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    Mobile application support & maintenance

    With our maintenance and support services, your app will forever remain relevant; get the update on time for the new OS, code quality, security checks, and new features.

    Flutter app migration process

    At Flutter Agency, our team of mobile app developers with Flutter expertise follow a thorough process to help our clients migrate their applications to Flutter. The migration process looks something like this;

    • Analysing- Evaluating the current status of the application and business impacts to prepare the scope
    • Execution- Implementation of development plans to build a new Flutter application or update the existing one.
    • Team onboarding- Assigning the best Flutter developers who can handle the project
    • Best-suited practices mapping- Following the best methodologies to achieve the set goals and project objectives.

    Our experience in Flutter app migration

    Since the beginning of Flutter, we have led the way and help clients transform their old applications to trending Flutter applications. Your benefit comes from our years of experience


    Saved from clients’ budget

    By Implementing Firebase as a backend during the App migration process to Flutter


    Successful app migrated to Flutter

     We have helped transform native as well as other cross platforms apps to Flutter with our profound Flutter expertise

    Earned google recognition 

    For our valuable contributed to the Flutter framework 

    Our portfolio



    Developed by our expert team, HipSmile is a mobile application for the transaction of goods and services. People can give and receive goods related to health, education, material goods and much more.


    Medication Management By UME

    The medication management app developed by Flutter Agency is an application built for healthcare professionals such as nurses & caretakers as well as patients and their family members. It provides different functionalities in a single application.



    Application developed for a Swiss client who wanted to create a community that loves to share meals, recipes and be part of the fight against food waste.

    Why choose our company?

    • Qualified and certified human resources
    • Consistent delivery
    • Progressive roadmap
    • 10+ years of experience
    • 50+ experienced development team
    • Cost-effective solutions
    • Respect time-to-market demands
    • Flexible engagement model
    • 1000+ projects delivered worldwide
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    Frequently asked questions

    These are a few questions that our clients frequently ask.

    1. Is it possible to convert my Flutter application into the web?

    If you wish to transfer a Flutter mobile application to a web app, the first step is to build the web directory: Flutter create. This command will construct a web directory at the project’s root beside Android and iOS folders. And then you can convert your Mobile application to web on Flutter.

    2. What is the main activity in Flutter?

    The first step is to navigate to a directory that holds your Flutter app, select an android folder inside it, and then click OK. The other step is to open a MainActivity.java file located in the java folder in the project view.

    3. What is AndroidX migration in Flutter?

    AndroidX is a redesigned library that makes the packages’ names clearer for Android support. An android hierarchy is only for Android default classes which come with an Android operating system. Unbundled from the platform API, it offers the libraries in the androidx.* package. This translates to more regular updates and backward compatibility than the Android operating system.

    4. Why migrate my native mobile app to Flutter?

    In highly competitive and constantly changing mobile applications market, its vital to keep your app trendy, versatile as well as user friendly. And Flutter can help much better than native solutions to reach not one but several platforms because of its compatiblity cross platform from Android, iOS, Mac, to Web. Moreover, it has following advantages:

    Dart programming
    Google created a language called Dart. It is employed to produce crucial, top-notch programs for iOS, Android, and the web. On iOS, Android, and other platforms, dart apps operate natively. Without having to learn Swift or Kotlin, you can easily develop for iOS and Android with Flutter. You only need to be familiar with You only need to be familiar with

    One code, many platforms
    Coding once and reusing it across several platforms. Most crucially, the platform’s particular widgets and distinctive style allow flutter app developers to create a single program that can function across various platforms.

    Speedy development
    Fast development that allows you to save time, effort, and money. It enables you to create independent iOS and Android apps using the same code base, just like many other cross-platform solutions.

    Flutter can operate on almost any device with a screen because it is an entire SDK. For Mac OS, Windows, and Linux, third-party ports have been produced to enable the development of Flutter apps. They consist of various plugins, mouse and keyboard input methods, and embedding APIs.

    Absolute performance
    The number of queries made per second, average response time, number of frames per second, and other variables all play a role in determining an app’s performance. The 60 frames per second (fps) that the Flutter team guarantees will always result in a clean, clear image on current screens. Since a human eye will immediately perceive any lag in a frame rate like that.

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