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How to Build a Singleton In Dart?

How to Build a Singleton In Dart

How to Build a Singleton In Dart?

Only one instance of a class is created in a singleton pattern. So in this article, we will go through how to Build a Singleton In Dart.

How to Build a Singleton In Dart?

If you use Dart’s factory constructors, it’s easy to build a Singleton:

class Singleton {
  static final Singleton _singleton = Singleton._internal();
  factory Singleton() {
    return _singleton;

Firstly, You can construct it like this

main() {
  var s1 = Singleton();
  var s2 = Singleton();
  print(identical(s1, s2));  // true
  print(s1 == s2);           // true

But what about just using a global variable within your library.

Single.dart will have a code snippet like the below:

library singleton;
var Singleton = new Impl();
class Impl {
  int i;


import 'single.dart';

void main() {
  var a = Singleton;
  var b = Singleton;
  a.i = 2;

Also, look at the Dart singleton by const constructor & factory

class Singleton {
  factory Singleton() =>
void main() {
  print(new Singleton() == new Singleton());
  print(identical(new Singleton() , new Singleton()));

However, here is another possible way:

void main() {
  var s1 = Singleton.instance;
  s1.somedata = 123;
  var s2 = Singleton.instance;
  print(s2.somedata); // 123
  print(identical(s1, s2));  // true
  print(s1 == s2); // true
  //var s3 = new Singleton(); //produces a warning re missing default constructor and breaks on execution

class Singleton {
  static final Singleton _singleton = new Singleton._internal();
  static Singleton get instance => _singleton;
  var somedata;

Moreover, Accessing the singleton can be done by:

  • Using a Singleton global variable that points to the instance.
  • The common Singleton.instance pattern.
  • Using the default constructor, which is a factory that returns the instance.

Also, consider a code snippet like the below:

Singleton get singleton => Singleton.instance;
ComplexSingleton get complexSingleton => ComplexSingleton._instance;

class Singleton {
  static final Singleton instance = Singleton._private();
  factory Singleton() => instance;

class ComplexSingleton {
  static ComplexSingleton _instance;
  static ComplexSingleton get instance => _instance;
  static void init(arg) => _instance ??= ComplexSingleton._init(arg);

  final property;
  factory ComplexSingleton() => _instance;

But what if you need to do complex initialization? You’ll just have to do so before using the instance later in the program.


void main() {
 print(identical(singleton, Singleton.instance));      // true
 print(identical(singleton, Singleton()));             // true
 print(complexSingleton == null);                      // true
 print(complexSingleton == null);                      // false
 print(identical(complexSingleton, ComplexSingleton()));// true
  • Factory constructor

    class SingletonOne {
      static final SingletonOne _instance = SingletonOne._privateConstructor();
      factory SingletonOne() {
        return _instance;
  • Static field with getter

    class SingletonTwo {
      static final SingletonTwo _instance = SingletonTwo._privateConstructor();
      static SingletonTwo get instance => _instance;
  • Static field

    class SingletonThree {
      static final SingletonThree instance = SingletonThree._privateConstructor();

    How to instantiate

    The above singletons are instantiated as below:

    SingletonOne one = SingletonOne();
    SingletonTwo two = SingletonTwo.instance;
    SingletonThree three = SingletonThree.instance;


Thanks for Reading!

So, In this article, we have been through how to Build a Singleton In Dart.

So, Keep Learning! Keep Fluttering!

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