How to Show an Local Image till the NetworkImage() Loads Up in flutter

How to Show an Local Image till the NetworkImage() Loads Up in flutter?

When the user performs some action on a screen the compiler will fetch data from the backend and will display data to the user. While fetching data sometimes we need to display a local image till the NetworkImage() Loads Up so in this article we will learn about How to Show a Local Image till the NetworkImage() Loads Up in flutter?

Discover how to gracefully handle image loading in Flutter by showing a local placeholder image until the NetworkImage() finishes loading. In this informative blog post, explore techniques and code snippets that enable you to display a temporary local image while waiting for the network image to load. Enhance user experience, reduce perceived loading time, and ensure a seamless visual transition between placeholder and final image. Whether you’re building an image-heavy app or working with slow network connections, this tutorial will guide you step-by-step through the process of implementing this efficient and user-friendly approach. Elevate your Flutter app’s image loading experience today by mastering the art of displaying a local image while the NetworkImage() loads.

Know How to Show a Local Image till the NetworkImage() Loads Up in flutter?

Use a Stateful Widget and you can add a listener to the ImageStream and override the initState() to trigger a replacement between the local image and the one obtained from the internet when it is fully loaded.

Code Snippet will look like the below:

 var _loadImage = new AssetImage(
  var _myEarth = new NetworkImage(
  bool _checkLoaded = true;

  void initState() {
    _myEarth.resolve(new ImageConfiguration()).addListener((_, __) {
      if (mounted) {
        setState(() {
          _checkLoaded = false;

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return new Scaffold(
        body: new Center(child: new Container(
          decoration: new BoxDecoration(shape:,),
          height: 80.0,
          width: 80.0,
          child: new CircleAvatar(
            backgroundColor: Theme
            backgroundImage: _checkLoaded ? _loadImage : _myEarth,

You can try with a package named flutter_url_image_load_fail to define the loading and failed to load widgets:

    '', //Image URL to load
    (image) => image, //What widget returns when the image is loaded successfully
    () => Text('Loading...'), //What widget returns when the image is loading
    (IRetryLoadImage retryLoadImage, code , message){ //What widget returns when the image failed to load
        return RaisedButton(
            child: Text('Try Again'),
            onPressed: (){
                retryLoadImage.retryLoadImage(); //Call this method to retry load the image when it failed to load
    requestTimeout: Duration(seconds: 5) //Optionally set the timeout

Two way to solve your problem

1) Using Image. network : If you want to show progressbar, simmer, or any other widget when image loading.
    fit: BoxFit.cover,
    loadingBuilder: (BuildContext ctx, Widget child, ImageChunkEvent loadingProgress) {
      if (loadingProgress == null) {
        return child;
      }else {
        return Center(
          child: CircularProgressIndicator(
            valueColor: AlwaysStoppedAnimation<Color>(,

2) Using FadeInImage : If you want to display your local image when network image loading.

   placeholder:"assets/loading.png" // your assets image path
   fit: BoxFit.cover,


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