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We are a leading ReactJS app development company. Our ReactJS developers are proficient in providing complex and challenging React JS development services. We have trained and experienced ReactJS developers. Our developers can efficiently implement new technologies and transform them into business-driven applications.

If you want to start your project with the best ReactJS application development company in the industry, Flutter Agency is the right choice for you. We work with our clients from start to finish and provide post-maintenance services. Through our world-class ReactJS app development service, we provide users around the world with scalable, faster-developed apps, and great native experiences.

Why choose ReactJS for your next app development?

Today, React JS has become a popular and powerful JavaScript library. This is because of its unparalleled flexibility and powerful features. This open-source library allows ReactJS developers to create advanced solutions for web and application development. Some of the features of ReactJS are listed below:-


Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM is one of the main features of ReactJS. It uses Reactjs to promote fast and flexible application development. Its memory coordination algorithm allows React to copy web pages in its virtual memory. In this way, the virtual DOM is a representation of the original DOM. With each change in the Web application, the virtual DOM reproduces the entire user interface. In virtual DOM rendering, only the components that have actually changed are updated. Not all the components are updated. Therefore, Reactjs makes the application development process faster and more profitable.

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JSX (JavaScript XML)

JSX stands for JavaScript XML. It is a markup syntax that is similar to HTML. It is used to describe the appearance of an application's user interface. JSX is the best feature of Reactjs. It allows developers to create React components with the same syntax as the HTML they will inject into web pages. This makes it easy and simple to write Reactjs building blocks for developers.

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One way data binding

One of the main reasons to choose Reactjs for your next project is its one-way data flow. This means that developers cannot directly edit any component. They must use callback functions to change components. This process is called one-way data binding. Reactjs uses Flux, a JavaScript application architecture, to control the flow of data from one point. One-way data flow helps Reactjs developers to better control web or mobile applications. This improves the flexibility of the application and makes it more efficient.

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Declarative UI

Reactjs is best suited for creating interactive user interfaces for mobile and web applications. In the case of data modification, Reactjs will correctly process and update the correct components. Generate a simple view for each state of the application. This will make the code more readable and easier to debug.

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Component-based architecture

Reactjs architecture is based on components. In other words, the U.I. of a React-based web or mobile application is divided into several components. Each component has its own logic which is written in JavaScript instead of using templates. Reactjs developers can pass data through the application without affecting the DOM.

Services we provide as a ReactJS App Development company

Flutter Agency, a renowned ReactJS App development company provides top-notch solutions for your application. We will help you kick-start your project. We will also provide complete support till the deployment of the application. But wait, our services don’t end here. We will also provide post-maintenance support. Some of our services include:-

React application development

Our company has many years of experience as a React development company. ReactJS is the best way to develop large and fast web applications using JavaScript. React allows you to create interactive user interfaces, seamless updating components, develop new features without rewriting code, and handle SEO through server-side rendering. In addition, there is an active global community behind ReactJS.

SPA development

We use ReactJS to develop single-page applications (SPA). Firstly, because of the virtual representation of the DOM. When the user interacts with the application, operations are performed on the virtual DOM. After that, it is rendered on the visible page. The second reason is easy to test, and the third reason is to support server-side rendering.

Migration to react

To meet your business requirements, our ReactJS developers guarantee a seamless migration from any JavaScript platform to React. Unlike other frameworks, React combines flexibility, the ability to deliver rich data across applications, and a powerful composition model. It does not require any additional tools. Also, we don't have to dig through the rest of your tech stack and rewrite existing code - React lets us get around this.

Ongoing Support

Do you need maintenance, support, and consulting services from React JS? We can help you in such cases. We provide affordable maintenance, so you can rely on ongoing support, upgrades, updates, and technical enhancements for your products. All of our customers who build React applications with us will be supported after the first version of the application is released. Reach us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ReactJS a library or a framework?

React JS is a library, not a framework. ReactJS relies on the view layer of the MVC architecture (ModelViewController). So, it is part of the creation framework. Many people find that it has some features that can help build or support larger frameworks.

Which one is better: React or Angular?

TBoth React and Angular are flexible and powerful. However, ReactJS requires less coding. Also if you compare it to Angular based on performance, ReactJS proves to be better.

Is ReactJS used as a frontend or backend?

React JS is a front-end library. It is used to create elements that users will see and interact with within their browser window.

What is the major difference between React Native & ReactJS?

React Native is a cross-platform application development framework for developing mobile applications. ReactJS is a front-end JavaScript library to build powerful interactive user interface web applications.

At what times ReactJS is useful?

ReactJS can be used to create user interfaces with reusable components. It manages the view layer for web and mobile development. It is particularly useful for single-page applications. But you can also use it for mobile, web, and progressive web applications.

Finally, one can get an idea about why ReactJS is one of the best platforms to develop your next-gen application. If you want to create an application using ReactJS look no further, reach out to us today at [email protected]

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