Code Conference in 2024 - Insight Coverage

Code Conference in 2024: Things You Should Know

The 2024 code conference of Vox media features high-profile speakers such as Mark Cuban, Tim Cook, Pete Buttigieg, and Issa Rae.


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The Code conference has big speakers like the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. “This year was a very exciting year of programming with Kara reaching into the personal network to confirm some of the popular speakers we have at code,” explained Vox Media’s Tara Reilly.

For the last 20 years, renowned journalist Kara Swisher has been well-known for conducting tough interviews from her signature red chairs during the Vox media’s annual code conference.

In 2024, the code conference will take place from 6-8th September at Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. It struck a bittersweet tone as Swisher bid farewell to hosting and organizing the annual B2B technical event, which this year as the big name speakers, which include Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, Google’s Sundar Pichai, Snap’s Evan Spiegel, and the politicians like Governor Gavin Newsom and the Secretory Pete Buttigieg.

Vox Media’s vice president Tara Reilly described the Code’s speakers as “top tier of the politicians, silicon valley and the economists who shape the industry’s future.” She explained, “For nearly two decades, Code has the legacy of Kara Swisher, who has a conversation with the tech and business giants, and our approach has stayed focused on the strong emphasis on topics and individuals that are on the top of mind- major launches, shifts and trailblazers.

An entire day is devoted to the innovations in climate change tech and the opportunity to look back at the Swisher’s final conference.


Other speakers include Governor Govin Newsom, Senator Amy Klobuchar; former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki; and CEOs of Google, Amazon and more. Some of the added elements to work with the high-profile individuals, we find partnering closely with security teams and venues, and offer lines of communication and planning, mitigate the on-site logistical challenges which may arise,” Reilly said.

With an impressive speaker lineup, this year’s invitation conference features smart innovations, including the virtual ticket. Hosted by Zoom, a virtual ticket has access to all the mainstage sessions and interviews, which are available both live and on-demand, and networking opportunities with the virtual attendees.

A virtual component provided an impactful sponsorship opportunity and the chance to arrange the event at a reasonable price. The result has been seen during the pandemic as people were looking for more flexibility, and technology companies like Zoom have that palace. With this, we conducted an event like Code for a huge audience, which provides a chance to be inclusive and is not restricted to time and space. Furthermore, Vox Media hopes to continue using hybrid models for large-scale events in the future.

During a three-day event, organizers broke up the educational programming with multiple networking sessions, event dinners, morning workouts, and interactive sponsor activations. For the code conference, associates are there to view a conversation on the main stage. Still, they are also interested in meeting and networking with the other attendees, facilitating the networking events, code app and power lunch, said Reilly. We search the developing natural ways to incorporate the experiential elements for the attendees to do. At the same time, on-site is a great way to help our guests have bright conversations and connections with each other.

On the welcome lunch of day one, Columbia-owned company Kiwibot view the delivery robots, which results in zero carbon emissions.

For Code Conference, Reilly noted, “start-to-end customer experience and high-touch ability to assure that every need is met and every question is answered is that which takes a lot of pride and being able to execute flexibly. In other words, it is open to risk-taking, evolving, embracing the requirements of today, which sometimes throw people out of the box.”


While format and venue frequently remain compatible, we try to include a little bit differently every year and with the lens depending on the changing landscape of events and technology, Reilly. This year, one thing we did in various ways was to bring out an experiential design team to work with our in-house design time, and it will take brand IP and aesthetic to the advanced level.

On the last day of the event, it focuses on the technology and companies driving the climate and the sustainable innovation that adds Novameat, which utilizes 3D printing to make plant products that mimic the taste of real meat. As per Reilly, Having these types of unexpected, forward-thinking components is necessary. Also, some experiences provide a great opportunity for our guests to experience something new or something they have never heard, seen or done. People become ready to enjoy the surprise, which is a part of our joy.

In the end, an organizer of the conference celebrated Swisher’s final year with a recap video of some of her grabbling interviews before joining the stage.

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