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What is Difference Between Sink and Stream In Flutter?

What is Difference Between Sink and Stream In Flutter

What is Difference Between Sink and Stream In Flutter?

StreamSink is a StreamConsumer, which means it can take several streams and processes the events these streams emit.

If it is the StreamSink of a StreamController then all events from the added streams are emitted by the stream created by the StreamController. So in this article, we will go through the difference Between Sink and Stream in Flutter

What is the difference between Sink and Stream In Flutter?

Sink and Stream both are parts of the StreamController. Moreover you can add data to the StreamController using Sink which can be listened via the Stream.

Code Snippet will look like the below:

final _user = StreamController<User>();
Sink get updateUser => _user.sink;
Stream<User> get user =>;


updateUser.add(yourUserObject); /

Whenever we add data to the stream via sink it will be emitted. After that it can be listened to using the listen method.

user.listen((user) => print(user));

You can perform various actions before the stream is emitted. Transform method is an example that can be used to transform the input data before it gets emitted.

  • StreamStream conveyor belt is called as a stream.
  • StreamControllerStreamController is what controls the stream
  • StreamTransformerStreamTransformer is what processes the input data.
  • StreamBuilderStreamBuilder is a method that takes a stream as an input and provides us with a builder that rebuilds every time there is a new value of a stream.
  • SinkSink is the property that takes an input
  • StreamStream is the property that gives the output out of the Stream


In this article, We have learned about what is the difference between Sink and Stream in Flutter?

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