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10 Successful Strategies To Increase Your App Downloads in 2023

Are you searching for app drive downloads? As most marketers and app developers are looking for a similar thing. Millions of apps are available in Google Play and App store, so the competition is fierce. 

How is it possible to increase app downloads and stand out from the crowd to get those numbers up? As there is no perfect and suitable answer for this. But, in this article, we will give you some tips and strategies which might help you!

1. Interesting App Name

The first significant thing is that you require an exciting and attention-grabbing application name, as this is the first that users will view when they come across your application.

Give a unique name, but it must be relevant to your app’s services and product. Also, make sure it is easy to remember and spell. If they spell out your application, it becomes easier for them to find.

2. Attractive App Icon

Whenever a user comes across your app, the first thing they notice is your application’s icon is a simple and recognizable icon that catches the eye of a potential user. It should be as per an app name. For instance, if your app is related to the game, your icon could be the face of your lead actor. Therefore, it is necessary to make an attractive app icon that only identifies your app’s services by image.

3. App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is what you do to optimize your app to rank higher in an app store. It is similar to search engine optimization (SEO), but rather than working on the search engines, it works only for app stores. The higher your app ranks in the app stores, the higher the chances of getting downloaded.

There are mainly two methods to optimize your application page.

1. On-metadata Optimization

It refers to optimizing the app’s anime, descriptions, subtitles and icons.

2. Off-metadata Optimization

It optimizes the app pages like ratings, screenshots and reviews.

If you want to rank for a fitness tracker, then compare your app with various other fitness tracker apps. You can test the keywords to see if people are still searching for them or if they are perfect for your website or product.

Many tools are available to track keyword rankings and compare them against your competitors. Hence, it will give you an idea of where you stand and what needs to be improved.

4. Catchy App Title

Write app titles that are catchy, descriptive, attractive, and short. Make it short, but it must be worth it. Let the potential user know what your app is all about by simply looking at your app’s title.

The app’s title should be unique so that your users stay aware while searching for it. For instance, if your app title is similar to 2,000 apps in the store, there are meagre chances you will search your app.

If you want to avoid drowning in the sea of apps, come up with a creative and unique title in the market to stay in the competition. The primary reason is that your app title must be solid, unlike the other aspects of ASO, and you can not keep it constantly changing. So, make the title solid and stick to it continuously.

5. Make An App Page Attractive

Besides the description of your app, your app interface also needs to be visually appealing. Users can find an application’s preview video and proper UI/UX design.

When potential app users are stuck upon your app, ensure that a page looks appealing and allows them to click on the “download” button. An app page must have three followings:

  • Positive feedback and reviews
  • High Ratings
  • A demo video
  • High-quality screenshots of your app’s user interface

An appealing page interface will also increase the likelihood of someone downloading your app. Also, identify that it has relevant content and is easy to navigate.

6. Take Benefit of Social Media

Social Media is part of the marketing techniques of your business type. It is a robust platform that helps you to reach a broader audience and promote your app.

Besides Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your mobile app marketing strategy must also use various social media platforms to increase app downloads. Let’s see some of the following tips below:

1. Select the Correct Platform

In every business, every enterprise has a different targeted audience, so you are required to select the most relevant platform for your app. For example, the gaming app is perfect to market on YouTube, while the productivity app is perfect for LinkedIn to launch.

2. Make Shareable Content

Social media posts must be eye-catching and exciting for the people as they can share them. Make use of attractive visuals, like videos, infographics and more.

3. Reach Out to Influencers

Influencers might have a considerable following, and their support helps you to increase app downloads. However, find the relevant influencers in your firm and reach out to them to see if they are interested in promoting your application. If it is, make sure they use hashtags and engage in content encouraging people to download your application.

7. App Localization

Both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are the global markets. Your app must be visible to users in various countries if you want to increase app downloads. The best way to do this is to localize the application. App localization is complicated as it involves making your app available in various languages and adapting it to particular cultures.

For example, if you see more visibility of your app in the US market, then you must optimize the app for the US search engines. You can use US words and images relevant to US culture.

Once your app shows that it is available in multiple languages, it leads to an app step algorithm to believe that it is relevant to users in multiple countries, which will help you get a high rank and more downloads.

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8. Drive App Downloads With Sponsor Ads

Ads on the app stores usually appear at the top of the search result, as it permits you to jump to the front of the line, and it will effectively get the app downloads.

Usually, target the users who are looking for similar apps like yours. There are two major app store platforms, and you know how to allocate your budget to get the most out of your investment. Let’s see the difference between the two.

1. On Google Play Store

Ads on the Google Play store will work differently than on the various platforms. It also permits you to target the audience and get the app in front of the users while they search for something related.

The good thing about the Google Play store ads is that you only get the pay when someone clicks on your ad. It is a cost-effective way to get more app downloads.

2. Apple App Store

Apple’s App store will utilize various algorithms for its ads, which makes it more challenging to target your audience. However, you can still use keywords to jump to the high app ranking.

The drawback of Apple app stores is that you have to pay every time your ad is viewed, regardless of whether someone clicks on it. It is the more expensive option, but it is worth it if you have the budget.

9. Develop a Website

Having the website will increase your mobile app downloads, and it is simple. Also, it gives you the place to drive more traffic with the help of marketing efforts.

Mobile app downloads are also generated and increased by developing your application’s website. Hence, it is an effective digital marketing technique if you need more budget for the advertisements.

With the help of websites, you can do several content marketing techniques that are impossible to do with ads. Here, you can get more data about the app, like how it works and benefits users.

Hence, use the app’s landing page to drive traffic to social media channels or run ads.

10. Get Reviews

Users tend to first review the app before downloading. And good reviews with 5-star rating influence the app store ranking also. The app, which many users review, can change algorithms and make it easy for new users to find you. Therefore, to encourage user reviews, here are some ways.

1. In-app Messaging

Make use of in-app prompts to remind existing users to leave a review. The most common rule of thumb for the popups is that it only views after an app has been used three times.

2. Give the Points or Incentives

It encourages the users to leave reviews by providing them with points or incentives they can use in the app. But make sure that the rewards must be manageable, or else you will end up with fake reviews.

3. Offer Referral Points

It is easy to increase app downloads by providing referral points. When the user refers an app to a friend, they may receive rewards like extra points or in-app currency. Hence, these in-app referrals encourage the user to discuss your app more with friends and family, which leads to more downloads.

4. Freemium Approach

Users like to use free apps, but sometimes you need to provide more than that. In these circumstances, the freemium model comes in. 

With the help of this approach, you can get the basic version of the app for free and provide in-app purchase options for users who desire to upgrade. It could be anything from ad removal to premium features.

The Freemium model allows you to get income from users who are not willing to pay for your app upfront. Therefore, it entices the app users to try out your app before they buy the paid version of the app.


Increasing app downloads in the competitive market is challenging but possible. You can follow the above tips to get in front of the target audience, and they will continuously improve the result. It is necessary to make a comprehensive marketing strategy that considers all the factors that fall into successful app downloads. It includes app name, catch title, icon design, app store optimization, leveraging social media and influencers, app localization and a freemium approach. In addition, it also incorporates user-focused functionalities by giving them referral points or in-app cash that helps to boost app downloads. Last but not least, delivering consumer feedback and ratings will ensure users are getting the most out of the app, which is necessary to ensure constant downloads.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Makes an App Great?

A successful mobile app provides a fantastic user experience and helps you to reach your business objectives. It should be easy to use and give some added value to app users they didn’t get from a standard website; plus, it brings data together to help you improve customer experiences.

2. Do Apps Earn Money?

While the app is free to download and use, you can still earn money depending on interactions on the advertising displayed within your app. Therefore, the in-app advertising revenue model is considered and found to be profitable.

3. Why do Apps Fail?

The performance of an app’s performance depends on many elements ranging from competition to marketing budgets to luck. But also besides these factors, poor research and poor execution procedure are the most common reasons why an app fails when it is launched in the market.

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