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Waiting for another flutter command

How to solve waiting for another flutter command to release the startup lock?

While running a Flutter Mobile Application you might have received an error that says ” Waiting for another Flutter Command to Release the Startup Lock ” So, How to Solve this Error?

How to solve waiting for another flutter command to release the startup lock?

Depending on the type of OS  user you are and what flutter version you are using you can try the below things.

1. Stop all running dart instances

If you’re using Android Studio save your work and close it. And open your terminal to kill running dart instances.


killall -9 dart


taskkill /F /IM dart.exe

2. Remove lockfile

You can find lockfile inside the Flutter installation directory.

<YOUR FLUTTER FOLDER>/bin/cache/lockfile

This command will release the occupied lock and makes you able to run other commands.

In Windows :

Press: Ctrl + Alt + Delete

  • In task manager find out your editors such as VS Studio or Android Studio
  • In that Find “dart” and End that Task
  • Then close your editor
  • Open editor again
  • let editor complete all things, after that run your query that will work

Users can also try the command as below:

pkill -f dart

Get into Flutter Directory and Delete the below files:

waiting for another flutter command
waiting for another flutter command

Users can also take the below action to avoid this kind of error.

Step 1 – in pubspec.yaml press “packages get” or in terminal type ” flutter packages get” and wait seconds.

If this doesn’t work :

Step 2 – type flutter clean then do step(1)

If this doesn’t work too :

Step 3 – type killtask /f /im dart.exe

If this doesn’t work too :

Step 4 – close the android studio and then restart your pc.


In this article, we have learned about How to deal with this error waiting for another flutter command to release the startup lock with a detailed article on it.

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