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Top Reasons Businesses Should Use AI in Custom App Development?

AI is no longer the zazzy buzzword that it used to be. AI is very real, and has made its way into our lives. Keeping that in mind, AI has also penetrated its way into a variety of fields. Be it healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing – absolutely everything.

It has also developed a stronghold in the field of software development. If you’re a business that’s seeking out for AI-driven custom mobile app development services, then you’re at the right place.

So without further ado, let’s move onto how AI is reshaping and augmenting custom application development.

What is AI in Custom Application Development?

AI in custom app development is basically the infusion of artificial intelligence while utilizing technologies like machine learning, natural language processing and robotics during the software development process. These technologies help applications perform tasks that would otherwise not be possible without human intervention.

With this, a personalized, efficient and adaptive solution is obtained. This can be made specifically to suit the needs of your business.

Some of the words mentioned above mean:

Machine Learning: This is all about teaching computers to learn from various examples and experiences, therefore making them smarter over time. This involves computers making decisions/predictions without being programmed to do so. An example is when YouTube recommends you videos on the basis of what you’ve watched previously.

Natural Language Processing: NLP is basically teaching computers understand what we’re saying or writing, so that they can respond to us in an appropriate manner. NLP serves to teach computers languages, for example English or Spanish. That text-to-speech function on your phone that converts speech into words is the best example of NLP working its magic.

Let’s move onto how AI impacts the custom application development field:

Uptick in Efficiency and Accuracy

AI algorithms have varied applications. With respect to custom application development, these algorithms automate routine and complex tasks that are included in app development. These include coding, testing and debugging – all core fundamentals of the development process.

This speeds up the development process, and reduces the likelihood of human error while leading to a top-notch quality of software.

With AI, you can analyze and search lines and lines of code, helping identify bugs and vulnerabilities. This is super valuable in custom application development, wherein unique configurations and specialized functionalities exist.

Mitigating and foreseeing complex challenges is far easier when you use AI to do it.

A New Perspective to Personalization

With AI, developers can easily create user experiences that are hyper-customized. Through the analysis of user and data behavior, AI helps curate app functionalities in a way that they better adapt to individual preferences and requirements.

This is important for businesses that have clients that want everything as per their requirements, and AI makes that possible while adding to user engagement and satisfaction.

Predictive Analytics and Intelligent Decision-Making

AI and its way with predictive analytics is a sureshot game-changer. By going through historical data, AI models have the power to predict outcomes and automate decision-making processes.

This stands particularly useful for apps that need dynamic decision-making abilities, for example: financial forecasting tools, marketing apps etc.

AI and UI/UX: The Design Symphony

When AI and UI/UX meet, people get intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that go above and beyond. AI analyzes how users interact with applications and then go on to suggest design adjustments that improve user experience by loads.

This comes with changes to layouts, navigation and dynamic adjustments that change on the basis of user behavior patterns. AI makes designing displays and iterating them a piece of cake, because AI possesses the power to understand how humans think, and it uses this to in-turn provide feedback on how a display will feel like even before it is launched.

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Data Security Enhancements

We’re constantly showered with data. Data is literally everywhere, and day-by-day increasing amounts of data is being processed. This makes AI even more important; as it helps scour applications that have sensitive information within them.

AI works by enhancing the data security protocols that are concerned with applications. Using predictive analytics and pattern recognition, AI systems detect potential security threats and any anomalies in data far better, faster and efficiently than traditional methods. With increasing frauds and data breaches, AI contributes immensely to the safeguarding of vital data.

AI and Project Management in Development

AI has transformed project management when we talk about software development. AI tools have become so advanced, that they can predict project timelines, allocate resources and even assess risks so that outcomes can be bettered.

This contributes in an indirect way, but does contribute overall to custom app development services, proving yet again what AI can contribute is immense to all functions of an organization.

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According to McKinsey’s The state of AI in 2023, 59% of respondents said that adopting AI in at least one function increased their revenue.

Completing Repetitive Tasks Swiftly

For us humans, performing the same tasks over and over again can be a rather tedious task. Given that, AI can take the lead with tasks that are repetitive in nature, saving up human resources so that they can focus their energies elsewhere.

Given AI’s ability to perform human-like tasks with relative ease, giving repetitive tasks to AI is a brilliant way that you can use AI to the maximum.

AI-Driven Assistance: Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

While we agree that AI-driven assistance with respect to development includes stuff that’s actually carried out in development, let’s talk about how chatbots help.

These are in the form of virtual assistants that can be utilized to drive in skills and then answer the queries while interacting with users in real-time.

On the other hand, virtual assistants have become integral parts of customer service, capable of managing schedules, setting reminders and capable of task automation. Virtual assistants also streamline internal processes and provide us with an improved, more productive user experience.


AI has become an inseparable part of custom application development. With the applications that it has over a variety of fields, and obviously the applications it has in the custom software development field. According to Next Move Strategy Consulting, the AI market size has been forecasted to touch $1.84 trillion by 2030 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.9%.

Everything from directly influencing the development process to indirectly influencing it, AI has made a stronghold when we’re talking about custom software development. And the folks here at Flutter Agency also use AI to its true potential, giving you solutions that are awe-inspiring in the end.

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