RowImage Widget – Flutter widget Guide By Flutter Agency

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RowImage widget - Flutter widget Guide By Flutter Agency
RowImage widget - Flutter widget Guide By Flutter Agency

What is RowImage Widget?

RowImage Widget is a widget that displays dart:ui.Image directly.

RowImage Widget is rarely used.

The constructor of it will look like below :

    Key key,
    Image image,
    double width,
    double height,
    double scale: 1.0,
    Color color,
    BlendMode colorBlendMode,
    BoxFit fit,
    AlignmentGeometry alignment:,
    ImageRepeat repeat: ImageRepeat.noRepeat,
    Rect centerSlice,
    bool matchTextDirection: false,
    bool invertColors: false,
    FilterQuality filterQuality: FilterQuality.low,

To display rounded image code snippet will look like below :

        width: 150.0,
        height: 150.0,
        decoration: new BoxDecoration(
          image: new DecorationImage(
            fit: BoxFit.fill,
            image: AssetImage('assets/road.jpg'),

Which will generate output like below :

RowImage widget

RowImage Widget in Flutter

Let’s discuss every property in detail like below :

  • image: This property will display the image. We have a separate article for FlutterImage widget.
  • width: Width of the image.
  • height: Height of the image.
  • color: It’s also possible to set colors.
  • fit: How to inscribe the image into the space allocated during layout.
  • colorBlendMode: How the color blended with the image.
  • alignment: How to align the image within its bounds.
  • repeat: How to paint any portions of a box not covered by an image. It will have values like noRepeat, repeat, repeatX, repeatY, etc. 
  • centerSlice: The center slice for a nine-patch image.
  • matchTextDirection: Whether to paint the image in the direction of the TextDirection. If this is true, then in TextDirection.ltr contexts, the image will be drawn with its origin in the top left (the “normal” painting direction for images); and in TextDirection.rtl contexts, the image will be drawn with a scaling factor of -1 in the horizontal direction so that the origin is in the top right.
  • filter quality: Quality levels for image filters.

Thanks for reading it out.

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