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Google’s Flutter 3 Adds Provide Support for MacOS & Linux Desktop Apps

At its I/O developer conference, Google announced the launch of Flutter 3, the new version of its open-source, multiplatform UI development framework for creating native compile applications. It has been four years since the company launched a beta of Flutter 1.0. The team then focused on helping the programmers create cross-platform apps. After that, it began to add desktop and web support, and now they have come with version 3 and are closing the loop by building Linux and macOS desktop support which is usually available. It also includes support for the Apple silicon and new features.

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We are announcing Flutter 3, the peak of our journey to deliver the multiplatform UI development across the phone, desktop, and web, “Tim Sneath, the director of the product and the UX for Flutter and Dart language, told me.”

With a Flutter 3 release, the platform supports the iOS, Candid, and web apps, as well as Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop apps, as it is a part of Flutter’s stable release. The macOS adds the support for a universal binary so that the apps can run natively on the Intel and Apple Silicon chips. At the same time, for a Linux release, Google has partnered with Ubuntu’s Canonical to “provide the highly integrated, best-of-breed option for development.”

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Despite desktop support, most developers probably think of Flutter As the framework for creating mobile apps when the number of active developers. They used it for creating desktop apps, which adds a former Wunderlist founder who can launch its new productivity app, Superlist, into the beta today as a Flutter app on the desktop.

On the mobile side, companies like WeChat, ByteDance, and BMW are on Flutter, as is Google. As Google has announced, over 500,000 Flutter apps have been published, twice as many as a year ago.

Several developers are now using Flutter to write casual games because of its built-in hardware acceleration support. The games like PUBG also use Flutter for their non-game user interface. Google is now launching the Flutter Casual Games Toolkit, with the use of an open-source Flame game engine.

We have released this toolkit at I/O, which helps people via all bits that share the logic for those games, Sneath explained. We have the toolkit, which includes the best practices, source code, videos, and the sample app, which is all put together. Find Flutter developer who is interested in making apps that become successful with Flutter.

A new version of Flutter 3 has deep integration with the Firebase, and Google’s back-end has the platform for creating mobile and web applications. Flutter’s implementation with third-party services. It includes a like of the Firebase competitor AWS Amplify. A Flutter firebase integration supports the central part of Firebase. The team plans to evolve “Firebase support in lockstep with Android and iOS”.

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Flutter has better support for the Flutter apps in Crashlytics, Firebase’s crash reporting service, which tracks fatal crashes in real-time, among other things.

A Flutter team has almost completed its move to Material Design 3, Google’s in-house design language.

Image Credit: Google

Wrapping up:

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