How to Format an Interploated String In Flutter ?

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How to Format an Interploated String In Flutter
How to Format an Interploated String In Flutter

Earlier we have been through How to find Difference Between Two Dates In Flutter. So this time we will try something new like How to Format an Interpolated String In Flutter.

Let move ahead with it.

How to Format an Interpolated String In Flutter?

Dart supports string interpolation. Consider a code snippet as below:

var seconds = 5;
print("Send $seconds seconds ago");

var harryLikes = 'Silvia';
var otherName = 'Erik';
var otherLikes = 'Chess';
print("Harry like $harryLikes");
print("I think $otherName like $otherLikes");

Also, more complex expressions can be embedded with ${…}

print('Calc 3 + 5 = ${3 + 5}');

The number of types and the intl package provide more methods to format numbers and dates.

You can also try the below examples:

You can also try the below way:

  • Add the following to your pubspec.yaml
      sprintf: "^4.0.0"

    then run pub install.

    Next, import dart-sprintf:

import 'package:sprintf/sprintf.dart';
void main() {
     double seconds = 5.0;
       String name = 'Dilki';
       List<String> pets = ['Cats', 'Dogs'];

       String sentence1 = sprintf('Sends %2.2f seconds ago.', [seconds]);
       String sentence2 = sprintf('Harry likes %s, I think %s likes %s.', [pets[0], name, pets[1]]);


The output will look like the below : 

Sends 5.00 seconds ago.
Harry likes Cats, I think Dilki likes Dogs.

If you want String interpolation similar to Android Today is %1$ and tomorrow is %2$, you can create a top-level function or an extension that can do something similar. In this instance, I keep it similar to Android strings as I’m currently porting an Android app.

Top Level Function

String interpolate(String string, List<String> params) {

  String result = string;
  for (int i = 1; i < params.length + 1; i++) {
    result = result.replaceAll('%${i}\$', params[i-1]);

  return result;

You can then call interpolate(STRING_TO_INTERPOLATE, LIST_OF_STRINGS) and your string would be interpolated.


You can create an extension function that does something similar to Android String.format()

extension StringExtension on String {
    String format(List<String> params) => interpolate(this, params);

This would then allow you to call text.format(placeHolders)


test('String.format extension works', () {
    // Given
    const String text = 'Today is %1\$ and tomorrow is %2\$';
    final List<String> placeHolders = List<String>()..add('Monday')..add('Tuesday');
    const String expected = 'Today is Monday and tomorrow is Tuesday';

    // When
    final String actual = text.format(placeHolders);

    // Then
    expect(actual, expected);

So you could also have something simple like this:

  • Usage
    interpolate('Hello {#}{#}, cool {#}',['world','!','?']);
    // Hello world!, cool ?
  • Function
    static const needleRegex = r'{#}';
    static const needle = '{#}';
    static final RegExp exp = new RegExp(needleRegex);
    static String interpolate(String string, List l) {
      Iterable<RegExpMatch> matches = exp.allMatches(string);
      assert(l.length == matches.length);
      var i = -1;
      return string.replaceAllMapped(exp, (match) {
        i = i + 1;
        return '${l[i]}';


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So in this article, we have been through How to Format an Interpolated String In Flutter.

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