What is new in Flutter 2.5 and Dart 2.14?

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What is new in Flutter 2.5 and Dart 2.14?
What is new in Flutter 2.5 and Dart 2.14?

Flutter 2.5 is out with 4600 closed issues and 3932 merged PRs. So, in this article, we will see what is new in Flutter 2.5 and Dart 2.14 and how it benefits the Flutter App development company.

What is new in Flutter 2.5 and Dart 2.14?

Flutter 2.5 & Dart 2.14 have been released at the same time with performance improvements from their contemporary releases. Also, there are a few new provisions, including full-screen support for Android, more Material You support, updated text editing to help switchable keyboard shortcuts, etc. It also includes new help for adding dependencies in your Visual Studio Code projects, new help for getting data from your test runs in IntelliJ/Android Studio. Moreover, it has a totally different application layout to fill in for your genuine Flutter applications.

Performance Improvements:

This release accompanies a few performance enhancements. iOS has less jank, burns-through less CPU and power, wiping out jank from this source in our testing, and is more performant now. Additionally, iOS 8 help is deprecated. One more reason for jank is the point at which the garbage collector (GC)pauses the UI thread to recover memory. In this release, memory for unused pictures is recovered excitedly, reducing GCs extensively.

One more performance improvement in Flutter 2.5 is the latency when sending messages among Dart and Objective-C/Swift (iOS) or Dart and Java/Kotlin (Android). Eliminating pointless duplicates from messaging codecs diminished latencies by up to half contingent upon message size and device.

Dart 2.14:

Flutter isn’t Flutter without the Dart language and runtime on which it builds. This release of Flutter comes with Dart 2.14. The new release of Dart comes with new formatting to make cascades more clear, new pub support for ignoring files, and new language features, including the return of the legendary triple shift operator.

In addition, and one of the best things about Dart 2.14, is that this release has created a standard set of lints shared between new Dart and Flutter projects that come right out of the box. Not only do you get these lints when you create a new Dart or Flutter project, but with just a few steps, you can add this same analysis to your existing apps as well.

Framework: Android full screen, Material You & text editing shortcuts

The Flutter 2.5 release includes a number of fixes and improvements to the framework. They’ve fixed a set of related issues around full-screen modes with nearly 100 thumbs up between them. The names of the modes are lean back, sticky, sticky immersive, and edge to edge. This change also added a way to listen to fullscreen changes in the other modes. For example, if the user engages with the app, when the system UI comes back, developers can now write their code to return to fullscreen or do something else.

Another excellent contribution from the community is the addition of Material banner support to the ScaffoldMessenger. You may remember the ScaffoldMessenger from the Flutter 2.0 release announcement. It is a more robust way to show Snackbars at the bottom of the screen to provide users with notifications. In Flutter 2.5, you can now add a banner to the top of your scaffold that stays in place until the user dismisses it.

Breaking changes & deprecations:

The following are the breaking changes in the Flutter 2.5 release:

  • Default drag scrolling devices
  • Deprecated API removed after v2.2
  • Introducing package:flutter_lints
  • ThemeData’s accent properties have been deprecated
  • GestureRecognizer Cleanup
  • Replace AnimationSheetBuilder.display with collate
  • Using HTML slots to render platform views in the web
  • Migrate LogicalKeySet to SingleActivator

For the full list of breaking changes since the 1.17 release, see flutter.dev.


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So, in this article, we have seen what is new in Flutter 2.5 and Dart 2.14. Make sure to check out our other article related to Flutter. Also, feel free to comment and provide any other suggestions regarding Flutter.

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