Top 10 Healthcare App ideas for start-ups.

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Top 10 Healthcare App ideas for start-ups.
Top 10 Healthcare App ideas for start-ups.

The use of healthcare apps has increased patient engagement. Many Flutter App development company saw this as an opportunity. So, in this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Healthcare App ideas for start-ups. So, let’s get started.

Top 10 Healthcare App ideas for start-ups.

Medical applications, mHealth solutions, and healthcare apps for patients are now increasing in the market. According to a report, 15% of smartphone users of 18-29 ages have healthcare apps on their mobile. So, below we have listed the healthcare app ideas you can use for your start-up.

1) Healthcare Monitoring App

This type of apps is mainly developed to monitor chronic conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, sugar levels, cancer, and much more. The app allows doctors or healthcare professionals to track the health conditions of each and every patient by keeping their health history to provide appropriate treatment or prescription.

2) General Health and Wellness Test App

General health and wellness test apps are used mainly for patients who are suffering from a disease or want to track their health with tools such as blood pressure tests, heart rate tests, and measuring diabetes. This type of health tracker apps can be developed by anyone for people who just want to track and record their health data on regular basis.

3) Sleep App

These apps also fall under the same category as health test apps and can be developed by either doctors or entrepreneurs. The app is basically an ideal solution for people having trouble relaxing into a restful sleep. Users can select some relaxing sounds to get a good night’s sleep.

4) Personal Medical Records App

This app idea related to personal medical records is a diary kind of app that allows patients to add their personal health records manually and share those records with the doctor before the appointment. This type of solution allows the doctor to learn a patient’s past health history and by keeping it in mind, doctors can prescribe medicines or take further action.

In fact, our blockchain developers have already dug deeper into this subject and came up with a solution to developing the best records app for medical on blockchain technology. You can read our blog about how a personal medical records app developed on Blockchain could revolutionize the health sector.

5) Appointment Booking App

The on-demand doctor app is quite simple and mainly developed for doctors’ benefits. Many healthcare professionals and well-known doctors develop their own doctor appointment booking app for their patients to let them know their availability and give an option to book an appointment.

Another option is to make a social platform for both patients and doctors where patients can connect with doctors based on their illness and ask for a consultation, schedule a call, or book an appointment for a home visit.

6) Online Therapy App

An intention to make therapy accessible to as many people as possible. The online therapy app allows users to pay subscription fees for unlimited messaging. Such an app idea can eliminate the hesitation of patients to talk in person about their health matters.

There is a lot more exploration to be done in the health sector which can be easily done with the help of such mental health apps development. The professional therapists can also contact each other and can reach more mental illness patients, and grow their networking skills.

7) Pharmacy Delivery App

This type of apps is now much in demand. The reason is pretty straightforward, COVID-19. We are fighting an invisible enemy, and the only way to win is by staying home as much as we can.

If anybody is sick, they probably won’t feel like going out to buy medicines. Further, they wouldn’t want their close ones to go out and take the risk of getting infected as well. In such cases, prescription delivery startups can come forward.

Uber for medicine apps or prescription delivery apps has made it possible for people to get the required medicines whenever they want. The trend is not going to die out because the Coronavirus is here to stay for a long time, even according to WHO.

8) On-demand Doctors App

On-demand doctor’s application is another best healthcare app idea that will surely perform exceptionally in the healthcare industry. You can develop an Uber for on-demand doctor app, allowing patients to connect with doctors in real-time through chat and video calls.

Such on-demand doctor apps enable patients to book consultations on-demand and get in touch with the right doctor through chat or video calls. Using the on-demand doctor’s app, patients will get in-house telemedicine service within an hour or the next 2 hours from the comfort of their home. They can discuss comfortably and privately their problems with doctors and get instant assistance.

9) Mental Health Apps

With an increasingly busy and stressful lifestyle, people are facing a lot of mental issues every day. A lot of people suffer from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and other mental health issues. Awareness toward mental health has been increasing and people are taking it more seriously.

There is a range of apps or a single app with multiple functionalities that you can develop. You can develop meditation and sleep apps, or you can also go for online therapy apps. The users can book an online therapy session as going to a therapist in a pandemic is not ideal.  Such apps are therefore much in demand because millennials are woke and consider mental health their first priority.

10) App for Woman’s Wellbeing

There is no question that women and men have different healthcare demands and needs. When it comes to women, their monthly menstrual cycle plays an important role in their health and bodily aspects.

If you want to address the issues and requirements of women’s health and wellbeing you choose this direction. You may develop an app that tracks their menstrual cycle. It can also tell them about their most safe and most fertile days for pregnancy. You can also develop an app that gives them information about different types of diseases like PCOD, breast cancer, etc. It will help them track it along with contact information of leading gynecologists as well as tips from them.


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So, in this article, we have seen the Top 10 Healthcare App ideas for start-ups.  You can modify and experiment with it according to your own. Also, feel free to comment and provide any other suggestions regarding Flutter.

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