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Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Conference in 2022

Pocket Gamer Connects is a well-known international conference series for the global games industry and was held for two days from 27th Sep- 28th Sep 2022. We concentrate on interconnecting with the correct people that bring delegates together from the complete system with all its essential formats covered from mobile, PC, Blockchain, and web3 technology.

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All over the world, approximately 33,000 industry professionals have attended the PG connects international conference series since 2014. The roadshow has landed in various cities such as America, the UK, Canada, Finland, Jordan, and Hong Kong with its international client base.

We have been organizing the event for many years for the games industry; PG has achieved a stellar reputation as the must-attend conference if you wish to meet talented game makers, developers, and publishers. At the same time, you can meet the top investors of the world, tools providers, and many more. Our audience is global and representative of the gaming industry ecosystem.

At this Pocket Gamer Helsinki conference, there were approximately 1200 attendees, and 40+ countries took part in this conference. Also, 200 speakers were there to give the speech to the audience.

What is the Agenda of this Conference?

  • Discover advanced tips and techniques from the agencies and personalities which are changing the media world.
  • Learn from the best with practical advice on developing financial security and success for your business.
  • Publishing is the key to a games business: we expand on how it is good to work with the publishers to get the game into your market.
  • It requires insight into user acquisition, retention techniques, and how to empower your game.
  • Everything is growing, including the need for developers and practical advice about building a game.
  • Gain in-depth and actionable insights regarding in-game advertising and learn how to maximize the revenue from your game.
  • In-game ads will remain central to the many studio’s monetization strategies.
  • Multiplayer games will dominate the charts, but what tips, technology, and secret helps you to compete?
  • It discovers the practical advice to navigate the legislation, and app stores will optimize user acquisition.
  • There is a Global trend to identify facts, Figures, and insights into the latest industry from all over the globe.
  • Get practical insight on securing the fund that makes a little difference. 
  • A track is dedicated to explaining and improving the approach to living ops, the core of the modern game world.
  • It will teach you how to create a better games industry and a positive future for everyone.
  • Get ready for the game on the app store.

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Which event session is going to be held?

1. Mapping Metaverse:

Discover cutting-edge communication and entertainment in the development space.

2. Surfing web 3.0:

The next frontier of game development! Find the rising game in the market and reinvent how we play the games today.

3. Know NFT:

Non-fungible tokens will show how unique digital assets are changing how humans play today.

4. Mastering Pivot:

The art master will bring a game to the new platforms and learn how to optimize your development procedure and grow the company to the new spaces.

5. Creating a Blockchain:

Blockchain developers will know how the crypto will work with the games.

6. Game innovators:

From indies to triple-A studios, innovation is everywhere. Discover who is shaking up the market and will come up with fresh approaches and ideas for gaming.


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