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How to Show/Hide Widgets in Flutter programmatically?

ShowHide Widgets in Flutter

How to Show/Hide Widgets in Flutter programmatically?

While going through many mobile applications you might have seen some Widgets are Visible only when the user presses a certain Button or Widget so we will be discussing how to achieve the same in a Flutter.

There are multiple ways to Show/Hide Widgets in a Flutter.

Opacity Widget to Show/Hide Widget

You can use Opacity with an opacity: of 0.0 to make an element hidden but still occupy space.

To make it not occupy space, replace it with an empty Container Widget.

To wrap it in an Opacity, do the following:

 opacity: 0.0, 
 child: new Padding(
 padding: const EdgeInsets.only(
 left: 16.0,
 child: Icon(
 color: CupertinoColors.activeBlue,

Using Visibility Widget

Now Flutter contains a Visibility Widget that you should use to show/hide widgets.

This Widget can achieve any of the state’s Visible, Invisible, Gone, and a lot more.

The following code snippet makes use of the Visibility Widget to Show/Hide Widgets in a Flutter.

bool _visible = false;
void _toggle() {
   setState(() {
     _visible = !_visible;
            child: // Widget

Using Offstage Widget

Try the Offstage Widget

Depending on the type of offstage. If attribute offstage: true then it will not occupy the physical space and invisible, If attribute offstage: false it will occupy the physical space and visible.

   offstage: true,
   child: Text("Visible"),

Using If – Condition 

If – Condition to Show/Hide Widgets in a Flutter. The code snippet will look like below:

Define a variable like below:

bool isVisible = false;

Our If condition will have a code snippet like below:



So in this article, We have been through How to Show/Hide Widgets in Flutter.

Thanks for being with us. Keep Learning!!!

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