Microsoft Launches Global Programs to Startups with VivaTech

Microsoft Launches Global Programs to Startups with VivaTech

Microsoft is one of the most dominant giants in the tech world, with lots of programs and solutions to optimize people’s digital experience. One of the special programs is the Microsoft for Startups initiative with VivaTech, which is active worldwide.

Here, the team comprises industry experts and startup-related specialists who work together to provide adequate support to entrepreneurs looking to expand their new businesses. In addition, they provide the necessary resources and support for different levels of business growth, aiming to improve their startup potential.

Users benefit from Microsoft cloud solutions like GitHub, Teams, and Azure. Additionally, the officials give new entrepreneurs the necessary mentorship and technical assistance at relatively reasonable rates. Finally, the team provides customized resources, tools, solutions, and benefits that the companies can implement easily for their business requirements.

What is VivaTech?

VivaTech is a comprehensive platform that provides business leaders and startups a base to run innovative new plans and ideas. This is a global event where the best talents and leaders in the tech and corporate industry congregate to celebrate new and unique ideas.

They share ideas and products with a modern outlook that would grow relevant and be used by future generations.

Besides providing a networking opportunity for industry leaders to portray their offerings and talents, it is a suitable space for celebrating business and technology.

The VivaTech event focuses on supporting startups and includes participants from over 13,000 companies. They showcase their new plans and products to industry leaders here. The sixth event edition is expected to occur between 15 and 18 June 2022.

What is the Challenge for Microsoft for Startups?

Microsoft partners with VivaTech to provide new business aspirants the opportunity to grow their craft, reach, and network. The Microsoft for Startup Challenge focuses on giving new entrepreneurs and innovators the right tools to meet their goals.

During this global program, company officials and startup founders get the right support for different stages of their startup development and production process.

Through programs like this, they get the right level of business resources and technological stack for their development requirements. Additionally, they can get personalized tools and solutions for their projects. Meanwhile, startups looking to expand their businesses through mobile applications can also take consultation support from top Flutter mobile app development companies for their professional Android & iOS app development solutions.

The Microsoft for Startups program is suitable for founders in different industry verticals. It aims to supply them with the best help with their software development projects, from idea formulation to final delivery. The experts at the helm of this program provide customized guidance, technical tools, and programming support.

What are the selection criteria for the program?

The Microsoft for Startups program with VivaTech is a suitable choice for startups to broaden their reach and scale. It is open to companies and business leaders globally and industry sectors in different regions.

However, there is a specific selection criterion that you must match to become eligible for the event/program.

The main points that you must follow are explained hereafter.

1. Expertise or core of the project:  The main theme of the project or the idea behind the product/service does determine its entry into the program. So, the first point of concern is how involved the applicant is in the development process of the software. It is important that it is relevant to the main business objective that is currently present or you are focusing on. Also, you should own the product instead of only holding the license.

2. Headquarters: The location of the software-based project or the startup is another point the selection committee looks at. The company’s headquarters should reside in one of the regions that the Azure infrastructure caters to, like the Asia Pacific and Australia.

3. Microsoft Azure compatibility: Another selection point is how much of the Microsoft solution it works with. A product or service software that operates around USD 10,000 worth of free Azure solutions would get a higher ranking.

4. Ownership of the startup: The startup should stay under the control of a private organization and not a public entity. Non-profit organizations are not applicable under this program. Companies focusing on profit-earning business infrastructure can apply for Microsoft for Startups Challenge. Educational institutions, consultancies, personal blogs, governmental firms, crypto mining/bitcoin companies, or dev shops are also not accepted.

5. Funding rounds: The startups that have under the Series D funding round can apply for the program. Those that opted for later series options can also apply.
Applying for the Microsoft for Startups Challenge

Startup companies can apply to Microsoft for Startups + VivaTech program. They must create their account on the official website, where they can find information about the challenge. To note, they have to meet the program’s rules and specific challenge conditions well.

After applying and becoming a member, startup founders can get a personalized zone on the website. Here, they can access their own profile and view the progress of their challenge. In addition, it is possible to interact through this section with other members, mentors, and sponsors via community discussion or email.

Also, make sure to check the challenge’s rules and then register for the program. People can participate as solo applicants or represent their businesses. Forming teams is also possible. Download the available deliverables to take part in the challenge and acquire necessary data while engaging in the Microsoft for Startups challenge. Study and follow the challenge rules carefully first.

The winning expectations

Companies that take part in the program can expect many benefits. They are as follows.

  • Winners would get mentorship opportunities with experts in technical solutions and business leaders, helping them in their startup growth needs.
  • You can earn up to USD 150,000 worth of free credits in Azure.
  • An applicant can participate in the onsite event of VivaTech at no cost after passing the program.
  • You can earn free use of advanced productivity and development tools, like Microsoft 365 and GitHub.
  • Microsoft partners offer many suitable offers for startup companies- you would get free access to them after winning the challenge.


Overall, the Global program of Microsoft for Startups with VivaTech is a suitable initiative centered on boosting new companies and ideas. You can participate in the challenge of the program and win both skilled expertise with your software development needs and business-related mentorship.

Startup businesses can also consult or hire Flutter experts from Flutter Agency for end-to-end enterprise-level application solutions and manage their workloads, customer data, and business operation anywhere, anytime.

Program Information

Challenge Opening: March, 29 2022

Challenge Closing: May, 25 2022

Application Results: June, 1 2022

Viva Technology: June, 15 – 18 2022

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