How to Fix Android License Status Unknown In Flutter?

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Android License Status Unknown
Android License Status Unknown

When users install Flutter and run a project and users get an error with Android SDK. Are you curious about how to fix the Android License status unknown in Flutter? Stay connected and learn about it.

Why do users get Android License Status Unknown in Flutter?

Generally, this kind of issue occurs when the user updated the android SDK, the licenses may have changed.

Depending on how the user did the update you may or may not have been prompted to accept the changes, or maybe it just doesn’t save the fact that you did accept them in a way flutter can understand.

Users can give a try to below things in a command prompt.

flutter doctor --android-licenses

This should prompt users to accept licenses it may ask you, user, in case just type y and press enter – although it should tell you that.

flutter doctor --android-licenses
SDK manager:
sdkmanager --licenses

and type Y when needed to accept the licenses.

The right solution would be if you have android studio installed then

  • Open SDK manager
  • Under SDK tools uncheck hide obsolete packages at the bottom
  • Then you should see an option called Android SDK Tools

    Fix Android License Status Unknown In Flutter
    Fix Android License Status Unknown In Flutter
  • Check it and apply and let the studio download the package.
  • Once did run the command flutter doctor and it should now prompt you to run flutter doctor –android-licenses once you run the license command accept all licenses by hitting y and it should solve the problem.
Android License Status Unknown In Flutter
Android License Status Unknown In Flutter
Users can also try steps as below:

STEP 1: ANDROID LICENSES –android-licenses, will resolve most cases.

STEP 2: Since Users are here you have reached the “Android License Status Unknown” issue for the Android toolchain, as many suggested try flutter doctor –android-licenses. If you are good with all the config. It should ask for a yes and press y and Voila.

STEP 3: Open your Android Studio, File-> Settings->System settings(left tab) ->Android SDK, go to SDK Tool section on that page, untick hide obsolete packages, select Android SDL tools(obsolete) and press apply.

Steps to follow
Steps to follow

STEP 4: Repeat Step 1

Repeat Step 1 after installation in a new command line check if it’s working, else go to STEP 4

STEP 5: SDK manager –update

It will ask you to update the SDK, just run the command given in terminal C\Users\__\local\Android\sdk\tools\bin\sdkmanager –update. If it is running, then it’s cool. let it finish and repeat Step 1, else if it is throwing some exceptions like java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/annotation/XmlSchema etc.

Android License Status Unknown

It means your java is not installed or not the correct version. move to the next step.

STEP 6: JAVA 8.1 and JAVA_HOME path.

Install JAVA 8.1 and set the JAVA_HOME path. Make sure it is version 8.1 register a free account and download from oracle the 8.1 version, remember above 11+ won’t work for flutter


STEP 6: Final Step

After installing and setting up the path properly, run the C\Users\__\local\Android\sdk\tools\bin\sdkmanager –update command in the new terminal and it will work.

STEP 7: Rerun flutter doctor, You can see it says to run the command flutter doctor –android-licenses. so run flutter doctor –android-licenses in the terminal and press y when asked


Thanks for reading. we hope you learned!!!

So, in this article, we have been through how to Fix Android License status unknown in Flutter.

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