6 Simple Steps To Boost Your App Downloads & Popularity

How To Increase Your App Downloads & Popularity In 2024?

Users have many alternatives for shopping apps, leisure, health, education, money, and other services, with roughly 4 million applications accessible in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Increasing the number of app downloads is a tactic and a feat in and of itself. Unfortunately, about 70% of accessible apps will never receive 5,000 downloads. Your app is likely to flop if you don’t have the right mobile marketing plan in place, and you’ll stay hidden in the app stores for the rest of your life.

A competent Flutter development company like Flutter Agency, will guide you through investing your time, energy, and resources into building an app, which will then be tested for accessibility, advertising, and launching success. Most apps presented to popular app markets, on the other hand, receive little to no attention or acknowledgment from prominent app reviewers, resulting in no downloads. Is this to say that your app is gone before it ever gets off the ground? Is there a genuine approach to generate interest in your software and increase its download rate? Continue reading to find out.

Choose An Attractive App Icon

1. Choose An Attractive App Icon

Visual cues extremely influence consumer behavior. Because your app’s icon is the very first thing a potential consumer sees when they visit an app store, make sure it’s aesthetically attractive. The emblem you pick should be easily recognized and appealing to the eye. It should reflect both your business and the app’s purpose. The symbol should offer customers a good indication of what they’ll get when they download and use your program.

Make App Store Optimization A Top Priority

2. Make App Store Optimization A Top Priority

Most marketers are familiar with SEO, but app developers who want more downloads need to learn about app store optimization (ASO). While the two are comparable, ASO helps boost your app’s exposure in the marketplace.

  • Relevance of keywords: Optimizing the keywords you are using in your app’s description, and the title is one critical thing you can do. To find the most relevant search phrases, use Google’s AdWords keyword tool or a keyword tracker.
  • Categories: Choose your categories carefully and strategically when submitting your application to an app store. Make sure the category you choose is related to your app yet not overcrowded.
  • Positive feedback: As your app receives more favorable reviews, it will be rated higher, automatically increasing download numbers. Prompting in-app evaluations at critical points in the app’s life cycle can enhance those ratings.
  • Location: Consider your target audience’s location and adjust your app description accordingly. It might entail changing your google play store summary into a different language or choosing relevant and acceptable photos for that location.

Create A Blog And A Website

3. Create A Blog And A Website

Building a decent app isn’t enough for effective mobile app marketing; you also need to make it easy to locate. Linking your app to a blog or website, as per marketing experts, might help you broaden its reach and effectively serve your prospective customers. People turn to Google first when searching for answers to their difficulties. If you don’t have search engine rankings, you’re missing out on a considerable percentage of your audience, whether they’re seeking assistance with purchasing, planning, efficiency, or entertainment. You may create an SEO-friendly website that complements the content in your Google play store listing.

Make A Demonstration Video

4. Make A Demonstration Video

Not everyone will grasp all of your app’s advantages simply by reading a brief description or looking at a few screenshots. Creating a sample video is another technique to promote your software and increase downloads. Make a 30-second film that explains what, when, and why your software works. Put special attention on usability and your product’s most popular features. Share your video on your website or social media networks, and don’t forget to mention it to your mobile app listing after it’s finished.

Analytical Tools And Attribution Techniques

5. Analytical Tools And Attribution Techniques

You may make the most out of your marketing initiatives by monitoring and assigning downloads so that you can study about and invest in the most productive channels while making required modifications to the ones that aren’t. A smartphone attribution tool allows you to link your app’s installation to a target demographic, particular ad type, or platform, allowing you to enhance your marketing efforts.

Use Social Media To Promote The App

6. Use Social Media To Promote The App

Because there are over 3.5 billion active social media users on the planet, it’s critical to market your app on at least one of these sites. Over 70% of internet firms promote mobile apps through social media. Where do you begin, though? The first stage should be to determine your target audience. You could market your app on Twitter or LinkedIn if other companies or industry experts are your target audience. Customers who have expressed their interest in items or services comparable to yours are available on Instagram and Facebook, on the other hand. Then, to generate pre-launch excitement, increase brand recognition, or advertise new and enhanced features, you may use hashtagged social media campaigns.


Consumers will discover many applications to help them obtain what they want, whether they need assistance with a specific activity or pass the time. Make sure the app is the first thing people look for. To position your brand in front of every pack and maximize downloads, use a mix of these smartphone app marketing tactics.

Dhara Acharya

Written by Dhara Acharya

Dhara Acharya, with over 5 years of experience, has established herself as a proficient SEO Specialist. Her expertise in enhancing online visibility and driving organic traffic has significantly benefited numerous projects. Dhara's strategic approach and keen insight into search algorithms make her a valuable asset in the digital marketing realm.

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