How to Read Bytes of a Local Image File In Flutter ?

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How to Read Bytes of a Local Image File In Flutter
How to Read Bytes of a Local Image File In Flutter

Sometimes when users make use of a local placeholder image file and run a flutter pub get he/she started getting File not Found. So in this article, we will go through How to Read Bytes of a Local Image File in Flutter?

How to Read Bytes of a Local Image File In Flutter?

With the Flutter Environment, you have to use AssetBundle if you want to access your assets.

import 'package:flutter/services.dart' show rootBundle;
ByteData bytes = await rootBundle.load('assets/placeholder.png');
  • In Dart, Uint8List is equal to byte[].

Create one function and pass file path, It will return Bytes.

Future<Uint8List> _readFileByte(String filePath) async {
    Uri myUri = Uri.parse(filePath);
    File audioFile = new File.fromUri(myUri);
    Uint8List bytes;
    await audioFile.readAsBytes().then((value) {
    bytes = Uint8List.fromList(value); 
    print('reading of bytes is completed');
  }).catchError((onError) {
      print('Exception Error while reading audio from path:' +
  return bytes;

Now call the function is to get bytes of the file.

  Uint8List audioByte;
  String myPath= 'MyPath/abc.png';
  _readFileByte(myPath).then((bytesData) {
    audioByte = bytesData;
  //do your task here 
} catch (e) {
   // if path invalid or not able to read
  • If you want base64String then use the below code:
    String audioString = base64.encode(audioByte);

    for base64 import ‘dart:convert‘;

  • Users can also give try to below code snippet.
    import 'dart:io';
    void main(List<String> arguments) {
      readFileByteByByte().then((done) {
      print('do something else while waiting...');
    Future<bool> readFileByteByByte() async {
      //final fileName = 'C:\\code\\test\\file_test\\bin\\main.dart'; // use your image file name here
      final fileName = Platform.script.toFilePath(); //this will read this text file as an example
      final script = File(fileName);
      final file = await;
      var byte;
      while (byte != -1) {
        byte = await file.readByte();
        if (byte == ';'.codeUnitAt(0)) { //check if byte is semicolon
      await file.close();
      return (true);


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