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How to Build Flutter App In Release Mode For iOS In Flutter ??

Earlier we have been through many flutter articles like whenever a user runs this command from a terminal: flutter builds ios in the root of the project for flutter app. So in today’s article, we will go through How to Build Flutter App In Release Mode For iOS In Flutter.

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How to Build Flutter App In Release Mode For iOS In Flutter ??

User can create building steps in order to Create Build Flutter App In Release Mode For iOS In Flutter

If you have problems using the flutter command in the terminal because it is not found – read the Configuring steps below.

Step 1: Open terminal, run command

cd /Users/John/myFlutterApp/

So now, Run.

flutter build ios

Open Xcode and run the .xcworkspace file in the iOS folder. It should now work smoothly and the slow mode banner should be gone.

Configuring Steps:

Step 1:

Locate the folder where flutter is installed on your Mac. If it was installed using Android Studio. Just open Android Studio create a new flutter project and you will see the Flutter SDK path.

So we can use this, for example, let it be /Users/John/flutter/

Step 2: Open terminal on your Mac and run

cd /Users/John/

As you can see we are now one level up from the SDK path

Step 3 run

export PATH=`pwd`/flutter/bin:$PATH

If you now run flutter in the terminal you should see a list of available params. So you can run

flutter doctor

To check if everything is fine with the installation. Now flutter command only works for this terminal session. And if you close it and later open it again and run the fuller command – you will get an error that this command is unknown. So you want to save the flutter command to be available even after the terminal was closed.

Step 4 run

open ~/.bash_profile

So then, you will see a text editor where you need to paste

export PATH=/Users/John/flutter/bin:$PATH

the save the file. So if you close the terminal now and open it again – you should be able to run the flutter command.

  • Even after running flutter build ios, Xcode always ran the Debug version (slow mode).
  • To solve this, I had to change the Build Configuration of the Run schema:
  • Click on Runner, and Edit scheme

    flutter ios
    flutter ios
  • Select Release for the Build Configuration of the Run schema. We will get output like a below:

    iOS Build flutter
    iOS Build flutter


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So in this article, we have been through How to Build Flutter App In Release Mode For iOS In Flutter.

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