What is Channel In Flutter SDK ?

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What is Channel In Flutter SDK
What is Channel In Flutter SDK

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. So in this article, we will discuss about What is Channel in Flutter SDK?

What is Channel In Flutter SDK?

Flutter has the following channels, in increasing order of stability:

  • master

The current tip-of-tree, absolute latest cutting edge build. Usually functional, though sometimes we accidentally break things.

  • dev

The latest fully-tested build. Usually functional, but see Bad Builds for a list of known “bad” dev builds. We continually try to roll master to dev. Doing so involves running many more tests than those that we run during master development, which is why this is not actually the same to master.

  • beta

Every month, we pick the “best” dev build of the previous month or so, and promote it to beta. These builds have been tested with our codelabs.

  • stable

When we believe we have a particularly good build, we promote it to the stable channel. we intend to do this more or less every quarter, but this may vary. we recommend that you use this channel for all production app releases. we may ship hotfixes to the stable channel for high-priority bugs, although our intent is to do this rarely.

If you want to use flutter for a production app then many developers and even google recommend using stable. if you are using the new feature and all feature that flutter provide that I would recommend master but not for production only for hobby project and improving your flutter skill and testing new thing that flutter provide. and not available in flutter stable.

When users want to know which branch you are currently using. open terminal and type the following command.

flutter channel

It will show the branch with start in front of it. that is your current branch to change the branch you can simply use this command.

flutter channel ChannelName

Use respectively channel name and hit enter and then run the below command.

flutter upgrade

it will download all the required files from flutter GitHub and you will be ready to go.

  1. Current Channel:
    flutter channel
  2. Change the Channel:
    flutter channel CHANNEL_NAME

    Users can make changes in Channel using the below code snippet.

    flutter channel master


In this article, we have been through What is Channel in Flutter SDK?

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