How to save BIG on your Mobile App Development

How to save BIG on your Mobile App Development

With emerging trends in the marketplace people are seeking more and more efficiency and convenience while surfing their mobile phones. A study found that, on average, a normal person spends around 4 hours 30 minutes a day checking smartphones in 2022. However, with increasing mobile applications, its usage time was expected to rise by 4 hours 39 minutes by 2024.

Having an accessible mobile app with swift features adds value to the brand. As expected according to forecasts, the global app market is expected to grow by 8.83% by 2027, reaching a volume of $673.80 billion. The demand for hiring a Flutter development team has surged, creating an investment that’s significantly growing.

The market for app downloads is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.4% between 2022 and 2030 and reach an estimated value of USD 565.40 billion by that time.

In fact, it is anticipated that mobile applications will produce more than 613 billion dollars in revenue by 2025, with mobile games accounting for the largest portion of that total.

You might have heard the phrase, “there’s an app for everything.”

Well, this has become increasingly relevant as mobile technology is continuing to advance. According to a report by Statista, the Google Play Store powers over 3.5 millions of mobile apps globally and Apple App Store over 2.2 million apps, as of the second quarter of 2022.

Well, the tentative costs for making a mobile app can range somewhere from $25,000 to $150,000 and can also exceed $300,000 in the case of customized complex apps.

Let’s dive deep into some more statistics:

    • Play Store was responsible for 110.1 billion downloads in 2022, and iOS had 32.6 billion downloads.
    • 21% of millennials open an app more than 50 times every day.
    • 49% of users open an app 11 or more times each day.
    • Mobile applications account for 70% of all American digital media consumption.
    • An average smartphone owner utilizes ten apps per day and 30 applications monthly.
    • On average, the hourly cost of mobile app developers in India ranges from $15 to $50 based on their expertise.


However, below, we will be discussing how you can save costs for your app development without compromising on the quality you aspire to.

Key factors that affect the app development costs

Understanding the factors that impact and influence app development can help you make informed decisions and empower you to optimize your budget accordingly.

1. App Features and functionality

The features you want in your mobile application, like real-time data processing, AR/VR integration or custom animations significantly impact the development time and cost.

2. Number of platforms

Developing different apps for both iOS and Android doubles the workload. While reaching a large pool of audience is important too, it also doubles the workload. Hence, choosing cross-platform frameworks like Flutter becomes cost-effective. These platforms let you code and simply deploy to both platforms easily, saving hefty costs and time. We own a team of highly skilled flutter developers, whom you can hire for your app development.

3. Design complexities

Aesthetic designs are tempting, but intricate and detailed designs with animation require more development time for the UI/UX. More time pushes the development costs as well. You can prioritize neat and clean interfaces with focus on only essential features. Exploring pre-made UI kits or templates for a professional look can be beneficial and save development costs.

A major mobile app UI/UX statistics say:

  • A Good UI design helps to increase application conversion rate by 200% and UX design by 400% (Forrester Report)
  • The ROI ratio from UX is 9,900% (Forrester Report)

4. Third-party integrations

There are additional fees for APIs, payment gateways, or push notifications which can be replaced with cost-effective options as you need them. You can prioritize the features you want initially and balance functionality with costs involved. Researching carefully and then choosing your preferred options might help.

5. Maintenance and updates

Applications are living entities which require constant and ongoing maintenance. These are the hidden costs which are required for ongoing maintenance, bug fixes and security updates. Investing in these factors is important because these have a collective effort and impact on how your application works.

6. Type of applications

Depending on the kind of app, whether it’s e-commerce app or IoT, the price fluctuates heavily.

The cost-cutting strategies

1. Crisp and clear project requirements

Having clear project requirements helps in better estimation for budgeting of mobile app development. A clear and much defined project scope with outlined goals, features and functionalities helps in budget estimation and then decreasing costs.

2. Define your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Initially, focus on the core functionalities of your app that solve the basic user issues. Not expecting a tech-savvy and user-friendly app like uber initially is sensible. Focusing on the core functionalities will save development time and save development costs while getting validation from your users.

There are ready-made tools which are available with no development platforms that can be utilized for app creation. The no code tools streamline and ease the development process, initiating a rapid cost saving process. The main idea behind choosing an MVP to launch your mobile application is its low costs and the time taken to build it. It can be quickly built and gain profits, while giving you an advantage to know your audience engagement comparatively faster.

These tools might have some limitations, but they ensure an effective solution for serving the purpose of creating MVP for user validation.

3. Consider cross-platform development

Developing different apps requires a lot of development, especially for iOS and Android separately. It can almost double your development costs because it requires a lot of coding, which in turn takes a lot of time. Considering frameworks like flutter reduces the development costs greatly and allows you to code once and deploy on both platforms which saves a lot of resources. It is a great way to save costs in the initial stages of your app development.

4. Utilizing open-source technologies

Opting for open-source technologies proves to be a smart strategy for reducing app development costs while keeping a nice quality standard. It also benefits in cost-saving and reduces development times, while providing customizations and flexibility when compared to proprietary solutions.

5. Outsource wisely

Instead of hiring developers, outsourcing developers does the same work done but at a significantly lower charge. Sometimes, there are better and much cheaper developers, working independently in outside countries. These professionals can help you to get your desired mobile application with a lower cost and supreme quality. The quality is not compromised, and the work is delivered with less costs involved.

6. Give priority to design efficiency

For the beginning, avoid overly complex designs and animations because that require extensive coding. Focusing on a clean, intuitive user interface prioritizes essential features more appropriately. You can recall the number of apps that have started with simple interfaces and then upgraded over time. One such common example is Instagram!

Having a to-the-point and simple design grabs focus of your audience to the message or service that you are trying to sell directly. Anyways, minimalism is trending that gives an advantage to ditch complex designs and incline towards more subtle ones. Sometimes, making your app too design savvy can also lead to making your app look clumsy and congested. Hence, the key is using simple design and moving forward.

7. Use pre-built templates and UI kits

There exists many resources that offer pre-designed app screens and UI elements which can be customized to fit your brand and functionality. This saves design time and costs while maintaining a professional look. This also helps in early delivery of the app which can help you start your expected research and observe user interaction with the app effectively.

8. Key Tip – Choose quality over speed

Instead of investing costs on design and development practices, prioritizing quality of working of the application will be more fruitful. You can invest in thorough testing of your applications, which can give you quality assurance and ensure a smooth and steady user experience. This investment is important because it can help in identifying bugs, crashes, and ultimately, user dissatisfaction.


Fitting the needs of your mobile application with your desired budget is a balancing act. With careful consideration of the features, platforms, designs, integrations and maintenance needs, you can make informed decisions that can bring your app imagination to life, while fitting your budget. Exploration is the key to successful and cost-friendly app development. Don’t shy away from exploring cost-effective solutions while leveraging available resources wisely and inaugurating the foundation of your mobile app.

The mobile app development realm is constantly evolving, with newer features being introduced every now and then. By recognizing your exact needs and finding the best, cost-reasonable solutions for it, you can save hugely on your app development costs.

What you need to keep in mind while creating an app is opting for a user-centric approach. By doing that, you can consciously achieve your desired results and witness your app imaginations turn to reality.

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