How to update Flutter App when new version is available?

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How to update Flutter App when a new version is available?
How to update Flutter App when a new version is available?

Sometimes your Flutter app may not function properly due to updates. So, in this article, we will see how to update Flutter App when a new version is available.

How to update Flutter App when a new version is available?

When building a flutter mobile application with a current version sometimes it may happen that the currently developed application may not work properly. It may not work the same way it is working today because of updates in packages. So what we need to do is we can keep our application auto-update. So that whenever new updates are available it gets auto-updated. We have the below possibilities with flutter.

Make updates inside the app. Display two kinds of notifications if the app has the new version.

Flutter Application Update
Flutter Application Update

When a newer app version is available in the app store, a simple alert prompt widget or card is displayed.

flutter app update
flutter app update

Refer to the following package –

Use Firebase in-app messaging. It gives flexibility in the messages and forms of notifications. But a lot more boilerplate code and work. But you can use it for other messages and notifications when your app is growing.

One way to implement this is to use a variable and compare that variable from a database. It could be Firebase or any other. For this example, let’s use Firebase’s real-time database.

int version = 1;
void checkLatestVersion(){
//Here i am getting just the value of the latest version stored on firebase.    
      if(snapshot.value != null){
          int versionNumberFromDatabase = int.parse(snapshot.value));
             print("the app needs to be updated");
             //here you can create a dialog to display and force users to update
             print("The app doesn't to be need updated ");


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So, in this article, we have seen how to update Flutter App when a new version is available. Also, feel free to comment and provide any other suggestions regarding Flutter.

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