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What are the Lint rules in Flutter?

What are the Lint rules in Flutter?

What are the Lint rules in Flutter?

In this article, we will see what are the Lint rules in Flutter. We will also see how we can implement it in the flutter repository & how it helps to make our dart code effective.

What are the Lint rules in Flutter?

There are several packages available to implement linting in flutter apps that check for errors in programs and styles such as lint, analyzer, and linter. All of these packages help keep your code healthy and comply with darts standards.

Who linting helps?

The purpose of linting is to get real-time suggestions about identifying the hidden error that may improve the code quality or to identify bugs that may cause issues while running the app.

For example, if you use text (“demo”) in your widget, the analyzer will display a warning. The constant constructor takes precedence over const. This means that you need to keep this widget as const text (“demo”). NS. This is a good suggestion, and most of the time I forget to initialize it with the const keyword, so I’ve found it really a good practice to use linting.

Writing new linting rules:

Now let us see how we can change our settings so that we get an error message every time we use the wrong dart code format. To do this we need to edit the analysis_option.yaml file.

  • So, first we have to create an analysis_option.yaml file at the project level.
  • You must change the analyzer settings to see the error message. The analyzer modifies error, warning, ignore, and information settings for individual rules, such as desired parameters.
  • Also, we can upload the linter with the intention to deal with all of the mistakes inflicting lacking arguments or would possibly enhance the code quality. eg. avoid_empty_else this linter will display an mistakess message on every occasion we can claim an empty else statement.

Enable and disable linting rules:

We can easily enable and disable linting rules:


    always_declare_return_types: false
    annotate_overrides: true

To analyze the code we need to run a dart analyzer in the terminal.

What happens when you add all the rules to an existing project?

You will get a number of issues, that might decrease your app performance. Also, it may cause any issue without an error message. So, it’s really important to know all the possible errors and solve them first.


This file contains all the linter and analyzer. You can add all the linter that can help you. Under the analyzer errors-tag, you can change the preferences of the linters whether you want to show errors or warnings related to that particular linter.


Thanks for being with us on a Flutter Journey!

So, in this article, we have seen the what are the Lint rules in Flutter. Make sure to check out our other article related to Flutter. Also, feel free to comment and provide any other suggestions regarding Flutter.

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