What’s New in Google Flutter 3.0

What’s New in Google Flutter 3.0?

After Google’s midnight prodigy, Flutter 3.0, was unveiled at Google I/O 2022, everyone is surprised. So, instead of ignoring Google’s latest development, Flutter 3.0, why not focus our attention on it? What distinguishes Flutter 3 distinct from its predecessors will be explained in this section below.

Flutter 3
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Getting Started with Flutter 3

Flutter 3.0 is Google’s latest update, and it’s designed to achieve its goal by being developed for several platforms. A single codebase may be used to create Avant-grade experiences for six platforms and let developers to focus on other duties while entrepreneurs can put up fresh concepts for the whole market right from the start.

Just like previous 2.10 update, Flutter 3.0 adds solid support for macOS and Linux applications to Google’s prior versions, which already supported iOS and Android.

Is Flutter 3.0 better than the previous version?

Firebase Support
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1. Flutter’s Firebase support

Additionally, app publishers need a comprehensive set of tools to help them design, release and operate their apps, including data authentication services and cloud capability for device testing and storage.

For better functionality, flutter services like Sentry, AppWrite, and AWS Amplify have the back of Flutter.

Nearly three-quarters of app developers rely on Firebase for their projects. Because of this fact and its steady expansion, the Firebase plugins for Flutter are now a fully supported fundamental element of the Firebase offering. As a result, all of the plugins are now hosted on Firebase’s repo and site.

The development of additional Flutter widgets to make it even easier to integrate Firebase into your project is now underway at Google.

In addition, the Firebase Crashlytics plugin now allows you to monitor failures and repair issues by simply tracking the errors. This offers you an overview of the stability of your app.

To assist you in monitoring your application’s stability, the features focus primarily on essential alerting metrics like “crash-free users.”

Flutter Game
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2. The Flutter Toolkit for Casual Games

It’s great news for game makers! Flutter is already making a difference in the way apps run, but games are next on the list. The casual game toolkit from Google is a collection of templates, rules, and tutorials aimed at helping game creators get started with flutter.
After all that time spent developing applications, Google has offered up another avenue for flutter’s growth!

Flutter development has been used in many games that have been put on the market. Game creators may also tour the flame game engine to learn more about how flutter works with games.

3. Support for both macOS and Linux

Flutter was well praised by the development community when it was first published. Up until now, Flutter has been the most dynamic cross-platform development framework available.

In the beginning, the framework only supported Android and iOS apps, but it has since been made available for Windows, the Web, and embedded devices.

With the release of flutter 3.0, the developers who were previously adding platforms may finally retire. It is already possible for Flutter developers to construct apps for both Mac and Linux platforms without any issues.

Dart 2.17

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4. Version 2.17 of the Dart

The Dart SDK has also received an upgrade with the new language version 2.17 with the most recent release of Flutter. It doesn’t matter whether you use Flutter or not; these enhancements to Dart are available to everyone.

Dart 2.17’s most notable addition is the ability to expand enums and alter their default methods. As a result, enums may be compared to custom-written classes.

5. Flutter 3.0 new features for web and mobile.

Flutter 3.0’s online and mobile capabilities are highlighted in this section:

6. iOS Variable Refresh Rate Support for Mobile Updates

Variable refresh rate will be supported by Flutter 3.0 on iOS devices with ProMotion screens, including the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro. These devices can now support 120 hz refresh rates with Flutter applications, up from 60 hz with previous versions.

7. Support for Foldable Mobile Phones

As part of cooperation with Microsoft, Flutter 3.0 will be able to handle foldable mobile devices as well. Incorporating these new functionalities into foldable devices would provide developers a more dynamic and productive experience.

8. Intensely Faster iOS Releases

To make it easier for you to start your iOS app, Flutter 3 has included an ipa command option.

9. Lifecycle of a Web App

Flutter’s new lifecycle API for web apps gives you the power to manage your Flutter app’s bootstrap process directly from the HTML page that hosts it.

Additionally, it aids Lighthouse in its evaluation of your app’s performance. This may be used in a variety of situations to speed up the development process.

10. Decoding images

Flutter web is now able to recognize and utilize the imagecoder API in the browser, making it easier for users to see and edit images.

This new API uses the browser’s built-in image codecs to decode pictures asynchronously off the main thread. Pictures now run two times as fast as before, and the jank that images were causing is eliminated since they no longer stop the main thread.


The introduction of Flutter 3.0 is another sign of Google’s success, and it will hopefully encourage more companies to join its club. And this is the reason why the Flutter community is expanding at such a quick rate alongside the number of Flutter applications.

Abhishek Dhanani

Written by Abhishek Dhanani

Abhishek Dhanani, a skilled software developer with 3+ years of experience, masters Dart, JavaScript, TypeScript, and frameworks like Flutter and NodeJS. Proficient in MySQL, Firebase, and cloud platforms AWS and GCP, he delivers innovative digital solutions.

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