How to Remove Default Padding From Widgets In Flutter ?

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How to Remove Default Padding From Widgets In Flutter
How to Remove Default Padding From Widgets In Flutter

In a flutter mobile application, everything we see on a screen is a widget. So earlier we have been through widgets like CheckBox Widget, RadioButton Widget, IconButton Widget, Generally, this widget comes with default padding around 48 px as per the official document. So today we will learn how to Remove Default Padding From Widgets In Flutter.

How to Remove Default Padding From Widgets In Flutter?

Users can wrap CheckBox inside SizedBox will resize the padding of the CheckBox

   height: 24.0,
   width: 24.0,
   child: Checkbox(...),

You can achieve this by customizing the Checkbox widget.

  • Create a CustomCheckbox using the exact code from flutter/packages/flutter/lib/src/material/checkbox.dart.
  • Add a new field to your CustomCheckbox widget
    final bool useTapTarget;
  • Make sure to add the new field to your constructor with its default value set to true.
this.useTapTarget = true
  • So now, you can Modify the build method in the _CheckboxState method. Add this block of code above the return call.
Size noTapTargetSize = Size(CustomCheckbox.width, 
final BoxConstraints additionalConstraints = 
   .useTapTarget? size : noTapTargetSize);
  • Finally, use your CustomCheckbox Widget in your code, and set your custom field to false to remove material padding.

So the Code Snippet will look like the below:

        margin: EdgeInsets.only(right: 15),
            value: _checked,
            onChanged: _onCheckBoxChange,
            useTapTarget: false,
            activeColor: Colors.teal),

So we will get output like a below:

Remove Default Padding Widget
Remove Default Padding Widget
    children: <Widget>[
            groupValue: _character,
            onChanged: (value){},
            materialTapTargetSize: MaterialTapTargetSize.shrinkWrap,

Wrap your CheckBox inside SizedBox Widget and give them height or width as per your need.

         height: 20.0,
          width: 20.0,
          child: Checkbox(
              value: _checkBoxValue, onChanged: (value){
            setState(() {
              _checkBoxValue = value;


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