Primary difference between “Show” and “As” in import statement?

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Primary “show” and “as” Difference in an import statement-min
Primary “show” and “as” Difference in an import statement-min

What is the Difference Between “show” and “as” in an import statement ??

as and show are two different concepts.

With as you are giving the imported library a name. It’s usually done to prevent a library from polluting your namespace if it has a lot of global functions. If you use it as you can access all functions and classes of the said library by accessing them the way you did in your example: GoogleMap.LatLng.

The “Show” define as keywords used in the specific class and used when there is a conflicting class in the imported library.

import 'my_library.dart' as myLib;

With show (and hide) you can pick specific classes you want to be visible in your application. For your example it would be:

import 'package:google_maps/google_maps.dart' show LatLng;

With this you would be able to access LatLng but nothing else from that library. The opposite of this is:

import 'package:google_maps/google_maps.dart' hide LatLng;

With this, you would be able to access everything from that library except for LatLng.

If you want to use multiple classes with the same name you’d need to use as. You also can combine both approaches:

import 'package:google_maps/google_maps.dart' as GoogleMap show LatLng;

show case:

import 'dart:async' show Stream;

This way you only import Stream class from  dart:async, so if you try to use another class dart: async from other than  Stream it will throw an error.


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  1. In what case is it worth to import just part of the package. Do i need to look at it’s size?

    1. No need to look at its size but when we use some specific class of library then we need to import just part of the package. It gives restrictions to access only specific classes of that library.

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