

1. Registration and login page

One of the prime requirements of every healthcare application is the inclusion of a registration and login page. For first-time users, the registration page must have all fields required to form the user profile, from name to address, health concerns, etc. The login page should have a user ID and password block, with the option for Forget Password.

2. User profile

You must plan the software so that the user profiles can be accessed quickly and all the details are changeable. This way, the users can update them accordingly. Apart from this, the profile needs to be linked with the trackers and other features of the application.

3. Social media integrations

Since social media plays a crucial role in making any business successful, you must integrate the application. Creating multiple channel connections ensures the application gets the desired exposure to the market.

4. Integration with smart wearables

Tracker apps must be linked with smart wearables, especially activity and physical workout types. For example, to track the steps walked, the software should have modules related to a pedometer. This can be the smartwatch or the health tracker band. The app must record all data correctly automatically without the involvement of manual effort.

5. Integrated database with user access

Another crucial feature you need to include in the healthcare app you plan to develop is user access. It should track and store all details for a certain number of days. Apart from this, the concerned user must be able to access the data and check them to verify their progress.

6. GPS connected

It will be better to ensure the application is well-connected with the GPS. This way, the user’s location can be tracked quickly, and accordingly, all health-related data will be shown.

7. Push notifications and alerts

The application should send push notifications to the users concerning their health updates, goal completion, subscription ending, reminders, and so on. This will keep them updated and ensure the interaction between the application and the targeted customers is properly established and maintained.

8. Secured payment gateways

Last but not least, the application needs secured payment gateways so that users can quickly pay for the subscription without worrying about their safety.


When you select a Flutter app development company like Flutter Agency, do ensure to ask for the quoted price by mentioning all the features you want to include and the application type. The greater the number of features or higher the complexity, the higher will be the overall price.

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