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    Mobile application support & maintenance

    With our maintenance and support services, your app will forever remain relevant; get the update on time for the new OS, code quality, security checks, and new features.

    Fix the bugs

    Bugs are unavoidable, but it is curable. We can eliminate the errors in the ode after thorough testing and work to minimize them in the future.

    Update the app

    Our dedicated team will offer the updates on time, which is essential for your users. We will also write a creative and innovative description for the app stores.

    Implement new features

    Our Flutter app development team will integrate the new functionality, expanding your business possibilities and giving more value to the users.

    Library and OS updates

    Every year new OS and libraries come out into the market, and we ensure to use them in your business as an advantage before it goes live.

    Code maintenance

    At Flutter agency, we did not like the poor code quality and the abandoned apps. Maintenance is a tiny part of every product life cycle, and we are always happy to do it.

    Migrating data

    If you require moving the data from one framework to Flutter, your Fluter app developer will deliver the seamless migration in a minimum of time.

    Enhances Performance

    New features or updates may sometimes slow down your application. We assure you that it loads at rocket speed for the best possible user experience.

    UI/UX improvements

    We integrate and recommend the best UI/UX design practices dependent on your business requirements, user behavior, and advanced design trends in your domain.

    App management security

    We will timely go through your web and mobile applications for security purposes, keep the documentation organized and update the security tools that leave hackers no chance.

    Our portfolio



    Developed by our expert team, HipSmile is a mobile application for the transaction of goods and services. People can give and receive goods related to health, education, material goods and much more.


    Medication Management By UME

    The medication management app developed by Flutter Agency is an application built for healthcare professionals such as nurses & caretakers as well as patients and their family members. It provides different functionalities in a single application.



    Application developed for a Swiss client who wanted to create a community that loves to share meals, recipes and be part of the fight against food waste.

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    • Flexible engagement model
    • 25+ projects delivered worldwide
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    Frequently asked questions

    These are a few questions that our clients frequently ask.

    1. What is included in the mobile app maintenance services?

    Mobile app maintenance is a collection of various procedures that keep mobile apps active, updated, and bug-proof and assist users with hardware and software, performance monitoring, and mobile application troubleshooting.

    2. What is the need for mobile app maintenance?

    Applications require a lot of maintenance to maintain quality standards. Maintenance, therefore, becomes one of the most important stages in the mobile app development lifecycle. A separate budget is required only for app maintenance.

    3. What is the cost of mobile app maintenance?

    The average cost of maintaining an app is approximately 15-20% of the initial development cost per year, as you do not have to add anything new to it and only have to fix the bugs and standard activities. However, to retain users, you require more effort.

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