How to Pass a Message From Flutter to Native ??

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How to Pass a Message From Flutter to Native
How to Pass a Message From Flutter to Native

Earlier we have been through various flutter articles about how to delete a firebase storage file with flutter. So in today’s article, we will go through how to pass a Message From Flutter to Native…

How to Pass a Message From Flutter to Native ??

This is a simple implementation showcasing:

  • Passing a string Value from the flutter to Android code
  • Getting back response from Android code to flutter

code is based on an example from

1.聽 Passing string value “text” :

String text = "whatever";

Future<Null> _getBatteryLevel(text) async {
String batteryLevel;
try {
  final String result = await platform.invokeMethod('getBatteryLevel',{"text":text}); 
  batteryLevel = 'Battery level at $result % .';
} on PlatformException catch (e) {
  batteryLevel = "Failed to get battery level: '${e.message}'.";

setState(() {
  _batteryLevel = batteryLevel;

2. Getting back response “battery-level” after RandomFunction();

public void onMethodCall(MethodCall call, MethodChannel.Result result) {
                    if (call.method.equals("getBatteryLevel")) {

                        text = call.argument("text");
                        String batteryLevel = RandomFunction(text);

                        if (batteryLevel != null) {
                        } else {
                            result.error("UNAVAILABLE", "Battery level not available.", null);
                    } else {

Yes, flutter does have an EventChannel class which is what you are looking for exactly.

Objective C will have a code snippet like the below:


Android will have a code snippet like the below:



So, Hope you have learned from this post 馃檪

So in this article, we have been through how to pass a message from the flutter to native…

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