Outsourcing Flutter development work

Outsourcing Flutter development 

Google’s software development kit Flutter is quickly revolutionizing the app development process. It is capable of developing applications for Android, iOS as well as a desktop with a single shared codebase. Within a short period of time, the flutter community gained thousands of developers worldwide. 

However, Flutter is relatively new in the market. Finding the right developer talent with the skills and background is just one of the key challenges of Flutter. While finding Flutter developers your main goal is to find someone who can add value to your project. In this article, we will discuss the points which can help you in finding the right Flutter developer for your project.  

Choosing a Flutter development services

When it comes to dedicated Flutter app developers for your project, you have two options. The first is to hire a Flutter freelancer who works on the project independently. The second is to bring an outsourced Flutter development team. Each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. We will discuss and analyze both options further. 

There are few responsibilities associated with  Flutter development. Top Flutter developers’ responsibilities are not only to build applications in flutter but to also provide post-maintenance services to the clients. Some other responsibilities of flutter development companies include:- 

  1. Writing clean and concise code in a flutter as well as reviewing it.
  2. Fixing bugs and other issues in the application.
  3. Managing and assisting in the app development lifecycle.
  4. Researching new Flutter libraries and tools and keeping up-to-date.
  5. To optimize client applications.

Choosing a Flutter freelancer

Flutter freelancers are developers specializing in flutter applications development. Having insight into other related technologies, Flutter freelancers have good knowledge of the technologies they use in the Flutter App development journey.

Advantages of Flutter freelancers

The number one advantage of choosing a Flutter freelancer is that they will dedicate their full time to your project. For companies, the freelance developers enable them to bring in high-quality, specialized talent at very short notice. It is now easier to bring in specialized talent to work on a Flutter project. 

Many businesses ranging from small companies and startups often start with Flutter freelancers. Today, there are lots of freelance platforms that protect buyers from frauds and provide them an opportunity to find the top flutter developers through the work and reviews. This makes the process of hiring a freelancer less risky than it used to be.

Drawbacks of Flutter Freelancer

Many freelance platforms came forward to persuade companies to hire freelance talent on an as-need basis. At the same time, they also encouraged a large pool of freelance developers to enter the market. With so many developers available on the platform, it can be difficult to find the ideal fit for the role you need to fill.

The presence of many new developers on the market can lead to further difficulties. The work produced by freelancers can vary due to various reasons. Clean, maintainable code and strong design experience are not everyone’s cup of tea. Effective communication is another barrier to be considered when hiring a freelance Flutter developer. When time zones, working environment, and expectations are wildly different it can raise further challenges.

Choosing an Outsourced Flutter Development Team

If you think that hiring freelancers is inconvenient for you the best option for you is to outsource your Flutter app development. Many companies from small businesses to large enterprises choose the option of outsourcing because of its convenience & cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing is a partnership with a Flutter app development company where you sign a contract and discuss the whole development process with the vendor. 

Advantages of outsourcing

You can get a whole team of experts including developers, business analysts, project managers, and much more. You can modify the team according to your wish. If you already have a QA tester or project manager, you can handle those tasks yourself & hire other team members for development purposes. Most outsourcing companies are flexible and will provide you with only the professionals you need.

Expert outsourcing teams can bring years of experience earned over many individual projects to implement cost and time savings in developing your application. There are fewer chances of delays in project implementation or delivery is much rarer when an entire team of Flutter developers works together to solve issues.

Disadvantages of outsourcing

Many companies fear losing direction or control of their project when outsourcing projects to external development teams. It’s a big concern for companies that project managers and staff will have few opportunities for further input in the application development. Maintaining a constant link with an outsourced team will always be difficult when compared to having an in-house team or freelancer.

One possible solution for these is strong communication. But this is another thing in which outsourcing can be a challenge. Having different time-zone & conflicting schedules, and multiple team members can create barriers between client business & outsourcing companies. This can be done by effective strategies such as regular meetings, app demonstrations on progress, and check-ins to ensure that both teams coordinate perfectly.

Where to find the best outsourcing flutter, development team?

If you are looking for outsourcing companies, the question remains which outsourcing companies should you choose. As the businesses want to save money, they often choose companies from those countries which have a low cost of living. For example, the cost of developing an application in the U.S. will be thrice more compared to the cost of developing an application in India. Below are the popular countries for software development outsourcing:

  • U.S.A
  • India 
  • Europe
  • China 
  • Brazil

Among all the other countries India is considered the best software outsourcing country due to the fact that they have a lower cost of living which means saving extra money on your project. There are various reasons why INDIA is considered the best outsourcing destination for Flutter App development. Let’s have a look at those reasons and analyze it further. 

Cost efficiency

This remains the key reason to hire developers from other countries. But lower cost doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality. It means the price of living in that country is cheaper. India has a lower cost of living compared to western countries, but the quality of service is never compromised. Your money will be utilized perfectly for the project.

Hourly rates

India has one of the best hourly rates for flutter developers all around the world. Countries like the U.S.A. have hourly rates ranging from $80-120 per hour whereas the hourly rate of Indian developers is $20-40 per hour. This is the key reason why India is emerging as one of the best software outsourcing destinations.

Strong IT workforce

India has an extremely large IT workforce all around the world. The developers have excellent IT knowledge and skills in their respective domains. On the other hand, there is a shortage of developers in countries like the U.S.A.


If you need reliable and trusted Flutter developers at a reasonable cost then outsourcing is the best option you can choose. You have a choice to either choose one team member or the complete team of top flutter developers which makes it the best option. Hiring Indian developers can be a great choice, they are the best option when you need Flutter expertise or create an application for your web service. 

Want to hire offshore Flutter developers? We at Flutter Agency always give priority to customer satisfaction as well as quality assurance. Our team has already deployed multiple projects with excellent client satisfaction rates and we will continue to do so. We have a talented team of Flutter developers who will work on your project with utmost dedication and will provide perfect service. Feel free to contact us and discuss your next idea with the best Flutter App Development company in the market.

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Nirali Patel

Written by Nirali Patel

Nirali Patel is a dedicated Flutter developer with over two years of experience, specializing in creating seamless mobile applications using Dart. With a passion for crafting user-centric solutions, Nirali combines technical proficiency with innovative thinking to push the boundaries of mobile app development.

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