Google Flutter 2.10 Update & its Important Features

Google Flutter 2.10 Update: What’s New & Important Features

Google has been developing Flutter to create cross-platform software for developers for the past decades. 85% of developers must know how to handle Flutter, and now they are looking for subsequent updates. Yeah! Here Flutter 2.10 updates are available, and developers are excited to use the cross-platform software.


  1. Windows Ready
  2. Performance Enhancements
  3. iOS Updates
  4. Android Updates
  5. Web App Updates
  6. Material 3 Updates
  7. Enhancements Integration Testing
  8. Flutter SDK
  9. Flutter DevTools
  10. Deep Integration
  11. GPU Utilization
  12. Smooth Animation

Nearly 72% developers are excited to see what’s new in Flutter 2.10 updates. With some exciting new features, Flutter 2.10 updates must gain a salient response from the developers. The new updates are flexible for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, and over.

Of course, 86% of Flutter 2.10 design is excellent and suitable for developing more apps professionally. Flutter 2.10 is now available with some exciting new features as well. So, developers are keen on using this cross-platform for better app development. The cross-platform works effectively to meet the developer’s end to end options.

Let us check what things are available in Flutter 2.10.

1. Windows is now ready for production apps

In the Flutter 2.10 release, there is no longer a need to flip a switch. Of course, it easily integrates well with Windows support. The new version quickly generates the Windows app on Flutter stable channel.

However, it is available in different options and considers default production apps. The version includes significant enhancements to handle text, keyboard handling, and learn shortcuts. Also, the integration is easy and directly supports standard line arrangements.

2. Unique performance enhancements

In Flutter 2.10, there is direct region management. The release is applicable on iOS and metal for partial configuration. There is a change in 90th and 99th percentile rasterization. The magnitude of benchmarks and GPU integration is a must change to notice in the new version. It creates an excellent benchmark and takes more than 90% of the developer’s hands.

3. Updates for iOS

Based on the performance, the updates of Flutter 2.10 take platform-specific features and improvements. There will be smoother keyboard animations on iOS, and a new enhancement is provided. You can take a new step in OS configuration with advanced features.

In addition to this, the Flutter app development company will update Flutter for iOS users. They will update iOS using the new version of the Flutter 2.10 platform. Developers can get 64-bit iOS architecture to gain unique features.

4. Updates for Android

A new version of Flutter 2.10 has improvements for Android users as well. If the developers create a new app, the Flutter version automatically supports the new version 12. The Flutter 2.10 enables multidex support with automatic release as well.
The flutter tool gives a high-end resolution to those steps into minimum support. It gives increased support for the Android SDK version with new logs. In the recent report, 76% Android users must know the Flutter app development.

5. Updates to web

Of course, Web-based enhancement takes a new level by using Flutter 2.10. Flutter releases another notable web improvement within a short time. In previous releases, it scrolls to the edge of multiline TextField.

In this new version, Edge Scrolling is controlled over to the text selection. The selection moves outside the text field and gets into scroll extent. The new functionalities will be available in both web and desktop apps.

6. Material 3

The new Flutter 2.10 version includes generating an entire color scheme from a single seed color. Developers can create a new ColorScheme type with vibrant options.

The new release includes ThemeData and uses Material3 flag components. The Material 3 appearance must hold components to adapt for new materials. The appearance is unique and gets a new version on it. Developers can find approximately 1028 material icons.

7. Enhancements to integration testing

The integration testing works effectively and depends on the Flutter SDK itself. The integration testing is valid and gets into new features as well. Of course, it gives an impressive solution and considers the flutter driver package with a complete solution.

The new packages must assume it is based on the Firebase and take new steps for more accessible options. Integration takes to migrate from Flutter driver into an integration test.

8. Flutter SDK

With several updates in Flutter 2.10, the integration test must take the salient role for Flutter apps development on Flutter.Dev. The text is validating and chooses to depend on the integration tests with testing needs. They can understand well and do the integration tests depending on the requirements.

9. Flutter DevTools

Using Flutter DevTools takes new steps to evaluate the features. In addition to this, it discovers updated features. It utilizes the latest version and new move to dart DevTools for compatible version options. Using Pub global activation seems to be an integral part of development in 95% cutting edge solutions.

On the other hand, the Flutter DevTools uses flip as the flag and considers extensive improvements. It will change towards keyboard shortcuts and maximize the benefits. The integration works directly with Windows and supports command-line arguments.

10. Deep integration

Integration in Flutter 2.10 updates gives windows blog and describes the architecture designs. The deep integration plays a good package and Plugins. You can also see some reliable concepts in the Flutter windows.

The Flutter 2.10 update must hold the salient role for announcing better integration. Developers must understand the integration and develop apps.

11. Reduced GPU utilization

On the other hand, the Flutter 2.10 version gives dirty region management provided by the Flutter community. They consider faster approaches and set out a new configuration with a salient role forever. It delivers a beautiful experience and takes the reduced solution. It creates a benchmark in developing a magnitude using the Flutter 2.10 version.

12. Smooth animation and compressed pointers

In addition to the excellent performance, Flutter 2.10 will add some platform-specific features and enhancements. It will give you a comfortable experience and includes smoother keyboard animations.

They set out a new solution and provided automatic configuration values. The new enhancement must evaluate depending on the compressed pointers in Dart 2.15. Flutter 2.10 adds reduced memory usage of 64-bit iOS apps.

The performance must also be good when comparing previous versions. Many developers are keen on understanding the concepts and associating the new features in the flutter app development.

Abhishek Dhanani

Written by Abhishek Dhanani

Abhishek Dhanani, a skilled software developer with 3+ years of experience, masters Dart, JavaScript, TypeScript, and frameworks like Flutter and NodeJS. Proficient in MySQL, Firebase, and cloud platforms AWS and GCP, he delivers innovative digital solutions.

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