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How to Solve Unable to load asset in Flutter?

How to Solve Unable to load asset in Flutter

How to Solve Unable to load asset in Flutter?

Kindly follow the below Step by Step instructions to Solve Unable to load assets in Flutter.

Go to pubspec.yaml and consider an indention for assets like below:


    - images/pizza1.png
    - images/pizza0.png

More details:


[2 whitespaces or 1 tab]assets:
[4 whitespaces or 2 tabs]- images/pizza1.png
[4 whitespaces or 2 tabs]- images/pizza0.png

Here rather than adding the path to each image asset just specify the path to your images directory.

Just make sure you use proper indentations as the pubspec.yaml is indented sensitive.


  uses-material-design: true
    - images/

and you can simply access each image like below:

new Image.asset('images/pizza1.png',width:300,height:100)

So users can also try the below steps:

  • flutter clean
  • Restart the android studio and emulator,
  • giving full path in my image
    image: AssetImage(
       width: 200,
       height: 200,

    Users can also try things like the below:

    inside pubspec.yaml, DON’T USE TAB!

  • flutter:



    It gets fixed by itself, as it could be an issue related to Android Studio.

    Fix 1) Restart the emulator in Cold Boot mode, In Android Studio, after clicking the List Virtual Device button, click the Dropdown arrow (last icon next to edit icon) => Choose Cold Boot Now option. If the issue still exists, follow as below.

         Fix 2) After changing the emulator virtual device as a workaround.


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  • July 15, 2021
    Anton Prafanto

    thanks bro, it’s work (From Indonesia)

  • September 6, 2021

    Seem sometimes Android Studio not sync the asset we addded although I cleared cache and ran command “flutter pub get”.
    Have to restart computer.

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